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  • Camporee Of Doom
    Seth J. Pierce

    New in the Misadventures of Peter Paul Pappenfuss series. Peter Paul Pappenfuss is a pastor’s kid. And he’s a well-known goof off in a small church school in Iowa with the large name of Davenport Christian Academy. He could hardly wait to go to the Pathfinder Camporee. What fun he would…

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  • Thor, The Thunder Cat
    VeraLee Wiggins

    Book #6 in the "Julius and Friends" series "This one needs me When the growly man offered to pay Todd with a Siamese kitten for shoveling snow, Todd pictured himself the proud owner of a sleek, graceful pet. Now, as he looked down at the scruffy runt in his hands, he wasn't so sure what he was…

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