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  • Life in the Valley
    Susan Phelps Harvey

    …them to the milk barn. But life became unbearable when financial stress and illness led Laura’s father to become abusive, and, at fourteen, she determined to take her life. As she sat down to write her suicide note God stepped in and intervened, redirecting her life and setting her on a path…

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  • Patty Jo in Happy Valley
    Ruth Wheeler

    …large cabin was nestled in a vast green meadow, near an apple orchard and circled by distant high mountains. To Patty, it was the perfect place to explore and learn. Come along with Patty as she learns about nature and its abundant life in the place called Happy Valley. Click here to find this book…

  • Wonderful Words of Life CD
    Dave and Marlene Colburn

    …the sacred Holy Bible. It is filled with truths that bring life...Abundant Life! The beauty of Scripture, pure and holy, draws us into a deeper walk with our best friend, Jesus. The presence of the Holy Spirit illuminates in its pages the amazing beauty of God's love for each of us...His precious…

  • In Grandma's Footsteps
    Paula Montgomery

    …to determine availability. In the Adventures of Hazel Weston series the early 1920's in Oregon's Hood River Valley come alive in this touching story about rural Americans, their triumphs and tragedies, as seen through the eyes of a young girl, Hazel Weston who grew up in the wilds of Eastern Oregon…

  • Stranger in the Shadows (Shadow Creek Ranch) (3 Books in 1) Volume 4
    Charles Mills

    …longing for? Will life ever be more than jail cells and cold, friendless streets? And does this God everyone’s talking about really exist? This book by Charles Mills is the fourth in the series and has three stories in one -- Attack of the Angry Legend, Stranger in the Shadows, and Planet…

  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Day in the Morning* Pink Angel* Christmas Lost and Found* A Doll From Muzzy* Truce in the Forest* A Full House* Jolly Miss Enderby* On Christmas Day in the Morning* Roses in December* LutherChristmas In My Heart Book 5* We Get Letters--Lots and Lots of Letters* Christmas in Tin Can Valley* With…

  • Canyon Girl
    Paula Montgomery

    …fertile green valley to the west that may be just a pipedream. Through her everyday life and her grandmother's stories, Big Enough deals with roundups, rattlesnakes, and all the excitement of dangers of life in the old west. Canyon Girl, the story of a young lady growing up in the wilds of Eastern…

  • Hood River Girl
    Paula Montgomery

    …Girl and Valley Girl. Hazel Weston's school days in Hood River are threatened by a great drought. Forests explode into flames and plunge the Columbia River Gorge under a smoky veil that turns noonday to midnight. Prohibition, politics, and storming evangelists all bring history to life as Hazel…

  • Little Tyke
    Georges H. Westbeau

    …thrilled many audiences, lived at Hidden Valley Ranch in the state of Washington. She loved to play with children; she never liked to be away from her master and mistress; and she was amazingly kind to all other animals. Here is a miracle of modern life, a classic story you will sincerely enjoy.…

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  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    …justice. How to enlarge one's coping range. And how to come to terms with God by understanding why He allows such tragedy in the first place. Born out of suffering, this book will encourage the comforter and empower the bereaved as they walk through the valley of the shadow and back into the light.

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  • The Lord's Day
    Milton C. Wilcox

    …away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of Jehovah is near in the valley of decision.” Joel 3:14 Among the questions that are agitating the minds of men both religiously and politically…

  • Same Dress, Different Day
    Juliet Van Heerden

    …Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Addiction People affected by a loved one’s addiction suffer silently in church pews. I was one of them. I’m Juliet. Sometimes I wish I could be someone else, with another name altogether, someone whose life is more comedy than tragedy.…

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  • One Sentence Journal: a three-year record
    Creation Health

    …one sentence? Life is busy. Most of us believe we don’t have time to journal. One sentence a day is manageable. Start at any point in the year. Try different topics and ideas. Capture the valleys and mountaintops of life. Create a treasure trove of memories. Learn to Live Life to the Fullest!

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  • David: Faith on the Run (Book 2) (eBook)
    Larry L. Lichtenwalter

    …subject of this second volume on the life of David is his fugitive years, when his passion for God was stressed to the breaking point. He starts out holding Goliath's severed head and ends up weeping over the death of nemesis Saul and soul mate Jonathan. In between–he runs. At first the battlefield…

  • David's Revenge
    Brad Watson

    …It was as if an immense, living beast was roaring up the valley. It leapt from tree to tree faster than any creature could run, devouring everything in its path.” Caught in a fire storm while hiking, David is forced to run for his life. Then, high on a deadly cliff, he must find a way to save…

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