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  • Searching For a God To Love
    Chris Blake

    Author Chris Blake has revised and updated his best-selling book of a decade ago. Do you have questions? Do you have doubts? Have you been hurt? Are you aching for something more? Great. You qualify to take the journey this life-changing book defines. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Alice Princess
    Alice Princess Siwundhla

    This is the beloved story of Alice Princess, a little African girl who lived in a mud hut near Lake Malawi, and how her life was changed by the power of our church's mission program to share the love of God. An autobiography originally published in 1965, this book brings inspiring mission stories to…

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  • Ten Days
    Corrine Vanderwerff

    …to the isolated village of Kitenge in Zaire—the real heart of Africa—the heart yearning for the gospel. Join author Corrine for a life changing outlook on missions as she meets Kongolo, Pastor Mutombo, and a grand chief ready for baptism, but unable to defy custom and have only one wife;…

  • Bible Marking Guide
    John Earnhardt

    You can give a Bible Study! Yes, you! This little guide outlines an easy Bible marking system that chain-references texts for 38 different topics. Using only your Bible, you can share the life-changing answers to questions about important spiritual matters. Additional notes are included to help you…

  • Michael Asks Why Combo Pack
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    With those three words, Michael starts a life-changing discussion with his mother that opens his young mind to the issues behind the war of all wars. Michael Asks Why by Sally Pierson Dillon, is a creative adaptation for children of Ellen G. White's classic The Great Controversy. Activity book to go…

  • Christian Storytelling
    Eric B. Hare, Arthur W. Spalding

    Eric B. Hare expanded and revised Arthur Spalding's original work and delivered a manual for Christian storytelling that became must-reading for every aspiring pastor, teacher, and children's ministries leader. The timeless principles of this book will transform anyone who reads its words with the…

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  • Spotted Boy and the Comanches
    Mabel Earp Cason

    …active. Thad Conway loved his life in Texas--until one day when he was snatched away by the Comanches and his much-loved pony was given to another boy, a Comanche. Thad was carried off a prisoner. From that day on, his life changed dramatically. Here is the story of his life with the Comanches. Did…

  • The Heart Mender
    Sally Streib

    …battered hearts? Enter Jesus. The Heart Mender. Witness how he interacted one-on-one with Mary, and how he revealed himself to Sally. See each life changed as these two women, separated by thousands of years yet with the same pain, undergo the work of the Heart Mender on their lives. People…

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  • Your Bible and You
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    …this exciting book is going to change your mind. Discover what the Bible says about your life, family, health, problems, and future. Learn how you can have peace and happiness. Explore the Bible’s fascinating stories and find new meaning for your life. Feel God’s life-changing power…

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  • Finding a Better Way
    Gustavo Squarzon

    …demanded change. Not everyone reacted alike—some left angry, some left disappointed, some left leaping for joy—but none was ever the same. Are you searching for a better way? More than twenty centuries have passed since Jesus walked this earth, but He is still changing lives today.…

  • Julius Again!
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …that idea. In this newest adventure of the pesky pet parrot, Julius returns, full of surprises. But the biggest surprise is when another parrot shows up on the scene. Through all the "feather-brained" experiences, Mitch understands why things in life change and makes room in his heart for a new dad.

  • Creating Healthy Habits for Life, Part 2 - Outlook
    Creation Health

    …lights of hope. It changes love to hate, and peace to stress. A positive outlook does just the opposite. It turns on the lights, ignites love, and allows our heart to focus on possibilities, not problems. He made us to be positive, and His example sets the standard. In this Life Guide, you'll learn…

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  • Sensory Secrets
    Catherine Schneider

    “Catherine Schneider has turned her three decades ...working with children into a must-have guide for parents, professionals and educators.” The Reading Corner, This is a great book with life-changing potential. Easy to read, it makes understanding sensory integration…

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  • 20 Questions God Wants To Ask You
    Troy Fitzgerald

    Life-changing encounters with the divine. Sometimes we think that God exists merely to answer our questions when we are in trouble or perplexed. Quite often we become very upset when the answer is not forthcoming. In this book, it will be God asking the questions and waiting for an answer. How each…

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  • Pocket Signs Series
    Signs of the Times

    Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly SIGNS, in a convenient 8-page "zine-ette" that can be slipped in a book, purse, or pocket. Each one offers the reader a life-changing opportunity learn more with a Discover Bible Lesson. Include…

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  • Your Bible and You
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    Boring? Incomprehensible? Outdated? Not on your life! If you've ever thought the Bible was dry and impersonal this exciting book is going to change your mind. Discover what the Bible says about your life, family, health, problems and future. Learn how you can have peace and happiness. Explore the…

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  • Goodbye Diabetes
    Dr. Wes Youngberg

    …Dr. Wes Youngberg on a journey that will change your life forever. If you have diabetes, are at risk for diabetes, or know someone who struggles with diabetes, this book is a must read. The simple steps in Goodbye Diabetes are easy to follow and easy to understand. The life you save may be your own!

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  • Pocket Signs - 25 Prophecies of Jesus - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    This amazing Pocket SIGNS traces 25 prominent Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming Messiah and their striking fulfillment in the life of Jesus. Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly SIGNS, in a convenient 8-page "zine-ette"…

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  • George Mueller: Champion of Orphans
    Fern Neal Stocker

    …is true. It was true in the early life of George Mueller. Following his father’s example of cheating, young George plunged deeper and deeper into sin, until one day he met Jesus Christ, and his life changed radically for the better. The remainder of his life shows what God can do for a person…

  • One Sentence Journal: a three-year record
    Creation Health

    …one sentence? Life is busy. Most of us believe we don’t have time to journal. One sentence a day is manageable. Start at any point in the year. Try different topics and ideas. Capture the valleys and mountaintops of life. Create a treasure trove of memories. Learn to Live Life to the Fullest!

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  • A Bridge Across Time
    Dan M. Appel

    …was just the kind of employee his business needed. Smart, driven, incredibly talented. He couldn't afford to refuse his request. But what interested him most was Clark's kind explanation based on what he found in the Bible. Alex had to know more. And what he discovered would change his life forever.

  • Reborn of Pain (Portuguese)
    Marcelo Cunha

    …The young men were enjoying themselves in the waters of the river. Marcelo, however, could not have imagined that one fateful dive into the water would change his life forever. After becoming tetraplegic and suffering with this new reality, he discovered that it is possible to be reborn from pain.

  • Spiritual Journey 2 - Health and Adoration (Portuguese)

    The purpose of this book is for spiritual enrichment. The forty days that will change your life are divided into five parts: 1. How to have physical health 2. How to Have Nutritional Health 3. How to Have Emotional Health 4. How to Have Environmental Health 5. How to Have Social Health

  • Key Words of the Christian Faith
    Reinder Bruinsma

    …connection to eternal life. Your relationship God is woven around the principles these words embody. Thirteen of the most significant words you’ll ever encounter are just inside these pages. Journey beyond the clichés and discover how these powerful words shape the Christian life now—and for…

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