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  • Letters To Thessalonians 3Q12
    Jon Paulien

    …had brought to the Thessalonians was making a difference in their lives, but Paul wanted their relationship with God to grow even deeper. That’s why he wrote the two letters we know as the Epistles to the Thessalonians. Filled with “the meat of practical Christianity” and illustrated with stories…

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  • The Day The School Blew Up
    Seth J. Pierce

    …in an attractive and compelling way that kids 10-14 will respond to. Peter Paul discovers a lot about himself, learns about being responsible, and that you shouldn’t judge others. A modern-day adventure story that shows God knows and cares more than anyone else about Peter Paul Pappenfuss.…

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  • Chains In China
    Bradley Booth

    …about the loving God he served. Chains in China illustrates the nightmare of tribulation God’s people have often endured for the cause of Christ. It is a chronicle of relentless devotion and a tribute to the faithfulness of a God whose love never lets go. Chen knows this firsthand, for…

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  • Ellen White on Preaching
    Mervyn A. Warren

    …there; but they know not how to present them in a clear, connected manner” (Evangelism, p. 648). On the most effective sermons: “In this age of moral darkness it will take something more than dry theory to move souls. Ministers must have a living connection with God. They must preach…

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  • The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier: Hosea-Micah
    Jon L. Dybdahl

    …following God!” Does this sound like something from the last sermon you heard? As current as these questions seem, they come right out of six little books near the end of the Old Testament—Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Johan, and Micah. These small books, written by prophets we know very…

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  • The One (eBook)
    David Asscherick, Ty Gibson

    …eBook through other services that will automatically transfer the file to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. "You hold our hearts in your hand right now, believe us. We know that it may look like a book, but this…

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  • Lemons to Lemonade
    Sylvia Matiko, Pat Moore

    'God, I am miserable! Won’t You show me how to make the changes in my life that I need to make? There has to be a way, Lord! . . . God, if You are really up there, help me!” Sylvia shouted one day at a God who still seemed distant. But He wasn’t. He never is. “‘I know

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  • Where Are We Going?
    Jan Paulsen

    …fellow Adventists that will strengthen Christ’s kingdom • How we as individual members and churches should relate to Adventist immigrants and refugees • The “us” and “them” of Adventists and other Christian beliers • How God views other religions, and…

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  • Pocket Signs - Second Coming - Pack of 100
    Signs Publishing

    …promises in the Bible are just fables. So how can we know of certainty that Jesus really is coming soon? This small pamphlet shares promises from the Bible that reassure believers that God keeps His promises—even the ones that say He will return to take us home with Him. And it reveals that…

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  • Detective Zack Series V5
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …we know that what’s in our Bibles today is what God wanted to say? Secret of Blackloch Castle On a trip to visit his mother’s family in Scotland, Zack and Stef find a castle full of mysteries. Soon, they’re searching for a secret passage, a hidden door, or anything that will lead…

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  • Pretenders to the Throne
    Roland R. Hegstad

    …of perestroika and into the prophetic pages of Daniel and Revelation. From God’s Word comes news, not of a man-made peace, but of an everlasting kingdom of love that Christ Himself will establish. You must know the truth behind today’s headlines . . . and the answers the true Master…

  • I Am a Witness (2020 Teen Devotional)
    Kalie Kelch

    …some chapters in the book of Acts—as seen through the eyes of the students and staff of Georgia-Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia. It will help you get to know Jesus more fully as you connect with Him through the reading of Scripture, prayer, and the testimonies of other Christians.

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  • Ellen White on Preaching (eBook)
    Mervyn A. Warren

    …away there; but they know not how to present them in a clear, connected manner” (Evangelism, p. 648). On the most effective sermons: “In this age of moral darkness it will take something more than dry theory to move souls. Ministers must have a living connection with God. They must preach as though…

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  • Beanie The Horse That Wasn't a Horse
    Heather Grovet

    …learning to love them. This cute tale of a homely little hinny with a big heart will have children aged 6-10 grinning from ear to ear. As they laugh they’ll also learn not to judge by outward appearances and that God knows what’s best for us, even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

  • Breath of Life Bible Study Series 8 Volume Set
    Breath of Life Ministries

    God - teaches us about God's invitation to come to Him in prayer just as we are. 2. Firmly Grounded - teaches us that the Holy Bible is as sacred as our God. 3. Father of Lies - teaches us how and when sin originated. 4. Two-Part Harmony - teaches us how the great controversy has distorted God's

  • Aim High (eBook)
    Terry Lyndon Johnsson, Kay D. Rizzo

    …power of God could work through someone like me, or maybe you know others in whom you see potential despite apparent weakness. My story is for them–and for you.”–Terry Johnsson The thrilling story of an unlikely member of the President’s honor guard who proved that all things are possible with God.

  • The Curse
    Cheryl Summers

    God knows how Satan is working, and sends his angels to watch over his children, to protect them from the Devil's power. And the battle is constantly going on between the angels of God, and the Devil's angels. The angels of God are clothed with a complete armor, the panoply of heaven, and, although…

  • Cartas a los Tesalonicenses (Espanol)
    Jon Paulien

    …He believed that God protects His children from spiritual dangers and saw these small interventions as a foretaste of the great final intervention of God. As you review the experiences of Paul and the Thessalonians, it is my prayer that the same God that was with them will become more present…

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  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    …Jones is a man who grew up in the church--even worked for it--only to end up leaving it. After many years away, he has returned. I believe God will use this book to help many others return as well." "If you have a family member or friend who has left the church, try giving them this book...Mike…

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  • Los llamados los escogidos (Espanol)
    Ken McFarland

    …that began with Adam and Even, God has a called and chosen remnant today. And to His remnant people, God has given the urgent task of reaching out to the world with His good news--of winning them to Jesus Christ so that when He returns soon to this earth, they will know Him and be ready to meet him.…

  • Grand Old Camp Meeting
    Kelly Smith Mowrer, Jimmy Rhodes

    …Tears* I Will Sing of My Redeemer* Leaning on the Everlasting Arms* God Can* Standing on the Promises* I Just Keep Trusting the Lord* Blessed Assurance* Where Could I Go But to the Lord* Prayer Is the Key to Heaven* Springs of Living Water* Send the Light / I Saw the Light* But I Do Know / There Was…

  • Accepting Ellen White
    Theodore N. Levterov

    Do you know anyone who struggles to accept the prophetic ministry of Ellen White? Have you ever struggled? You are not alone. Adventists have questioned her role since 1889. The early and mid-nineteenth century was a time of spiritual enlightenment. Different faith groups recognized over 300 men and…

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  • Preparados para el tiempo del fin (Espanol)
    Norman R. Gulley

    …exercised His free will in choosing to lay down His life for our salvation, we must exercise our free will to receive the gift of that salvation. When the controversy is ended and earth as we know it is no more, the Cross will be an ever unfolding revelation of the depths of God’s unchanging…

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  • Finding the Father (eBook)
    Herb Montgomery

    …said God was actually a selfish liar--has spawned a multitude of untruths about who God is and what His feelings toward us really are. The human perception of God has been askew ever since, and we've struggled to relate to this God we don't really (want to) know. Naturally, since our view of God is…

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