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  • Healing Power of Love
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …just heal people's minds and spirits. He often healed their bodies as well. His kind words and gentle attention had a soothing, healing effect. The healing power of love went out from Him to the sick and injured. In this quiet way, He reached out and helped people from the time He was a child.

  • An Endless Falling in Love
    Ty Gibson

    What eternal life means to you now Ty Gibson has done it again. A rare blend of smart and heart, An Endless Falling in Love is both an intellectual and an emotional journey into the character of God and the gift of eternity. Beyond the cliches about harps, clouds, gold streets, and gates of pearl,…

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  • Smart Love
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …or reservations. A frank, realistic look at dating!* Creative dating–is there life beyond a movie? * Surviving a breakup–is the end really the end? * To kiss or not to kiss? * How far is too far? * Touchy situations–holding out for true love. * How to tell if you are really in love

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  • Loving Them Back Leading Them Home
    Barry Gane

    Why do they leave? Is there anything the church can do to prevent them from turning away, or to bring them back once they’ve left? Is there anything I can do? You probably know people who have left the church. Maybe you know why they walked away, but more likely you don’t. But you do care. And…

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  • Living God's Love
    Douglas Cooper

    …work in the world is loving people. Can you identify? Loving the ugly, the negative, the crude, the flippant, the theologically incorrect? Is it possible to love them unconditionally? If you desire above all else to become an expert at loving, you will find Living God’s Love, by Douglas Cooper…

  • Determined to Love
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …had given their lives to improving the lot of the Indians of South America, and particularly to leading them to Christ. They were determined to love these people who were being ground down by the upper class. To Everyone's surprise, Ferdinand and Ana discovered that the Indians were just as…

  • Revelation's Great Love Story
    Larry L. Lichtenwalter

    …robes. The heart-wrenching prayer of the saints. Without Christ’s love, these scenes and symbols would mean nothing. Ultimately John’s vision reveals the extraordinary love of our Savior for His rebellious, undeserving children—and the incredible reasons we can love Him in return.

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  • Experiencing God's Love

    …last time you experienced unconditional love? Does your soul yearn for peace? Do you long for forgiveness? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Can you know for certain that Jesus died for you? That His everlasting love is yours? Experiencing God's Love will provide Bible-based answers to…

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  • Love Seasons
    Jeffrey and Pattiejean Brown

    Our love is likely to go through different seasons – and, for each of them, Jeffrey and Pattiejean Brown can give us encouragement and counsel, based on Scripture and their years of experience ministering to many couples. Whether you’re married or single, there’s something here…

  • Serious About Love: Straight Talk to Single Adults
    Kay Kuzma

    Dr. Kay Kuzma answers the question "Is there really a way to know if someone is right for you?" Whether you're dating someone or just looking for the "right one," this book will help you understand the serious side of love and offers plenty of down-to-earth guidance for dating and love.

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  • God's Love Song
    Ginny Allen

    …examples and Bible truths, Ginny shares a picture of a God that loves us, changes us, and uses us. Women from all walks of life will resonate with the experiences and truths related in this book, and will come away believing that God loves them, and has the power to change them. Click here to find…

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  • Love Story
    Judy Savoy

    …and that life in Jesus is everything. God gave Rhonda a new career in service, a new “mother,” and a new fiancé. If you enjoy a good love story—and especially if you are young, a Christian, and in love—you’ll always be glad you took time to read this book.

  • Love's Conquest
    Robert D. Moon

    …He demonstrated God’s great joy when His children come home to Him. Even if you are familiar with the story, you will want to read it again in Robert Moon’s Love’s Conquest. This book shows new aspects to the well-known characters, and you will see a whole new type of love at work.

  • Reckless Love
    Bruce Manners

    …for the first time or you've heard it all before, Reckless Love takes a fresh engaging and practical look at the core beliefs of Seventh-day Adventist Christianity. Much more than a collection of dusty doctrines, these biblical understandings are stories of a God of reckless love and generous grace.

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  • I Love Jesus CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …baritone voice and in I Love Jesus he expresses his deep love for his Lord and Saviour. Songs Include: 1. My Jesus I Love Thee 2. The Altar 3. Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone 4. He Touched Me 5. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 6. People Need the Lord 7. There is a Fountain 8. I love You Lord 9. I Then…

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  • Love Rules CD
    Danny Shelton

    On this CD, kids sing along with Danny Shelton to reinforce that love rules! Songs include Love God and keep His Commandments, Jesus is the key to Heaven, On This Your Sabbath Day, The Hour of His Judgment and many more.

    $16.50 $12.97
  • Love Rules DVD
    Danny Shelton

    On this DVD, kids sing along with Danny Shelton to reinforce that love rules! Songs include Love God and keep His Commandments, Jesus is the key to Heaven, On This Your Sabbath Day, The Hour of His Judgment and many more.

  • The Love of God
    Duane Hamilton

    Duane Hamilton originally released The Love of God as a cassette when he was part of the Heritage Singers. Now listeners can enjoy his melodious voice on CD. Songs include:* There Comes a Time* Until Then* Let the Son Shine* My Prayer* What Can I Do* The Love of God* Peace Maker* City Called Heaven*…

    $15.98 $11.97
  • You Can Love Again
    Glenn A. Coon

    …part" has loved another is a crushing blow to any marriage. But through seeking God and His ways, by allowing His power to completely transform Satan's temptation to wallow in bitter resentment, by claiming His promises in the Bible, you can experience a peacful, loving marriage--you can love again.

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  • Surprised by Love
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …Maybe you’ve heard the story before. Maybe this is your first time. Either way, when you behold the unexpected rescue of God’s children, you will be amazed at His love – at His passion for His children, and you will be surprised by love. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Is Love Enough?
    Belle Wood-Comstock, M. D.

    …Strange as it may seem, the people who know the most about us seem to understand us the least. What is the problem? Is there no place for love and friendship? Is love enough? This book is written especially for young people about to be married and for households everywhere. It discusses the problems…

  • The Love Fight
    Tony Ferretti, Peter J. Weiss

    …WIN THE LOVE FIGHT? ARE YOU AN ACHIEVER? How can you be winning clients at work, but losing the marriage battle at home? You’d think the odds would be in your favor; you know how to win. But the same attitudes that drive success at work can drive your love life into a ditch. In The Love Fight,…

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  • When Love Returns
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …What results is an unforgettable adventure with three young children and a widowed scientist that propels Kelli into confrontations with her faith, bouts with wild animals, life-and-death struggles against the elements, and finally, the return of love. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Mem Kha's Love Story
    Jeane Kravig

    …secretary is going on furlough for several months. Why not plan your trip so you could stay with us and cover her home leave? Be here mid-December. Love, Helen.” I had only mentioned that I was thinking of taking a trip! I had no intentions of disrupting my well-ordered life and trotting off…

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