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  • Miracles, Faith, and Unanswered Prayer
    Richard Jensen

    How involved is God in your life? We have all heard incredible miracle stories. We’ve been awed by the thought that God personally intervenes in the face of dire circumstances. We’ve experienced the rush of gratitude that comes in this assurance that God really does exist. And we have…

  • More Incredible Answers to Prayer
    Roger J. Morneau

    …ones. We can claim the merits of the blood Christ shed on Calvary. And if we understand how that divine power can be enlisted for the salvation of those who have departed from God, we can expect mighty miracles of redemption to take place in the lives of those we pray for." – Roger Morneau.

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  • Miracles in Unexpected Places
    Stanley Maxwell

    …are miracles, and there are miracles, and then there are miracles. Some miracles are meant to appear transcendent while others are simply sleight of hand or tricks of magic. Some so-called miracles are downright fraudulent or can later be explained scientifically. But sometimes, miracles are…

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  • Miracle On the Mountain
    Bradley Booth

    …the village, mostly the old ones, the crippled, or the very sick. "Help us, Li Hua!" they cried. "Pray to your God, or we will all surely die!" Miracle on the Mountain is a collection of twelve extraordinary mission stories of faith and courage from around the globe. Stand alongside Li Hua and…

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  • Mission Pilot
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …flying critically-ill malaria patients out of the Guyana jungle, or contending with venomous snakes, David and his wife Becky experience miracle after miracle in this modern-day story of mission service. Eileen Lantry’s exciting work allows readers to participate in David’s high calling.…

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  • Wounded Healer
    Kay D. Rizzo, Tom Sanford

    …inwardly wounded boy grew up to become a healer of thousands of like-wounded boys and girls through the ministry of Project PATCH is the stuff of miracles. And this book tells the story.From Sanford’s own troubled past to the heartbreaking stories of the children he and his wife Bonnie have…

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  • Guide's Greatest Miracle Stories
    Helen Lee Robinson

    …his enemies had him surrounded. Suddenly his canoe began to fly over the water—atop a giant stingray. The God of the Bible is still in the miracle business. These thrilling reports from around the world show that He still reveals His power and care today. You will read of dollar bills that…

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  • One Miracle After Another
    Greg Budd

    …proverbial U-turn. Pavel made a covenant with God, and his dedication to that covenant was tested almost immediately. But he stayed true, and miracle after miracle followed in behalf of this one young man who trusted every aspect of his life completely to God. The results of his unwavering loyalty…

  • The Miracle of the Seventh-day Ox
    Bradley Booth

    Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been locking this man up in this crate for two years, and it hasn’t done any good? Did it ever occur to you that there may be a good reason this man isn’t following your orders?" Nickolai Panchuk, a pastor living in Communist Russia, struggled as…

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  • Touched By a Miracle
    Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff

    More true stories about angels, miracles, and answers to prayer Author and compiler Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff brings to light another collection of true miracle stories to show us once again how near heaven is to earth. Like her first book, An Angel’s Touch, these stories of divine…

  • 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions on God's Amazing Miracles Book 7
    Dennis Smith

    While skeptics proclaim miracles don’t exist, and many Christians question their reality, in today’s broken world it seems most everyone could do with a miracle of some kind. Dennis Smith reminds us that miracles do still happen today. However, God’s Word must be received into the…

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  • Miracles Happen Every Day
    Robert H. Pierson

    Miracles Happen Every Day is the story of the increasingly dynamic work of our self-supporting institutions as a part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church program. With the encouragement of Ellen White, these centers have reached out, carrying the advent message to dozens of foreign lands. Miracles

  • Mission Miracles
    David Gates, Eileen E. Lantry

    …on His everlasting arms and be willing to be carried wherever He knew they were needed. Eileen E. Lantry, author of Mission Pilot, chronicles more miracle stories of David and Becky Gates, missionaries to the Amerindians of Guyana and Venezuela. As you see what God has done for the ministry of David…

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  • Mindoro Miracles
    Adventist Frontier Missions

    Many people don't believe miracles happen today but Mindoro Miracles is full of amazing stories from the mountain jungles of the Philippines. AFM missionaries established a thriving church and today committed Alangan men and women lead six growing churches. Run time: 30 minutes.

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  • Miracles of the Mantle
    Bradley Booth

    …their babies for comfort, and they intended on protecting their cubs at all cost. When Nathan first met the prophet Elisha, he had hoped to see a miracle or hear an exciting story. But he surely hadn’t counted on anything like this. What would happen to Amzi and the other boys who had been…

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  • Miracles and Pitfalls

    Learn to negotiate mighty miracles and perilous pitfalls while plundering the treasure trove of Scripture and learning God’s Word. Families will have lots of fun with the mind-teasing questions, and the Miracle and Pitfall cards change the pace of the game when you least expect it!

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  • God's Soviet Miracles
    Mikhail Kulakov, Sr.

    …restraints time after time, Mikhail Kulakov never faltered in his belief that God would help him finish the college in Russia. Whoever says miracles don’t happen anymore hasn’t spoken with the people in Russia. This story will leave you convinced that “all things are possible…

  • The Factory Quiz Game - Bible Miracles

    Your kids will have great fun testing their Bible knowledge with this game! Featuring hundreds of questions ranging from Bible topics to nature facts and much more. Choose from three difficulty levels that embraces everyone from children to Bible scholars. Plays on any DVD player or computer DVD…

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  • Will I Ever Learn: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry
    Hyveth Williams

    This is the incredible autobiography . . . . . . of a young woman who pursued fame and fortune with passionate intensity. The victim of childhood sexual abuse, she decided that no God would allow a little girl to suffer as she had, and so she embraced atheism. She submerged herself in a world of…

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  • I Met a Miracle
    George E. Vandeman

    …acquainted with Christ. A man who met a miracle. Through his own story, and the stories of others, he demonstrates the struggle of surrender, the debilitating result of guilt, the persistence of conscience, the healing power of forgiveness...the miracle of conversion. Click here to find this book…

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  • My Favorite Miracle Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …the air. . . . “And then God spoke. “ ‘You’d better wake up, Ralph!’ ” “Is there a difference between miracle stories and coincidence stories? Well, there certainly ought to be a difference. I have come to this conclusion: if there is no clear indication…

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  • Miracle From the Streets
    Cheri Peters

    …unconditional love. "To hear Cheri Peters's story is to be forever changed. To meet Cheri in person is to encounter a flesh-and-blood, bona fide miracle." Sitting in a posh restaurant with $86,000 and seven pounds of pure cocaine on the table, Cheri knew she had finally risen above her blighted…

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  • The Miracle of Conversion
    Morris L. Venden

    Once again, Morris Venden has compiled an anthology of invaluable information-this time on the subject of conversion-to help us in our Christian walk. According to Venden, conversion is the most neglected, and most important, topic in the Christian church. This book starts with the necessity of…

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  • The 30-day Diabetes Miracle

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. In The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle we offer practical solutions that are easy to understand and simple to embrace as part of your daily routine. As a result, you’ll begin…

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