Lost Treasure

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  • Seekers
    Bradley Booth

    …with treasure. Now they had found a mysterious jar that looked old—and important. What was in it? Was it treasure? Would they be rich? Would Naam and his buddies finally stop making fun of them because they had to work? Long ago Jesus told the parable of the hidden treasure. Jesus’…

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  • The Watchers
    Bradley Booth

    …swept the area, he could see many, many crates. All labeled the same: “War trophies from Judah Relics from Zedekiah’s temple, Temple treasures from Jerusalem.” “Hey, Tamzi Come up here” he called. “You’ve got to see this!” All the Jews were talking…

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  • Buried Treasure How Bad Do You Want It?
    Dwight Hall

    What treasure is a part of your dreams? Gold? Silver? Diamonds? Pearls? Surrender? How about soul-winning? Hiding God’s Word in your heart? Bearing a cross? Facing ridicule for your beliefs? What would you do to receive the treasures of heaven? In this brief pocket book, Dwight Hall contrasts Jesus’…

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  • Take His Word
    Marjorie L. Lloyd

    …in book form, will continue to prove a delightful and streamlined way to study the scriptures personally. For the reader, it will be like sitting down for a visit with a friend—a friend who knows his Bible. Time is a treasure. But time invested in Take His Word is a treasure never lost.

  • The God Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (A Study Guide)
    James Berglund

    …“Margie, I promise you that He wants you! From the day you walked away from His church and from His heart, He has pursued you like a lost treasure. Like an anxious mother staying up until her daughter returns home from her date, He eagerly awaits your return. With each sunrise He reminds…

  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …perfect Christmas gift to give to family and friends. Christmas In My Heart has been the longest-running Christmas story series in America. This treasured collection of stories is great reading anytime! Cuddle up by the fire, gather your children around you, or share it with your friends! Christmas…

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