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  • Moving Your Church
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …only pastors and professional evangelists do. Only when the members believe evangelism to be a way of life does the church begin to flourish. Moving Your Church was written to encourage and equip members and leaders to successfully carry out the vision and mission of Christ in their local community.…

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  • Prayer That Moves Mountains
    Diane Pestes

    …also in me….And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back’ (John 14:1, 3). Our Jesus-help is coming!” Prayer That Moves Mountains is an inspiring book on prayer that demonstrates what God longs to do in us and through us. It will challenge you to deepen your faith…

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  • Move the Stone
    Donna Willey

    …'Yes!,' 'That’s beautiful,' or 'What an encouragement!' God’s gift to her will be her gift to you as her perceptive writing skills move you to the core of your being. Read this book; you’ll see, and you’ll love it." Ruthie Jacobsen, Prayer Ministries North American Division…

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  • Pursuing The Passion Of Jesus
    Dwight K. Nelson

    What moves God to tears? What causes His heart to ache with desire? If God could sleep, what would keep Him up at night? What is the real "passion" of Jesus? And do we share that same passion?

  • Egypt to Canaan Board Game
    Bible Journeys

    …at a time in history when God was leading His people to the Promised Land. Any number from 2 to 6 may play the game. Selecting a pawn, each player moves out of Egypt on a fascinating journey toward Canaan as he answers in turn the questions on the cards. Both the pathway followed and the events en…

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  • Sunrise Hope
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    When Stephanie Kent moves to a new town to work with disadvantaged teens, she vows not to let her fears and doubts take over. Young and optimistic, she can’t help seeing worlds of potential in the teens—and feeling drawn to her boss Paul, a cynical ex-pastor who has given up on God. But…

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  • Swirly
    Matthew Pierce, Sara Saunders

    Lila is born in the Blue Country, but moves with her parents to the Yellow Country when she is a little girl. As she gets older she discovers that she isn’t all blue—she has swirls of yellow from growing up in the Yellow Country! Lila isn’t just like her yellow friends or her blue…

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  • Meditação Diária 2019 - Nossa Esperança (Português)
    Erton Kohler

    …coração regado com fé. A esperança projeta nossos olhos para frente, nos coloca para cima sem nos tirar do chão e move a vida para o futuro. Este livro é sobre Jesus, a verdadeira esperança. Ele é a ponte entre a promessa e seu cumprimento. Em…

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  • A Dog for Darcy
    Birdie Leigh Etchison

    …availability. Darcy didn’t want to leave Lance behind. She loved her collie. But she didn’t have any choice. Mom and Dad and Janet were moving to the big city, and Lance couldn’t go along. The landlord in the new apartment wouldn’t allow it. Darcy loved all dogs, and now she…

  • Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go CD
    Alessandra Sorace

    3ABN artist Alessandra Sorace brings you a collection of traditional hymns that will comfort you, uplift you, and move you closer to a loving Father. Songs Include:

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  • My Bible Friends - Audio CD
    Etta B. Degering

    …into the middle of the action. As children read along and enjoy the books' vibrant illustrations, a bell-like tone alerts them when the story moves to the next page. Preschoolers will enjoy looking at the pictures while listening, and early readers can read along while the CD plays. There's…

  • The Body of Christ - Library of Adventist Theology
    Reinder Bruinsma

    …of such a vital topic fills an important gap in Adventist literature. Reinder Bruinsma’s far-ranging look at the doctrine of the church moves from Old and New Testament foundations for this doctrine up through church government and on to controversial issues such as ordination and church…

    $19.99 $14.97
  • Paul's Journey From Tarsus to Rome
    Rex D. Edwards

    …. . until now. Feel the heat of the confrontation between Christians and Judaizers in Antioch. Sit in the dungeon with Paul and Silas as the earth moves beneath you and iron bars twist open for your supernatural release. Travel with Paul to breathe on the fires of early churches, igniting to life a…

    $9.99 $7.97
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  • In Step With Christ
    James J. Aitken

    …I have other things to do first." Then foreign troops invaded his homeland..... It's easy to think that miracles only happened in Bible times--that God no longer moves in our world today. In Step with Christ is full of short stories about the trials and triumphs of Europe's Adventist young people.

  • The Cat's Got Her Tongue
    Bobbie Montgomery

    …can’t get any words out. She hates it when people say, “The cat’s got her tongue,” and they keep on saying it. She moves to a farm and has adventures with a snake and a skunk and a storm and much more, including a superstitious grandmother. Nothing solves her…

  • Une religion rayonnante (Français)
    Ellen G. White

    …more radiant, if possible, than in 1947 when it first appeared. The title given by its compilers, Radiant Religion, corresponds to its content, because according to the Dictionary religion is the virtue that moves to give God due worship, and radiant means bright, resplendent, manifesting great joy.

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  • End-Time Events and The Last Generation
    George R. Knight

    Adventism has only one serious problem: TIME. Time that never stops. Time that moves on and on. All other challenges faced by the denomination flow out of continuing time. In this probing book George Knight explores the following: • Why does Jesus wait? • Does the last generation have…

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  • Words From Golgotha's Cross
    Llewellyn Edwards

    …look with unmoistened eyes upon Him whom our sins have pierced and our hearts not be stirred to their depths? In these meditations, the author moves beyond all the outworks of Christianity to the very heart and power of the Cross. He examines seven sayings out of the mouth of Jesus from Golgotha.…

  • Powerful Biblical Preaching 2 Volume DVD Set
    Derek J. Morris

    Discover how you can move to the next level of effectiveness in your quest to become a powerful biblical preacher. Disc #1 - Developing a Working Methodology — 12 steps Disc #2 - Effective Delivery 2 DVD Set

    $14.99 $8.97
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  • I Forgive You, But ...(French)
    Lourdes Morales-Gudmundson

    …spiritual journey, but who may not understand what forgiveness really is. And it's for those who just can't seem to move on from a deep hurt. Je te Pardonne, mais. . . will move you deeply and open the door to self-renewal and reconciliation. Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson's popular and timely book…

    $13.99 $3.97
  • Keepers of the Flame DVD

    …in her own actions and in the early history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Dr. Lindsay examines the biblical basis for prophecy and the role of the church as the great controversy moves toward its climax. Total Running time 315 minutes. Contains English, German, Spanish, and Polish languages.

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  • Prayer Works
    Kurt W. Johnson

    …How to pray for others * How and why Jesus prayed * God is eager to answer our prayers * Why some prayers aren't answered * How the prayer of faith moves mountains * God's infinite power which is available to us through prayer * How to listen as we pray * What happens when churches pray Prayer Works…

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  • Belonging to His Family Level AA - Student Activity
    General Conference Education Department

    …and availability. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Grade 1 The theme of this textbook is family. It begins with God’s family in heaven, moves on to the family in Eden, and continues with stories of selected Bible families in chronological order. Following the New Testament, stories of the…

    $20.25 $9.97
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  • Belonging to His Family Level A - Student Activity
    General Conference Education Department

    …and availability. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Grade 1 The theme of this textbook is family. It begins with God’s family in heaven, moves on to the family in Eden, and continues with stories of selected Bible families in chronological order. Following the New Testament, stories of the…

    $20.25 $9.97
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