L. James Gibson

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  • Origins
    L James Gibson

    This book, the companion book for the Adult Bible Study Guides for first quarter of 2013, focuses on the first three chapters of genesis. The author says that all the rest of the Bible finds its meaning in the context these chapters provide. To understand God, ourselves and our world, we must…

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  • Orígenes (Espanol)
    L James Gibson

    Este libro, el libro acompañante de la Guía de Escuela Sabática del ter. trimestre 2013, se centra en los tres primeros capítulos del Génesis. El autor dice que todo el resto de la Biblia encuentra su sentido en el contexto que estos capítulos ofrecen. Para…

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  • Origin by Design, rev. ed.
    Robert H. Brown, Harold G. Coffin, L James Gibson

    Did life come from chemicals? In search of evidence for design, the authors leave no stone unturned. After surveying the Genesis creation and flood narratives, they examine coal beds, fossil tracks, mass extinctions, glaciation, volcanism, carbon-14 dating, rates of mutation, and Neanderthal man,…

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