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  • God, Science, Friends
    Leonard Brand

    …Uncle Leonard’s stories as much as Jane and Carson! Best of all, you can get your questions answered along the way. Kids are constantly bombarded with explanations of the earth being millions of years old and evolution turning monkeys into people. It can very confusing. Dr. Leonard Brand tells…

  • Choose You This Day
    Leonard Brand, Richard M. Davidson

    In the fourth commandment, God claims that in six days He created the heavens and the earth, the seas, and all that is in them. The Bible claims that God wrote this with His finger, in stone. If what God wrote with His own hand is false, why would the rest of the Bible be of any further interest?…

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  • Creation? Really?
    Leonard Brand

    Road Trip! Can two highly educated scientists with divergent approaches to the origins of life survive a trip into the geological wonder of the desert southwest? Hop into the back seat and listen to their conversation. Creation? Really? is a great book to share with someone who is challenged by…

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  • Beginnings
    Leonard Brand

    Life’s always more complicated than you expect it to be. It’s been that way since the beginning! Scientific theories that present simple answers to the age-old question “Where did I come from” usually prove inadequate. This book may not provide all the simple answers we might…

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  • The Prophet and Her Critics
    Leonard Brand, Don S. McMahon

    …the health principles to her as she claimed? In other words, was the health message inspired or borrowed? In The Prophet and Her Critics, Leonard Brand and Don McMahon answer these and other questions about inspiration, 19th-century health reforms, Ellen White’s views on sexual relationships,…

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