Light House

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  • My Favorite Miracle Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …second book in Joe L. Wheeler’s Favorite Stories collection. “In the house all was dark and quiet—almost. For there was pale-blue light in the kitchen, with the gentle rustle of a boiling liquid. The light came from a gas burner whose flame was turned down low, the sound from the…

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  • Light Bearers
    Richard W. Schwarz

    …worldwide Seventh-day Adventist denomination with some 10 million members operating churches, schools, hospitals, publishing houses, and other institutions in the book Light Bearers to the Remnant. Now Floyd Greenleaf, for many years a professor of history at Southern Adventist University, has…

  • Beyond Ashes
    Marlyn Olsen Vistaunet

    …surrounded , but up ahead, I could see the light of the McCalls’ house. Looking back, I almost fell—our house was fully engulfed in giant flames, leaping and vaulting like a huge, malevolent beast. Don’t look back—aim for the light! Beyond Ashes is a true story of survival…

  • Treasure on Spyglass Hill
    Paul B. Ricchiuti

    …was staring straight up at the great house. For there on the second-floor balcony, near one of the big windows glowed a light that seemed to float on nothing as it passed pillar after pillar. And that was not all he saw. Next to that bright circle of light, glowed something yellow, and it was moving…

  • Daughters of God Hardcover
    Ellen G. White

    …the earth, and lead others to love, serve, and honor Thee? Let me only desire and choose Thy will. Let the words and example of my Redeemer be the light and strength of my heart. While I follow and trust in Him, He will not leave me to perish. He shall be my crown of rejoicing."– Review and…

  • The King Is In Residence
    Charles E. Bradford

    …in an age of despair. The American dream is gasping for breath. We find ourselves amid a world in crisis a world that prefers darkness rather than light. Shouldn’t the church have something to say? The King Is in Residence is Bradford’s passionate appeal to God’s end-time people to…

  • Lighthouse Scene Church Bulletin 1205 (Pkg Of 100)

    A serene lighthouse and ocean scene for your church bulletin.

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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …String of Blue Beads* David's Star of Bethlehem* The Red Mittens* The Promise of the Doll* The Christmas of the Phonograph Records* Guest in the House* Gift of David* The Way of Christmas* Bethany's Christmas Carol* A Few Bars in the Key of G* Why the Minister Did Not Resign* "Meditation" in a Minor…

  • The Millennium Bug
    Jon Paulien

    …delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Where will you be when the lights go out? What will happen one minute after midnight on January 1, 2000, when the internal clocks on computers all over the world hit '00'? Will planes…

  • The Undaunted
    M. Carol Hetzell

    …Book Center to determine availability. “A little paper…small at first,” growing in scope and power until “streams of light” shine “clear around the world.” How well these prophetic words sum up the story of Seventh-day Adventist publishing work! Here are…

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