Moments With God For Couples

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  • Moments with God for Couples
    Leslie Ackie

    A couple’s greatest need is not mere food or shelter, nor even marital intimacy and effective communication. There is a far greater need, a deep heart-need of the soul: quality time with God and each other. Moments with God for Couples is designed specifically to help you satisfy that need…

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  • Longing to be Loved
    Allan Kennedy, Jill Kennedy, Kay Kuzma

    …differences? Can this marriage be saved? [Jill] What happened to the man who asked me to marry him? He used to shower me with attention and gifts. He wanted to spend every moment with me. Now he hardly even speaks to me unless he's telling me what to do! [Allan] I spent a lot of time and money…

  • Heart Connection
    Ron and Nancy Rockey

    …age when people are desperate to find intimate connection. What we need is intimacy (in-to-me-see) – human moments when hearts connect, creating the splendor that couples wish for. But how do we get there? Heart Connection is a powerful combination of gripping true-life stories, fascinating…

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