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  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking
    Ernestine Finley

    …of cooking schools over the years. This book is the accumulation of many of the recipes that have been taste-tested in these schools and in the Finley family kitchen. With a hard cover spiral binding and full-color pictures throughout, this cookbook is not only attractive, but very user-friendly.

  • Juice Power Cookbook
    Teoorah Shaleahk

    …on medications and prescriptions drugs than at any other time in our history. It’s time for a change! It’s time to unleash the natural healing properties of juices. In this power-packed book, Teoorah Shaleahk introduces us to nourishing juices with colorful names like “Mango…

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  • Vegan Homestyle Cookbook
    Kay Hansen

    …cooking-simple, natural, and cholesterol-free. These plant food recipes are not only delicious but bring amazing health benefits. You will discover: *that many diseases such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes can be reversed with a plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle. *a plant-based diet…

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  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking Workbook
    Ernestine Finley

    …books may change your thinking; this Natural Lifestyle Cooking Workbook may change your life. It is a companion volume to Ernestine Finley's popular book Natural Lifestyle Cooking. This workbook is especially designed for attendees of a Natural Lifestyle Cooking school. Ernestine Finely has…

  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking DVD
    Ernestine Finley

    …Eastern Diet 7. Simple, Healthful Desserts This set could be used for home groups, small churches who want to hold healthful cooking seminars or just to learn how to cook more healthfully for your family. Be sure to check out the other materials available in the Natural Lifestyle Cooking package.

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  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking Instructor's Manual
    Ernestine Finley

    …through her Natural Lifestyle Cooking schools over the last forty years. Now, in this informative manual, she shows how you can run a successful cooking school. In this Natural Lifestyle Cooking Instructor’s Manual, you will discover* The reasons for conducting Natural Lifestyle Cooking…

  • The StepFast Lifestyle Series
    Barbara Watson

    …harmony with the natural laws of health. Learn to enjoy a delicious, plant-based diet, engage in a simple, energizing, exercise program, and be empowered and de-stressed by a disciplined spiritual life. You may also wish to use the 12-part series to conduct a StepFast Lifestyle Seminar. The…

  • Cocina natural (Espanol)
    Ernestine Finley

    …herramienta que nos capacitará para enseñar a otros cómo alimentarse y vivir más sanamente"--Dr. David Derose. Natural Lifestyle Cooking (Spanish) Ernestine "Teenie" Finley has conducted hundreds of cooking schools over the years. This book is the accumulation of many…

  • Ten Talents Cookbook
    Rosalie Hurd

    …perennial 'best-selling' vegetarian cookbook" and "the all-time classic vegetarian's Bible." Now in a new updated edition, this 2009 Silver Medal Award winner in the Living Now Book of the Year Awards Contest - Cooking/Natural category is back. This simply amazing cookbook features over one thousand…

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  • Diez talentos (Espanol)
    Rosalie Hurd

    …every vegetarian, the casual reader, the novice and experienced cook, and those who desire a new lifestyle of abundant health and happiness. SPANISH: Un completo libro de cocina con alimentos naturales y manual de salud que enfatiza la dieta original para el ser humano encontrada en Génesis…

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  • Better Choices - Fresh and Healthy Cuisine
    Frank J. Hurd, Rosalie Hurd

    …for an amazing abundant lifestyle. Get healthy for good with 225 great-tasting total vegetarian recipes, (adapted from the classic Ten Talents cookbook) that are power-packed with nutrition, using only the best ingredients, properly combined from nature’s storehouse of common plant…

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  • More Choices
    Cheryl Thomas Peters, James A. Peters

    Eat Well, Live Well More Choices features a wealth of recipes, resources, and ideas for creating flavor-rich meals using the natural goodness of plant-based foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. Simple instructions make it possible to create nourishing meals in minutes.…

  • Taste of Health, vol. 1
    Barbara Kerr

    …Then, after many tears, prayers, doctors, prescriptions, and heartaches, the answer came. A diet straight from nature, loaded with life-giving enzymes, and a simple healthy lifestyle finally brought healing to her body. There are no words to adequately describe how you feel when you’ve looked…

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