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  • A Better Parent
    Anne Woods Bell

    Helpful hints on building good relationships with your children.

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  • Guide's Greatest Mission Stories (eBook)
    Lori Peckham

    …teaching about Jesus. The kindness of young Jume saved the life of a man who mocked him. And Pedro, an isolated Bible worker, devised a plan to share the gospel with thousands of people along the Amazon River whom he could never reach in person. There’s nothing like a good mission story to remind…

  • Bill's Battle Of The Bull
    Errol Wright

    "There's a stray bull in our cow paddock!" Bill's Battle of the Bull tells 28 stories of growing up in the Australian bush - and shares the many lessons learned. The author, Errol Wright, was born in New Zealand but migrated to Australia in 1939 with his family where he grew up in the Forster/Taree…

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  • Little Maid Little Lad
    Etta B. Degering

    …When the captain gets sick, she knows who can make him well! Little Lad is happy. He is on the grassy hillside listening to Jesus tell stories. Many, many people are there with Jesus. Can the day get any better? Yes, it can! When Little Lad shares his lunch with Jesus, a very big thing happens!

  • Surprised by Love
    Elizabeth Talbot

    When was the last time it happened to you? Perhaps your husband sent you flowers for no reason at all, your child turned around and blew you a kiss from the steps of the school bus, or your parents sent you on a cruise, just because. This is the story of our Creator-Redeemer and the greatest…

  • Healing Power of Love
    Jerry D. Thomas

    Jesus taught people that they had been given precious talents. His own life showed that every moment can influence eternity, that every moment is a treasure to be spent making someone's life better and heaven more real. To Jesus, no human was worthless. He gave hope to the roughest, most unpromising…

  • Changed 4 Life

    Life is unfair. We learn that as children. And the truth is it doesn’t always get better. Do you ever wonder why some people seem to do so well in spite of suffering? Why some people find their life purpose through tragedy? When you look at your own life—it’s just a mess—so…

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  • Think Big
    Ben Carson, M.D.

    …Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Dr. Carson shares the Think Big philosophy that changed him from a street-smart ghetto kid with bad grades and a bad attitude into one of the most celebrated pediatric neurosurgeons in the world. This…

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  • Zion: Champion for God
    Helen Heavirland, Joy J. Matthews

    …champion, Zion would win trophy after trophy. "Why don't you show him on Saturdays?" asked her friends. But a still small voice beckoned her to share her gentle giant with the outcasts, the unfortunate, the wounded, where he would gladden the hearts of thousands of children. In this heartwarming…

  • Christmas In My Heart Book 21
    Joe L. Wheeler

    It's truly a miracle in today's publishing world for any book series to last five - much less twenty years! Yet this is what Christmas in My Heart has done. No one is more surprised at this than Joe Wheeler; he attributes the series' stubborn refusal to die to be a God-thing. That somehow there is…

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  • The Very Strange Story of Blaze the Cat
    Nancy Beck Irland

    …beginning of Blaze’s life-long pursuit of trouble. Blaze’s adventures will entertain and teach Christ’s loving lessons about sharing, trust, and making good choices. Children will see how Jesus can use the sticky predicaments we get into to help us love Him better. Click here to…

  • Grandma Ellen and Me
    Mabel R. Miller

    …and--most of all--loved children! Mabel had a great grandma just like this, and her name was Ellen White. In Grandma Ellen & Me, Mabel Miller shares true stories from her childhood about her famous great-grandmother. Early readers will love these stories about birthday parties at Elmshaven,…

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  • Outrageous Grace
    Dwight K. Nelson

    …son, Nelson shows us that God values relationships, not rules. God is a parent, teacher, leader, and friend. Most of all, He is a God of outrageous grace—a relentless lover and an unconditional forgiver whose loving goal is to take His children home to heaven. A CHRISTIAN-FAITH SHARING BOOK

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  • Prophets and Kings ASI - Case of 40
    Ellen G. White

    …Mail” as your shipping option when checking out. This sharing book has been brought to you by a partnership between Pacific Press Publishing Association and Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI). Click here to find more sharing books available at very reasonable prices.

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  • Ellen, The Girl With Two Angels
    Mabel R. Miller

    "Ellen White's great-granddaughter shares her family stories of Ellen when she was growing up. This Early Reader book (7-9 year old) inspires children with stories about how God helped Ellen and spoke to her as she grew up and became His prophet. Ellen grew up like any other child in the 1800's.…

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  • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church
    Roger Dudley

    …desperately lonely people surrounded by uncaring members. They want to belong, to be needed, to be heard, to be loved. They made some mistakes. We share their pain and their dreams, and feel the dissonant cadences of their troubled hearts. Some who never left explain what kept them in the church.…

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  • We Can Keep Them In the Church
    Gary Hopkins, Russell L. Staples, Myrna Tetz

    Success stories and ideas that can help us save our kids We Can Keep Them in the Church is a book of action, not theory. Through stories, interviews, and personal testimonies, some of our church’s best and brightest explain how they are making a difference in the lives of young…

  • Victory of the Warrior King: The Story of the Life of Jesus
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    …between Mary and her best friend, Rachel, after the death of her husband, Joseph. Watch Jesus feed the 5,000 through the amazed eyes of the lad who shared his lunch. From the first inklings of His birth until the moment His feet disappear in the clouds, YOU ARE THERE. Sally Dillon makes the story of…

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  • The Big Picture
    Ben Carson, M.D.

    …philosophical foundations that undergird not just his dramatic career, but his approach to all of life. As in his best-selling Gifted Hands Dr. Carson shares colorful behind-the-scenes anecdotes. As in Think Big, he describes his practical principles for success. But The Big Picture is more than an…

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  • Seekers
    Bradley Booth

    …buddies finally stop making fun of them because they had to work? Long ago Jesus told the parable of the hidden treasure. Jesus’ simple story shared the powerful truth about the value of heaven. Seekers brings that story to life. Follow the story of Koz, Micah, and their parents. What had…

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  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    Four of her five children were murdered in a single night. Then her oldest child, Stephanie, 17, died of cancer. The World Trade Center catastrophe only reawakened her enormous sorrow. Those who lose loved ones, and those who comfort them, need a guide through the storm. Joy Swift has plumbed the…

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  • Jack and the 10 Rules (eBook)
    Janice Mathews

    …Our friend Jack went to obedience school. He follows the rules—he’s no fool! Stewardship Jack is back! In his second book Jack the dog shares his uncanny wisdom about the importance of keeping the Ten Commandments. Young stewards in training often balk at the idea of obedience, but good…

  • Running on Empty (eBook)
    Ellen Bailey

    …believe. When her dad got a job transfer, she had to move away from her home, her school, and her friends. She tried to make new friends, but the kids bullied her, got her in trouble, or used her. She soon found herself turning to the wrong people and the wrong choices in order to fill her…

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  • Trouble on the Blue Planet (eBook)

    …who has a brush with death and a chance encounter that introduces him to an unseen cosmic conflict. He sees what the forces of evil have done in the past, and what the future holds. Trouble on the Blue Planet is an engaging way to share end-time truths with both the young and the not-so-young.

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