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  • Little Cabin By The River
    Joyce Neal

    Stories from 3ABN's Grandma Joyce. Delightful escapades from the childhood of Joyce Neal, "Grandma Joyce," that will help children embrace the wide wonderful world of discovery, and to throw open the doors of their heart to Jesus. And all those grandmas and grandpas out there who are reading these…

  • Patty Jo in Happy Valley
    Ruth Wheeler

    …long way on the train to visit her Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathrine. Patty had never stayed in a cabin before. Uncle Bob’s large cabin was nestled in a vast green meadow, near an apple orchard and circled by distant high mountains. To Patty, it was the perfect place to explore and learn. Come along…

  • Sooty, the Green-Eyed Kitten
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Alden family lived in their snug log cabin. So when Mr. Alden returned home from a trip to the distant trading post with a tiny, fat kitten in his saddlebag, the twins, Makepeace and Prudence, were astonished as well as delighted at the sight of the lively little creature. One morning, as the kitten…

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