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  • K.I.D.S. CD
    One Voice

    K.I.D.S. Kids In Desire of Salvation One Voice Song List* Jesus Name Medley (Lord, I Lift Your Name on High, All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, How Majestic is Your Name)* Canon in Gsus* K.I.D.S. Kids in Desire of Salvation* Ha La La* I’m Gonna Sing (Swing Low, O When the Saints, This…

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  • Kids' Time Praise DVD

    Jimmy Rhodes and Brenda Walsh accompany the Kids’ Time Praise Singers on set of 3 ABN in this DVD presenting 62 favorite songs for kids!

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  • It's A Beautiful World CD
    3ABN, Danny Shelton

    This inspirational music project is fun for the kids, as well as the whole family! Weaving scriptures and music together, Danny Shelton’s brand new songs make it easier for children to learn biblical truths. Songs include:* It’s A Beautiful World* I Love You, Lord* Seven’s The…

  • Kids' Time Praise CD

    …over sixty favorite songs kids love to sing! Why accompaniment tracks? Many churches today are unable to provide music in their children’s divisions due to lack of a musical instrument, or because there is no one available who knows how to play. Thus, kids are not learning these soul-winning…

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  • Praise Time! - Words and Music Edition
    Rick Silvestri

    …"Pharaoh, Pharaoh," "Shine Jesus Shine," "Who’s the King of the Jungle?" and others, are based on Scripture, fun to play, and designed to help kids draw close to the Saviour. Use Praise Time! At Youth camps, church, church school, home school--anywhere and anytime you want to praise God!

  • Heaven Is For Kids CD Volumes 1 and 2
    Heritage Singers

    Song List * Heaven Is For Kids * Jesus Makes Everything Good * Ho, Ho, Ho * Naughty Little Boys * God’s Love Rules * My God’s Really A Big God * Free Gift Inside * Quiz Song * Picnic In Heaven * Let’s Do It Together * Let’s Sing A Happy Song * Dear Jesus * The Garden Of Eden…

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  • Little Voices Praise Him (Beginner/Kindergarten Songbook)
    General Conference Sabbath School Department

    …300 beginner/kindergarten songs, complete with topical, textual, and title indexes. All of the old favorites are here, along with lots of new music, all sorted by category to make it easy to find just the right song. In some cases easy-to-remember familiar tunes have been given new words crafted…

  • Kids' Time Praise Songbook
    Brenda Walsh

    The Kids’ Time Praise Songbook makes it easy to start singing praises to Jesus, any time….anywhere! The songs are coordinated with a music track only CD or you can buy CDs with words and music. These songs are great not only for churches, but also for family worship time, singing along…

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  • Kidz Of The Kingdom
    Christian Edition

    This album is a fun and engaging treat for younger children! Especially made for kids, the mens chorus, Christian Edition, sings familiar songs with kids to appeal to kids. Song List* Kidz of the Kingdom * I’m Gonna Keep Walkin’ * Little David, Play on Your Harp * Jesus Loves the…

  • Me cuida CD (Espanol)
    Jazmin Monet Rosario

    …las pistas de cada canto. He Takes Care of Me CD (Spanish) Jazy is happy that kids can learn about God through music and she is also thankful that she has the talent to sing about God and share His love with other kids. Songs include:* Aleluya * Jesus Loves Me * El Grillito * Happy Birthday Jesus…

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  • Sing for Joy!

    This hymnal for primaries includes songs about God's care, Creation, angels, Sabbath, nature, and more. Includes a topical index, responsive readings, and guitar chord notations. Accompaniment music CD also available.

  • Playful Worship Book 2 - More loving experiences through music
    Kylie Stacey

    If you want your child to experience worship as a bonding, imaginative and meaningful time because you were a part of it, this resource is for you. Worship music resource book for 0 through 7 years old--for home and church.

  • WWJD? Radio
    Keith Knoche

    A fun musical for kids bursting with family values that asks: "What Would Jesus Do?" The CD includes twelve original songs by Keith Knoche and Jeff Wood, performed by the WWJD Kidz and addresses common problems and solutions for children today. Available Tracks:* What Would Jesus Do* You're Not…

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  • A Musical Journey Book and CD Set
    Dumisani Mfune, Saustin Sampson Mfune

    …songs, A Musical Journey is an adventure for kids at the Celebrations castle! As they learn and perform this musical drama, kids will learn about making healthy choices. Included are two CDs: one contains a performance of the musical drama and the other contains just the music so your kids can…

  • Kids Time II 10-Volume DVD Set

    Kids' Time II 10-Volume DVD Set. Join "Miss Brenda", Maxwell, and their friends to learn about Jesus, nature, science, Bible stories, and much more. There are forty Kids' Time programs in each set, plus an additional forty Kids' Time programs absolutely free.

  • Sing About God's Love
    Linda Koh

    …to read can memorize simple words and melodies. Sing About God's Love CD contains each of the 29 songs found in the Sing About God's Love Songbook Kids will love this upbeat, lively and fun, professionally produced and recorded CD that will help them gain a better understanding of the 28 fundamental…

  • Miss Brenda & KTS V3

    …Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Miss Brenda and the Kid's Time Singers have recorded your favorite childhood songs available on the third of three volumes. These songs have delighted kids for years and teach the timeless truths that win hearts. Experience the joy as…

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  • A Musical Journey Animated DVD
    Saustin Mfune, Dumisani Mfune

    A Musical Journey DVD is a stunning animated treat full of exciting adventures as children follow the Pro-Active Kids to the Celebrations Castle. They will learn fun songs about healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle as they follow Jesus.

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  • It's A Beautiful World DVD
    3ABN, Danny Shelton

    This inspirational music project is fun for the kids, as well as the whole family! Weaving scriptures and music together, Danny Shelton’s brand new songs make it easier for children to learn biblical truths. Songs include:* It’s A Beautiful World* I Love You, Lord* Seven’s The…

  • Thankful Heart DVD
    Kids In Tune

    Thankful Heart is the first release by Kids In Tune, a children’s choir at the Madison Campus SDA Church in Madison, TN. Noticing the number of children and musical talent in their church, Gissela Kroll envisioned this choir becoming an important ministry for the children. With the goal of…

  • Say No to Drugs: A Musical Drama
    Saustin Sampson Mfune

    …message through original songs and a skit. By focusing on other health behaviors such as keeping one’s environment clean and self-esteem this musical drama gives a holistic setting to drug abuse avoidance. The spiritual component of commitment to prevention makes this book unique. This drama…

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  • God Loves Kids
    Chuck Fulmore Trio

    God Loves Kids features the Chuck Fulmore Trio and "Granpa Chuck" from the Kids Time program on 3ABN. From the very first song "God Loves Kids" to the last, "God Loves Me" the songs on this CD were written to help kids experience the good news that God loves each and every one of us. Available…

    $15.98 $3.97
  • The Clear Word Bible For Kids
    Jack J. Blanco

    …lamps and Bible coins* Psalms for all times* Musical instruments* How your Bible can help you* The Ten Commandments* Animals in the Bible * Beautiful pictures and charts* And more! With reduced repetition, violence, and genealogies, The Clear Word for Kids is so easy to read that you’ll have…

  • Encore!
    Dorothy Minchin-Comm, Dr. Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse

    …away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. If you love music—especially music of the classical variety ─and if you love kids—especially kids of the teenage variety ─you’re in for a surprising yet delightful treat. Encore! is the amazing, often…

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