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  • Help! I'm a Parent Kit
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …surveyed expressed a concern that they were not doing a very good job of parenting. In essence, the study concluded that, “for today’s mothers and fathers, there is no clear map that charts the path for nurturing the next generation of adults” (Bowman, 2012, page 10). We bring you…

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  • God's little book of Prayers for Women
    Anita Marshall

    …local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. The Bible is full of praying women, and Mary the mother of Jesus is just one example. How did they feel? What is their story? And how should Christian women relate today? With characteristic honesty and…

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  • Mother and Home
    Helen K. Oswald

    …by four letters—H-O-M-E.’ If things go right there, they go right everywhere.” A good mother and a good home are God’s greatest gifts. This book is intended to help mothers in their work as part of God’s great plan: helping their children arrive safely to their heavenly…

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  • Mother's Day Church Bulletin 804 (pkg of 100)

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. A Church Bulletin special for celebrating Mothers.

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  • Serenity's Desire (Book 1 Serenity Inn Series)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …a world of uncertainty following the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Serenity struggles to understand why God allows tragedy when He has the power to prevent it. Turning to her mother's journals she catches a glimpse of the God her mother loved and trusted. When her father, New York State's…

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  • My Unseen Protector
    Lars Justinen

    Lars Justinen's contemporary painting of an angel protecting a child from tragedy. A child narrowly escapes being hit by car as his concerned mother looks on in the background. Poster size: 16" x 20"; picture area: 13" x 16 3/4."

  • The Adventist Home
    Ellen G. White

    "The king upon his throne has no higher work than has the mother. The mother is queen of her household. She has in her power the molding of her children's characters, that they may be fitted for the higher, immortal...Her work is for time and eternity." In the pages of this book, Ellen White defines…

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  • Sometimes I Don't Like My Kids!
    Candace Schap

    …dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian mothers feel the same way at times. Sometimes I Don’t Like My Kids is an honest look at the frustrations of mothering and the dangers of the “supermom” syndrome. From her own experience as a mother of four, Candace shares down-to-earth…

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  • Growing More Like Jesus
    Heather Guttschuss

    Heidi and Eric and their mother and daddy have lots of fun together. They work and laugh and play and sing and pray together. Heidi and Eric would like you in your home to grow more like Jesus, you must know more and more about Him. We learn about Him from the Bible. In this book you will find sixty…

  • God's Ten Rules
    Ethel Neff

    …God’s Ten Rules is a book for the younger child. In it, the author explains the Ten Commandments in the way a mother explains them to a child. Johnny and his mother discuss these important truths as they go about their daily life. This book is great for reading to your children on…

  • With An Holy Calling
    Josephine Cunnington-Edwards

    …blizzard came swiftly and unexpectedly upon Mother Vandeman and Herbie that early spring morning as they were on their way home from Aurickaree Creek. In moments, the countryside was shrouded in deep, billowy drifts of snow. The horses floundered. Mother and son lost all sense of direction. They had…

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  • Michael Asks Why Combo Pack
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    With those three words, Michael starts a life-changing discussion with his mother that opens his young mind to the issues behind the war of all wars. Michael Asks Why by Sally Pierson Dillon, is a creative adaptation for children of Ellen G. White's classic The Great Controversy. Activity book to go…

  • Mary of Galilee
    Christine Miles

    She was promised a Son who would change the world—but a sword was going to pierce her own soul. This is a dramatized account of the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Share in her excitement, her trials, her heartache, and her joy, as she first raises and then follows Christ, the Lord of all.

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  • The Marked Bible
    Charles L. Taylor

    …nothing to do with the Bible his mother had so lovingly marked in hopes that he would read its pages and turn from his life of crime and vice. But like Jonah the runaway prophet, Harold couldn't run from God, no matter how hard he tried. The classic story of a mother's love, a rebellious son, and…

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  • Adventist Girl, Set Four
    Sandy Zaugg

    …Stewart’s church on Sabbath. Suddenly, everyone seems to be talking about China! At first, Alice cares more about her new birthday dress. But when Mother and Daddy decide to become missionaries to China, she starts to pay attention! Alice dreams of parading down the streets of Shanghai, but…

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  • Mary: Call Me Blessed
    Patty Froese Ntihemuka

    …viciously satisfying. Nobody in Nazareth cared that their ancient Jewish prophecies foretold the Messiah’s virgin birth. An unwed mother was, well, an unwed mother. And they didn’t trust her blasphemous tale. That self-righteous girl would invent an outrageous story to disguise her sin. Never mind…

  • Love Story
    Judy Savoy

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Rhonda, a young ballet dancer, seemed to have it all: a blossoming career in show business, a mother urging her forward, an agent, money, beauty, and dreams of a glamorous wedding. But then she met Jesus and His truth, and everything changed. She…

  • Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots - Cradle Roll

    …include favorites like:* Jesus Loves The Little Children* Jesus Loves The Little Ones Like Me* Oh. Be Careful* Sabbath Bells Are Ringing* Sabbath School Is Over* The Happy Little Duck Says Quack* Tick Tock Song* When A Mother Says Bow-wow* Whose Birthday?* Who's Come To Sabbath School?* and more!

  • W. C. White and Ellen G. White: The Relationship Between the Prophet and Her Son
    Jerry Allen Moon

    …Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. A Scholarly Look at the Relationship Between Mother and Son In her later years, Ellen White's physical decline contrasted sharply with her son's high-profile leadership and created a perceptual…

  • Bathsheba
    Tracy Morgan

    …she was summoned to the palace to spend the night with King David. Her mother rejoiced, but not for long. Bathsheba trembled when she heard the gossip. She knew the law said she should be stoned to death and that her mother and father would be required to throw the first stones. It was a night that…

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  • Cruzer the Crocodile - I Can Read Series
    Raelinda Robak

    "Cruzer the baby crocodile hides under a leaf. But a giant heron sees Cruzer. Cruzer is not safe! Mother Crocodile hears Cruzer’s cry for help and swims fast!"   The I Can Read series is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features…

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  • Beloved Enemy
    Elly Economou

    …city of Thessalonica. But the horrors of war and the witness of a Christian couple combined to drive a growing wedge between them. Elly and her mother drew closer to Christ even as her father more firmly rejected Christ and His church. The rift between father and daughter deepened, but ultimately…

  • "Whoa!" I Yelled, "Whoa!"
    Loren L. Fenton

    …Center to determine availability. A collection of true stories from the growing-up years of a farm boy that show how the influence of a God-fearing mother guided the soul of her son, who finally became a missionary evangelist for God. Read about Glori the horse, the killing of the white goose, the…

  • The Trouble with Trumpets
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …trumpet… The Trouble with Trumpets is a fun look at thirteen-year-old Jill’s adventures in growing up. Discover how God can lead a teenager through life’s challenges while teaching responsibility and the meaning of a mother’s love. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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