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  • Searching
    Omar Miranda

    …difference between living life with—and without—God. Drawing on 20 years of counseling and youth ministry experience, Omar describes how to break free of the distractions that hold you back, and how to advance to living a joyful, powerful, and purposeful Christian life. If you’re ready to find what…

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  • Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Vol 3 DVD
    Tony Moore

    …to Bethany where He performed His greatest miracle and understand its meaning for life today. Explore Jesus' rich teachings in their first-century setting, and discover hope and purpose that will enrich your life in the 21st century. Filmed entirely on location in high definition, "Tracing the…

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  • Convicted! (eBook)
    Melanie Scherencel Bockmann

    …some serious time behind bars. Yet it was in solitary confinement that he first tasted true freedom, first felt that there was any purpose to his life. One copy of The Living Bible in the hands of this very bored teenager had an effect that no one in Andrew’s life would have ever predicted.

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  • The Essential Jesus
    Bryan W. Ball, William G. Johnsson

    …questions are addressed and answered in this book that is written for all people who still believe that Jesus brings relevance, meaning, and purpose to this life and the one to come. Contributors: Drs. Roy Adams, Bryan W. Ball, Ivan T. Blasen, Raoul F. Dederen, William G. Johnsson, Andrea T. Luxton,…

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  • Josephine's Fortune (Book 3 Serenity Inn Series)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …Sam. Thanks to Clare, much has changed in my life, which brings me to the purpose of this letter. Things were moving so fast before I left New York. Having to remain confined to a bed for a spell has given me time to slow down and think about my life and what I want to do with what’s left of…

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  • From Cotton Fields to Mission Fields: The Anna Knight Story
    Dorothy Knight Marsh

    …she left behind, Anna returned to the United States and restarted the school the knight riders burned. From Cotton Fields to Mission Fields narrates the story of a woman of purpose who had no fear, dedicated her life to education, establishing schools throughout the south for all black children.

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  • Searching (eBook)
    Omar Miranda

    …difference between living life with—and without—God. Drawing on 20 years of counseling and youth ministry experience, Omar describes how to break free of the distractions that hold you back, and how to advance to living a joyful, powerful, and purposeful Christian life. If you’re ready to find what…

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  • Becoming a Mission-Driven Church
    Paul S. Brantley, Michael Cauley, Daniel R. Jackson

    …churches driven by a compelling mission. Churches with a blurred sense of purpose can drift aimlessly along from year to year. But few forces in life are as powerful as a group of people fueled by a common purpose. Finally, pastors and local church leaders have a practical guide to transforming…

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  • Storytime Magabook

    …future. The thirty engaging stories in this book are character-building classics. Drawn from many sources, these tried-and-true stories will reinforce the values you want your children to learn. Each one will inspire the boys and girls in your life to grow into people of integrity and purpose.

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  • Beautiful Together CD
    Larry Karpenko

    …Together is a CD by Larry Karpenko celebrating life’s joy, questioning of faith and exploring God’s character, all while discovering who we are meant to be. Songs Include: * Begin* New Generation* Shine Your Light* Forever Faithful* Purpose in God’s Will* I Will Go* Beautiful…

  • Counsels On Education CHL
    Ellen G. White

    For Ellen G. White, the purpose of education went far beyond the three Rs. Much of her writing and ministry was dedicated to Adventist education. Seven of the nine volumes of the Testimonies for the Church contain chapters devoted to education. Now, these important chapters have been gathered into…

  • Spiritual Journey 4 - Abide in Me (Portuguese)

    This books purpose is for spiritual enrichment. The chapters in this book include: Part I – Fundamentals of the Adventist Lifestyle Part II – How to integrate the Fundamentals of Adventism into Your Life Part III – Making the Decision to Live the Adventist Lifestyle

  • Spiritual Journey 2 - Health and Adoration (Portuguese)

    The purpose of this book is for spiritual enrichment. The forty days that will change your life are divided into five parts: 1. How to have physical health 2. How to Have Nutritional Health 3. How to Have Emotional Health 4. How to Have Environmental Health 5. How to Have Social Health

  • Nature Nuggets
    Harold W. Clark

    …for use by parents, teachers, Sabbath School and youth group leaders, and anyone else looking for a way to illustrate a truth. The purpose of this book is to give suggestions that will make it easier to see the relation between nature and the spiritual life. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • 8 Secrets to a Mission-Driven Church
    Dan Day

    …It is based on the realization that success is not just a target at which we aim, but a pathway we walk deliberately and with such clarity of purpose that it becomes a habit. 8 Secrets to a Mission-Driven Church offers pastors and presidents, and all others in leadership, an exciting set of new…

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  • Why I Try to Believe
    Nathan Brown

    …with faith and non-faith, Nathan Brown sets out to explore his own life-long experiment with trying to believe. Part memoir of faith, part “personal apologetic,” Why I Try to Believe suggests why faith is important, and how it can offer hope and purpose to both our lives and our world.

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  • Counsels on Sabbath School Work
    Ellen G. White

    …a lasting impression on minds exposed to many hours of secular indoctrination by the media each week. To help make the most of that hour is the purpose of this book. The author provides inspired instruction on the qualifications of a teacher, appropriate attitudes, methods of teaching, discipline,…

  • A Place For Us Guys
    Chuck Burkeen

    …and still be a regular guy? How does religion work in a guy’s life? Life for us guys is different than life for anyone else. The important thing to remember is that God created guys for a special purpose. That purpose just isn’t always obvious. Author Charles Burkeen was a guy a long…

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  • This Day With God (evening)
    Ellen G. White

    …was originally addressed. This collection includes advice to church administrators, counsel to Ellen White's newlywed son Edson, cautions for the bold, and hope for the discouraged. Always the author's purpose is to encourage the reader to aim for the highest standard of Christian discipleship.

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  • Reading Ellen White
    George R. Knight

    …simple manner the principles that will help every reader to interpret and apply her counsel to his or her life. In the first section of Reading Ellen White Knight looks at the purpose of her writings, their relationship to the Bible, the role of compilations, and how to read her work systematically.…

  • Beauty for Ashes CD
    Michael J. Harris

    It is the purpose of this album to draw the listener closer to Jesus who gave us the beauty of His salvation and the gift of eternal life. Songs included in this album are:* Falling in Love with Jesus* Beauty for Ashes* I Call You Faithful* Brooklyn Tabernacle Medley* I Can Only Imagine* Because of…

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  • The Publishing Ministry CHL
    Ellen G. White

    …consequences of following worldly business practices and the purpose for which these institutions were established. “We are not only to publish the theory of the truth, but to present a practical illustration of it in character and life. Our publishing institutions are to stand before the world as…

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  • God's Amazing Grace
    Ellen G. White

    …to God for its help, its support, its power, by daily, earnest prayer, will have noble aspirations, clear perceptions of truth and duty, lofty purposes of action, and a continual hungering and thirsting after righteousness. By maintaining a connection with God, we shall be enabled to diffuse to…

  • The Green Cord Dream
    Alex Bryan

    …praising the Lord, and telling all whom I met where they could find Jesus.” In The Green Cord Dream author Alex Bryan asks,* Is there a purpose and possibility for Adventist Christianity in the twenty-first century?* Will we desire the Bible again as a way to fall in love with Jesus?* Will…

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