New Life Through Choice

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  • The New Life Challenge Cookbook (eBook)
    Patricia Gilbert

    …introduce you to your new best friend—THE NEW LIFE Challenge Cookbook. THE NEW LIFE Challenge includes:* More than 70 simple, illustrated recipes that turn favorite junk foods into healthier alternatives * A meal plan to help you transition to more healthful choices * The 10 breakthrough…

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  • Fish Food (eBook)
    Rachel N. Lemons

    …would prefer to purchase this eBook through other services that will automatically transfer the file to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. Jonah wasn’t thrilled about his new job assignment. So he turned tail…

  • Adventures In Galilee
    Bradley Booth

    …out a demon, and heal the paralyzed man let down through Zebedee’s roof. But who was this strange Jesus? Was he the Messiah? No one seemed to really know, even though the crowds flocking to see Him grew larger each day. One thing was certain. Life in Capernaum had changed for the better since…

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  • 8 Secrets for a Healthy 100
    Des Cummings, Jr.

    …health status. On the journey with Dr. Des Cummings Jr., through the 8 Secrets and you'll meet Brian, whose close encounter with death from heart disease forced a total makeover, including dietary changes, changes in his attitudes, a new purpose for living, and a commitment to lifelong learning…

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  • My Heart Will Go On
    Joy Swift

    …powerful life lessons that changed her from a victim to a victor through the power of Christ. In My Heart Will Go On, you will learn how to* find true self-worth in your Father’s eyes* choose to live as a victor* put on God’s armor of faith* feed your mind and body with healthy choices*

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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …4* A Pennsylvania Deutsch Christmas* Trouble at the Inn* Christmas at Wittenberg* And It Was Christmas Morning* Joey's Miracle* Christmas in the New World* Charlie's Blanket* A Day of Pleasant Bread* Unlucky Jim* Christmas Day in the Morning* Pink Angel* Christmas Lost and Found* A Doll From Muzzy*…

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