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  • Journey to the Heart of God
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …of a lifetime journey to know the heart of God. What does it mean for us? It means spending our lives intimately pursuing the heart of God—enjoying Him through an intimate relationship that takes place at anytime, anywhere. This book explores this Journey to the Heart of God by dealing…

  • Teach Us to Pray (Women's Sharing Book 2017)
    Tamyra Horst

    …Us to Pray is about entering into relationship with the One who can satisfy that deep yearning of the soul. It’s about the simple prayer that begins a friendship that will change your life. It’s about those hard-fought-battle prayers to gain the victory for our own hearts and the hearts

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  • Paul: A Spiritual Journey
    Ken Wade

    …the world. We are all on a journey. We all have some growing up to do. Through Paul’s story and his words, the Power that transformed him can take hold of our hearts. In his life, we can see who God wants us to be and the work He wants us to finish. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Journey of Joy Leader's Kit
    Carla Gober

    …you and your study group as she illustrates how the Bible holds answers to the issues that perplex 21st Century women. As you watch the presentations, familiar stories will surprise and challenge you, and your heart will overflow with newfound understanding of the One who loves yo more than…

    $39.99 $19.97
  • African Rice Heart
    Emily Star Wilkens

    African Rice Heart is an earthy, candid, and poetic narrative that traces Emily’s journey of growth, challenge, and discovery. Read it and you, too will feel the heartbeat – sometimes strong, sometimes irregular, but always present – as Emily weaves her stories of wonder and…

  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
    Randy Maxwell

    …'Let not your heart be troubled,' Jesus said to His disciples. Easy to say, but hard to do. The world has become a very scary place and believers get shaken, too. We have questions. We have doubts. We fear. We grieve. Author Randy Maxwell leads us on an inspirational journey to assurance in troubled…

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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    Heart series, Joe Wheeler and Pacific Press Publishing Association present this beautiful boxed gift set containing all 25 books! At just $8.00 per book, it’s a great value! The box is beautiful and sturdy and sure to last you many years. These sets make the perfect Christmas gift to give to

  • From Here to Maternity
    Marilyn Thomsen

    …the journey she took to find her answer. If you’re asking this question, taking the journey with her will help you find the answer that’s right for you. Those who’ve already taken the journey will understand better what happened to them as they follow with her on her journey. Click…

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  • Tears to Joy
    Mike Tucker

    …It is a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…It is the price of love.” If you have ever lost someone you love, you know how deep the wound cuts. In Tears to Joy, author Mike Tucker shares from his heart his struggles through the heartache…

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  • Learning to Walk With God
    Dwight Hall, Cari Haus

    to soothe his nerves, something was till dreadfully wrong. Your heart will thrill as you read Dwight’s story–and Deb’s, too–a story of power and grace. For if God hears even the prayer of a drunken soldier, He can solve your problems as well. Do you want to walk with God? To

  • Pressing In To His Presence: Developing an Intimate Relationship With Christ Through Prayer
    Shelley J. Quinn

    …Now Shelley shares her own personal journey through scriptures and the practical strategy she uses to surrender her own will and enjoy an intimate, two-way relationship with her Lord. Shelley learned to “press in” to His presence and open her heart to the kind of relationship with God…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 19
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …with all these roadblocks barring the way to a marriage that lasts a lifetime (half of all marriages end in divorce), there are solutions to almost every problem. Kathleen Norris puts it this way: "Marriage is a job. Happiness or unhappiness has nothing to do with it. There was never a marriage that…

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  • Live Like You Mean It
    Troy Fitzgerald

    Deep within each heart lies the suspicion that there has to be more to life than mere existence. We all crave, believe, and hope for something beyond that which is seen. Author Troy Fitzgerald urges readers to live moment to moment as if they were taking a journey—a journey home. He will…

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  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Fountainview Academy

    We're only strangers here on a journey to our real home, Heaven! These songs of hope and inspiration are sure to lift your spirits wherever you are on the Heavenward journey! Journey on, as you enjoy these favorites, played so simply yet with deep musical themes from the heart.

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  • Discipleship Handbook
    General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department

    …Still, the discipleship journey is full of pitfalls and snares that threaten to lead us away from the narrow path that leads to heaven. If the devil had his way, every Christian would be lulled to spiritual slumber or led into forbid­den paths that would steal the heart away from God. Therefore,…

  • Revival for Mission Bible Book Shelf 2013
    Mark Finley

    …and as a church to experience another Pentecost. You will unpack what the Bible says about how to grow in Jesus and win the battle against the habits and attitudes that so often enslave us. So pick up this book and go on a journey into the deeper spiritual life—a journey of discovery that…

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  • The Methuselah Factor
    David J. DeRose

    …book guides you on a detailed, yet practical, 30-day journey to improve your “Methuselah Factor” (DeRose’s term for blood fluidity). Using this month-long program, you can:* Decrease your risk of killer diseases like heart disease, stroke, and cancer* Improve your mental…

  • God Is Listening: Help in Daily Living
    Ellen G. White

    …is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend.” Is there some secret formula we need to learn in order to pray successfully? Does God really hear us when we pray? If you want to know more about effective prayer, then God Is Listening will encourage you on this journey of discovery. Genuine…

  • Christ's Way of Affirmation
    Philip G. Samaan

    to follow His example of embracing altruistic affirmation and how to shun the ulterior motives of flattery. Let Jesus guide and empower you in this needed ministry of affirmation that is an overflow of His agape love. Let Him enable you on this exciting journey to build up the body of Christ and to

    $13.99 $10.97
  • Wounded Healer
    Kay D. Rizzo, Tom Sanford

    …stuff of miracles. And this book tells the story.From Sanford’s own troubled past to the heartbreaking stories of the children he and his wife Bonnie have rescued, Wounded Healer is an emotional journey of faith, struggle, and redemption. Long after you close the covers of this book, the…

    $14.99 $8.99
  • Nature's Splendor DVD

    …peaks to amazing scenes of wildlife, we see the power of the Creator's hand. Songs include:* There Is a Way * Always the Same * Come With Me * He Cares for You * Rejoice in the Lord * My Life is Thine * Medley on the Presence of God * Servants Heart * My Sin is Ever Before Me * All I Have Belongs to

  • The Call of the Cosmos DVD
    Illustra Media

    …into existence from absolutely nothing, speaks to us eloquently through all that he has made. The Call of the Cosmos DVD is more than a spectacular exploration of galaxies, stars and the planet we call home. It is also a journey into the heart of God. For through the wonders of outer space we…

  • Reavivamiento para la misión BBS 3Q 2013 (Espanol)
    Mark Finley

    …and as a church to experience another Pentecost. You will unpack what the Bible says about how to grow in Jesus and win the battle against the habits and attitudes that so often enslave us. So pick up this book and go on a journey into the deeper spiritual life—a journey of discovery that…

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  • Spirit Warrior
    David George

    …are willing to have your heart touched in a way that it has never been touched before. . . . unless you are willing to develop a new understanding of these precious people who have suffered so much. . . . unless you are willing to develop a new understanding of the power of Jesus to change all of…

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