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  • God's Character and the Last Generation
    Andrews University

    …should influence the lives of end-time believers. Could it be that our desire to live a holy life is displacing the joy of the gospel in our experience? God’s Character and the Last Generation is a serious attempt to review the relationship between the role of God’s salvation work and…

  • My Heart Will Go On
    Joy Swift

    …traumatic ordeal, Joy shares with you the powerful life lessons that changed her from a victim to a victor through the power of Christ. In My Heart Will Go On, you will learn how to* find true self-worth in your Father’s eyes* choose to live as a victor* put on God’s armor of faith* feed…

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  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    …Trade Center catastrophe only reawakened her enormous sorrow. Those who lose loved ones, and those who comfort them, need a guide through the storm. Joy Swift has plumbed the depths of grief, and gone the distance. By revealing more of her incredible story, she charts the path of healing for broken…

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  • Really Living
    Joe Engelkemier

    …really living is following God’s eternal plan for our lives. Nothing is more exciting than when things reach a crisis and God intervenes on behalf of His children. Being a servant of the Most-High is a real adventure! If you would “really live,” you must know and love God. If you…

  • Touch Points -- Joy More Than Living on the Surface
    Larry Yeagley

    …that all joy is fleeting? This tract answers this promptly with the Beatitudes of Jesus. 8 practical ways joy is generated and kept, despite the pressures of the world. Author Larry Yeagley makes his point that the source of joy can be found in the scriptures and with daily closeness to God. True…

  • Living in Our Finest Hour
    Douglas Cooper

    …also be the best of times? Learn how you can be more than a spectator, how you can live extraordinarily and love extraordinarily in these extraordinary times. Douglas Cooper is the best-selling author of Living God’s Love and Living God’s Joy. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • God Has a Home for You: Help in Daily Living
    Ellen G. White

    …place and is Jesus truly coming to take His children home? If you’ve asked these or other questions, you’ll find helpful answers in God Has a Home for You. “When Christ came to this earth the first time, He came in lowliness and obscurity, and His life here was one of suffering…

  • Notes of Joy (2018 Woman's Devotional)
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    Did you know that God delights in you? That at the very thought of you, He rejoices over you with singing? Notes of Joy is full of stories that celebrate the beautiful bond shared between the heavenly Father and you, His precious daughter. God’s Word promises us that, through His Son, our…

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  • Living in the Shadow of the Second Coming
    Jon Paulien

    …diverse subjects such as thankfulness and joy in the context of suffering, authentic Christianity in an age of image, making prayer central to our lives, stages of faith and relationship, dealing with sexual temptation, understanding final events, and living with disruptive church members. We will…

  • Experiencing God's Love

    …will discover* that God really cares about your life* that you can trade anxiety for peace* that true forgiveness transforms lives* that Jesus suffered the cross for YOU * that there is reason to hope for a bright tomorrow The Bible's book of Hebrews tells us that for the joy of us, Jesus came and…

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  • In Tune With God
    Lilianne Doukhan

    …Is there a solution to this ongoing battle? Are there really certain styles of music that are good and others that are bad? How are we to honor God with our diverse musical tastes and talents? Lilianne Doukhan takes on this sensitive issue with a remarkable combination of finesse and refreshing…

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  • Ordinary People, Faithful God
    Nathan Brown

    …Extraordinary God, full of exciting stories of people testifying to the faithfulness of God in their lives as a result of stewardship. So what is a stewardship story? It's a personal experience from your life in partnership with God: the journey, the disappointments, the joy, the struggles,…

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  • A Place in God's Heart
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Finding joy in the presence of God If you’ve ever thought "There just has to be something more to the Christian life than this," you need to discover A Place in God’s Heart. Using words that drip with encouragement, and illustrations…

  • In Tune With God (eBook)
    Lilianne Doukhan

    …Is there a solution to this ongoing battle? Are there really certain styles of music that are good and others that are bad? How are we to honor God with our diverse musical tastes and talents? Lilianne Doukhan takes on this sensitive issue with a remarkable combination of finesse and refreshing…

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  • Journey to the Heart of God
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …to the Heart of God by dealing with several Christian spiritual practices such as worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship, fasting, giving, forgiveness, and touching lives. As the love of God compels us to live out these spiritual practices, the Holy Spirit will transform our lives and make us more…

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  • Tek Off Yuh Shoes
    Michael J. Harris

    …result is a lively, joyful, heartfelt tribute to God’s grace, mercy, and sustaining power. Available Tracks:* New Name* All Hail The Power* Your Grace And Mercy* Blessings Of The Lord* God Of The Mountain* Tek Off Yuh Shoes* Mercy Called Me By Name* Redeemer* Caribbean Medley* Joy In The…

  • Changed Too
    Carlos Camacho

    …awesome love of God and be changed too!” – James Black Sr., Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, North American Division “What a joy it is to see lives changed by the power of God; I can just imagine the joy in the heavenly courts over these precious lives. I hope and…

  • 13 Weeks to Love
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    …for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” (Isaiah 61:3, NKJV). God gave Himself to show us an unimaginable kind of love. In 13 Weeks to Love, author and speaker Jennifer Jill Schwirzer shows how to live God’s love and how doing so fulfills…

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  • Looking for a City
    Roy Adams

    We know how the story ends—we stand before the throne of God on a sea of glass, with voices upon voices of redeemed ones singing 100 billion stanzas of a song of joy. But we’re not there yet. God’s people—pilgrims—are still finding their way through a mad world, navigating the chaos of militant…

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  • United By Tragedy
    Cecil Murphey, Dr. David Wilkins

    …have suffered loss in your own life or want to be used by God to bring comfort to others, this moving story provides uncommon hope. Discover with the Wilkins family the joy in finding out for certain that even in our deepest darkness, God does not leave us alone. The loss won’t ever go away,…

  • Sure Salvation
    Philip W. Dunham

    …sin. God forbid! It is written so you can experience what flawed people throughout Christian history have experienced—the assurance that every believer can and should have—in the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” Read this book and find the peace and joy

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  • I Am Persuaded VOP
    Fred Kinsey

    …Kinsey has. He says, “Before Romans I had a wonderful sense of right and wrong, of dos and don’ts. But I never experienced any of the joy or hope that a Christian ought to have. Before Romans I might have looked good on the outside, but inside I knew I was lost. Then I read the book of…

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  • On Eagles' Wings
    Randy Maxwell

    …how God wants us to W-E-I-G-H-T on Him--to place the full weight of our burdens totally on His divine shoulders and thereby receive a fresh supply of strength to carry on! When we learn how to exchange our worry, stress, and fear for the power of His sustaining grace, we can experience the joy of…

  • Happiness Digest
    Ellen G. White

    …too can experience His joy and guidance and offers help in the calm assurance that God is in ultimate control and very much interested in your life. (Adapted from Steps to Jesus.) Contents * Love Beyond Compare * Recognizing Your Need * Give Your Guilt Away * How to Live With Your Conscience *…

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