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  • You'll Laugh About This Someday: Devotions for Frazzled Moms
    Melissa Howell

    Life is often a blur for busy moms. Rushing kids to school, to the doctor, to the dinner table, to bed—only to repeat it again the next day. And the next. So what’s a mom to do? Mother of four, Melissa Howell speaks to the mess of madness and mayhem that is life with littles, and says,…

  • Not Alone
    Cheryl Porter

    Nobody had time for Kellie. Mom was always working, Dad was often drunk, and her older brother had his own life. And when she started junior high, even her friend Heather didn’t hang out with her anymore. So when ninth grade rolled around, Kellie was thrilled to finally find a best friend, Mary. But…

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  • More Moments for Moms
    Cheryl Lynn Woolsey

    Sequel to Moments for Morns. Filled with honesty, warmth, and sparkling humor, these inspirational thoughts help meet the complex needs of young moms.

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  • The Big “D” Word, Package of 100 (Winner Tract)

    A story about Keshia and her friend Toya, whose parents are getting a divorce. Keshia's mom helps her find some ways to help and support Toya. Discussion questions encourage discussion. It's an excellent resource for kids ages 8-12.

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  • Coyotes in the Wind
    Paula Montgomery

    …mountain in southern Washington. For the next seven years, Mom, Dad, Becka, Kurt and their two dogs, Sergeant and Trooper, would experience adventure and danger in their mountain home. Blizzards, fires, a mentally-disabled child, Mom's hepatitis, and an erupting volcano help teach Becka that God…

  • I'm Adopted; You're Adopted
    Susan Davis

    Sandi doesn’t have her own mommy and daddy, so Jeffie and Mom and Daddy are going to adopt her. They are going to be Sandi’s new family. They have waited a long, long time to meet her. They have fixed a pretty new room for her. New clothes fill her closet. And now Sandi is finally…

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  • A Gold Star for Eric
    Colleen L. Reece

    …pick up again and again. “Eric has a lot to say to children who struggle in school, children who are poor, children who must live away from Mom and Dad, children who are lonely, and children who are searching for Jesus. And what gets said is simply wonderful!” Aileen Andres Sox, Editor…

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  • Talking with God (2018 Primary Devotional)
    Marta Irokawa, Sueli Ferreira de Oliveira

    How do you begin your day? Perhaps every morning you wake up, open up your eyes, kiss mom and dad, have a delicious breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, go to school, and play… Good. Maybe your routine is not exactly that, but surely you do some of those things, right? All…

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  • Sarah Lee and a Mule Named Maybe
    Heather Grovet

    …please make me a different person—someone who isn't fat. Amen." When Maybe and Sheba, Mom's snow-white Arabian horse, are spooked by a crash in the underbrush, they disappear, leaving Sarah and Mom stranded in the woods. Now what? "God, please take care of Maybe," prays Sarah. As they hit the…

  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 6
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …Bible means in real life-at home, at school, or on the playground. As Sammy helps a family whose house burns down, DeeDee locks herself and her mom out of their new car, and Chris dives underwater to save Yoyo from drowning, the lessons from the Bible stories become even clearer. And each chapter…

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  • When the Jordan Rolls
    Herman and Sonnie Harp

    …collection are original songs such as 'The Price of Freedom,' a song written in memory of the 9/11 tragedy, a touching tribute to Herman’s mom entitled 'Ellen’s Song,' and the title cut 'When the Jordan Rolls.' This heart-stirring recording will bring hours of inspiration and enjoyment.…

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  • Lord, Keep Your Mansions-Just Save My Children
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    …it gets worse. Divorce? My children? No! In these pages Richard O'Ffill shares how he moved through guilt, frustration, anger, and grief to hope, forgiveness, trust, comfort, and love. Now, with permission ("Dad, after all I put you and Mom through, this is the least I can do"), he tells his story.

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  • Julius Again!
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …friend was gone. But Julius' disappearance wasn't the only thing bothering Mitch. You see, Mitch's dad had died when Mitch was a baby, and now his mom was dating another man. Would she still have time to spend with Mitch? Would he get a new dad? Mitch wasn't sure if he liked that idea. In this…

  • Michael Asks Why - Abridged Version
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    Michael wondered into the kitchen where Mom was chopping carrots. She smiled as he parked on a stool next to her. "I've been thinking," he began. With those three words, Michael starts a life-changing discussion with his mother that opens his young mind to the issues behind the war of all wars.…

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  • A Dog for Darcy
    Birdie Leigh Etchison

    …Book Center to determine availability. Darcy didn’t want to leave Lance behind. She loved her collie. But she didn’t have any choice. Mom and Dad and Janet were moving to the big city, and Lance couldn’t go along. The landlord in the new apartment wouldn’t allow it. Darcy…

  • Vibrant Life Special - Going Vegetarian
    Vibrant Life

    …between your plate and the planet A 30-Day Vegetarian Challenge Concerned that too many of her family’s meals revolve around meat, a young mom tries an experiment “It Transformed My Life” One man’s amazing testimony Healthy Appetite Lots and lots of recipes Ask the Doctor…

  • Jose: God Found Me in LA
    José Vicente Rojas

    …so much?" Then things got worse. In school the other kids laughed at his accent, tormented him, called him "skunk" and "dirty Mexican." His mom called him "my dreamer." Then the Rojas family stumbled onto some followers of an ancient Jewish carpenter. Several of them saw something extraordinary…

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  • Secret of the Yellow Van
    Sandy Zaugg

    …that old yellow van? ... It says “Joe’s Bakery” on its side. I saw it there twice last week' “Is that a problem?” Mom asked. “Lots of people park on the street. Maybe Mrs. Kostenko ordered some baked goods.'... “Then why do you suppose the driver just…

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  • Julius! The Perfectly Pesky Pet Parrot
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …He couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. The lampshade lay in a pile of dust on the floor, exposing the metal skeleton of the lamp. His mom's beautiful walnut dining table had become scalloped overnight. Walnut chips lay on the floor accusing the culprit—Julius, the perfectly pesky…

  • Hannah's Girls: Erin
    Ruth Merkel

    …does! On a jaunt to the mailbox Erin meets rude, rhyming Rosemary, who is visiting her grouchy grandma for a few days. And the surprises keep coming! Mom and Dad have been keeping a secret, Grandma and Grandpa reveal some intriguing family news, and Erin meets another girl at the mailbox—who…

  • In the Shadow of the Mob
    Melanie Scherencel Bockmann

    Keep your mouth shut, Carl told himself, trying to act normal around his mom and his brother. The secret knowledge that his dad’s life might be in danger burned hotly in his brain, and as his dad disappeared down the front steps, Carl knew there was a serious possibility he would never see his…

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  • Guide's Greatest Change of Heart Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …of book!) You see, opening your eyes doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your eyelids. Just ask Kevin about the canoe trip with his mom to the island of snakes. Or Nina with the wimpy stepfather and fugitive cat. Or Liz, the camp counselor who lost her eyelashes because of a horse.…

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  • Not Alone (eBook)
    Cheryl Porter

    …your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. Nobody had time for Kellie. Mom was always working, Dad was often drunk, and her older brother had his own life. And when she started junior high, even her friend Heather didn’t…

  • Old-Fashioned Camp Meeting: Helen's Tent-Town Adventures
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    For eight-year-old Helen, it was hard to decide what she liked most about camp meeting. Was it watching the big tent going up? Helping Mom in the kitchen? Eating Eskimo Pies and grape popsicles? Or was it the music and stories from Eric B. Hare, Josephine Cunnington Edwards, and Del Delker? The…

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