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  • War In Heaven War On Earth DVD
    The Lincoln Project

    …established, and issues of faith, freedom, and duty to country clash as conflict threatens to divide both nation and church. War in Heaven, War on Earth explores the converging experiences of a nation at war and the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Approximate running time is 115…

  • Babylon Rising
    John Bradshaw

    Revelation speaks of a mysterious power that rises to the height of global dominion. It will strip the world of religious freedom and grip national economies in a financial stranglehold-culminating with the mark of the beast. Is "Babylon" a shadowy secret society, an out-of-control government or a…

  • The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
    Ellen G. White

    …that the narrow beach of Galilee would not accommodate them all. They jostled one another for position. The man who might lead them to national glory was soon to speak. He came down from the mountain, with his key associates. The crowd by this time was huge, composed of a mixed lot—peasants,…

  • New King James Version New Testament On CD

    …has worked as a narrator, a journalist, an actor, a writer, in addition to working in radio broadcasting. He has been the recipient of both National and International honors in the field of narration. Mr. Martin has been involved in missions and aided “Operation Exodus” in evacuating…

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  • The Game Ends at Sundown
    Sandy Smith

    …become somebody. After years of struggle, disappointment, and yet tenacious determination, Sandy succeeded in becoming a valued player with the National Basketball Association of America. Did this make him happy? Had he fulfilled his dream? The story goes on to tell you how he has finally reached…

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  • Smoke in the Sky
    Ruth Wheeler

    …he learns about the effects of forest fires and experiences many adventures fighting them as well as learning how to preserve the beauty of the national forest. This book is especially written for younger teen boys who love adventure and the great outdoors. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • A Living Hope
    George E. Rice

    …“before and after” experience. Before the Resurrection, his hope had centered in an earthly kingdom and in the restored glory of national Israel. After the Resurrection, his hope centered in an eternal kingdom, eternal life, the earth made new, and an incorruptible inheritance. If…

  • Open Secrets: The News TV Won't Tell You
    Don and Marjorie Gray

    …delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Bell and Associates—a national research and polling firm—conducted a series of surveys to determine today’s most-asked questions. Questions such as— How can I…

  • Medical Ministry
    Ellen G. White

    …interest and value. The author placed great importance on obedience to God’s law as a foundation for good health. She believed that disregarding God’s moral law leads to disregard for His physical laws that govern the health of body and mind. This comprehensive view of health—one…

  • The Golden Eight
    Leo R. Van Dolson

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Everyone has heard of the law of gravity and perhaps of several other laws that govern our natural world. There are certain natural laws, or principles, that hold in our physical, social, and spiritual spheres, too. And they are as…

  • The Happy Path
    Lawrence Maxwell

    Discover how the Pathfinder Pledge and Law can help make you happy Doing good is fun and brings its own reward. In The Happy Path, the Pathfinder Pledge and Law are explained and made to appear as they really are—a blueprint for being happy. Lawrence Maxwell presents a number of clever,…

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  • Galatians: A Fiery Response to a Struggling Church
    Carl P. Cosaert

    Every day people are punished for breaking the law, but how often are they scolded for obeying it? The Galatians were. That’s why Paul’s letter to the church at Galatia has perplexed Bible scholars for decades. Is Paul, who upholds the law in other epistles, now declaring it futile? What…

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  • The Temple Gates
    Thurman C. Petty

    …a little boy stands next to a great bronze pillar in the Temple court, a jeweled crown balanced on his head. He seems much too small to rule this nation of hardheaded, fickle-hearted people, but centuries before, a man of God had prophesied that this boy, Josiah, would follow Yahweh’s heart. Twelve…

    $8.99 $2.97
  • Prophets and Kings (Conflict of the Ages Series) Vol 2
    Ellen G. White

    …story of Solomon’s glorious reign over Israel and ends with the nation’s exile and captivity. It traces the history of a favored and chosen people, vacillating between allegiance to God and to the gods of the nations around them. In these pages can vividly be seen dramatic evidences of…

  • The Mystery of Israel
    Jacques B. Doukhan

    …a third and better way to understand God’s plan for the Jews? Israel has the law without Jesus, and the church has Jesus without the law. Doukhan argues that the movements diverged when Christianity rejected the law, and suggests that Adventism can play an important role in healing the breach.

  • Matthew: Prophecy Fulfilled
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …Him—that all the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms reveal the good news of Jesus Christ. Once the disciples came to recognize this truth, Matthew takes it most seriously. He writes his Gospel with the premise that Jesus is the fulfillment of Jewish Scriptures. The Law, the Prophets…

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  • Take Charge of Your Health
    Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …"More than three years have passed. . . . My health and energy are better now than at any time in my life. On a recent 11-mile trek into Yosemite National Park a group of young people wanted a picture of this 74-year-old white-haired mountaineer. 'When I get old,' one girl told me, 'I want to be…

  • 'pon Jordan's Far Shore
    Jean E. Holmes

    …to the utmost of my power, forever oppose and discountenance all secession, rebellion, disloyalty, and everything looking to a disruption of the National Union; that I utterly repudiate all allegiance to the so-called Confederate States of America. . . All he had to do was sign it, and he would be…

    $15.95 $14.99
  • Vibrant Life Special - Forever Young: The Secrets of Longevity
    Vibrant Life

    …Help You Live to 100" shared a surprising piece of advice: "Live like a Seventh-day Adventist." Not long before that article was published, the national best-selling book The Blue Zones recognized Loma Linda, California, as one of the world's longevity "hot spots" because of its high concentration…

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  • Radical Protection
    Derek J. Morris

    …Halvorsen, evangelist and author of Prayer Warrior Derek has done it again! You’re going to like this strong new book in the Radical series. Your faith will stretch as you explore these personal armor messages straight from the heart of God. —Ruthie Jacobsen, member of the National Prayer Committee

    $11.99 $9.97
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  • Detective Zack Series V3
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …creepy noises at night—it can’t really be a live dinosaur, can it? Danger at Dinosaur Camp brings Zack and his family to Dinosaur National Monument, where dinosaur bones and fossils of many kinds are found. There, Dr. Bones, a paleontologist who believes in God, will try to help Zack…

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  • On the Trail with Freckles and Don
    Ruth Wheeler

    …activities in the more populated Yosemite Valley, the young boys and their parents enjoyed many experiences in the wilderness areas of Yosemite National Park. The ever-present awareness of wonders of the trail and the thrill of discovery of little things of the wild is told with all the excitement…

  • The Receding Floodwaters DVD
    Awesome Science Media

    …makes much more sense of the evidence. This DVD is produced by Emmy-nominated director, Kyle Justice. His work has appeared on such networks as National Geographic, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, The Family Channel, and Fox Sports. Kyle started Awesome Science Media in 2010, and has been producing…

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  • Galatians (eBook)
    Carl P. Cosaert

    …the law in other epistles, now declaring it futile? What does he really believe the relationship between obedience to the law and righteousness by faith is? Carl P. Cosaert confronts these questions head-on by thoroughly exploring Paul’s themes—the centrality of faith in Christ, the role of the law

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