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  • Impaled
    Ernest H. J. Steed

    …faith. Each of these missionaries sacrificed comfort and security to serve the Savior they loved. Impaled is the fascinating story of a young married couple, Brian and Valmae Dunn, twentieth-century missionaries to the South Pacific island of Malaita. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that others…

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  • Love Seasons
    Jeffrey and Pattiejean Brown

    …and Pattiejean Brown can give us encouragement and counsel, based on Scripture and their years of experience ministering to many couples. Whether you’re married or single, there’s something here that will help you to love. Jeffrey Brown, an ordained minister, and his wife, Pattiejean,…

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  • Questions You've Asked About Sexuality
    Alberta Mazat

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. What children, their parents, teens, single adults, and married couples want to know. OK. Admit it. Don’t you have just a couple of questions about sex that need answering? Alberta Mazat comes to the rescue with the fascinating and informative…

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  • Longing to be Loved
    Allan Kennedy, Jill Kennedy, Kay Kuzma

    …who asked me to marry him? He used to shower me with attention and gifts. He wanted to spend every moment with me. Now he hardly even speaks to me unless he's telling me what to do! [Allan] I spent a lot of time and money chasing Jill when we were dating. But now that we're married, we have to get…

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