Jungle Doctor

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  • Jungle Heroes
    Eric B. Hare

    Jungle Heroes is a collection of Eric B. Hares’ favorite stories from the teeming jungles of Burma (known today as Myanmar)—a land of tigers and elephants, riverboats and oxcarts, witch doctors and true heroes of the living God. Mystery and adventure leap from the pages of this classic…

  • Desert Track and Jungle Trail
    Virgil Robinson

    …only ones left. Undeterred, they forged ahead assuming whatever role necessary to further the work—builder, farmer, teacher, preacher, doctor, or nurse. In 1905, Harry walked nine hundred miles to search out a new location for what would become Rusangu Mission, now known as Zambia Adventist…

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  • Nyla and the White Crocodile
    Norma Youngberg

    Belief in spirits and curses ran wild among the river peoples of Borneo's deep jungle. When the huge white crocodile appeared in the creek below Chief Ladah's village, Sheik, the witch doctor, said the village was cursed and the chief had to make a great sacrifice to save them. Nyla, the chief's…

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