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  • The May River Story
    Adventist Frontier Missions

    …Adventist Frontier Missions was invited to begin mission work in this remote jungle outpost three hundred miles from the nearest town with electricity This DVD recounts the true story of how God used two AFM missionary families to start the Adventist Church among the Iwam people in Papua New Guinea.

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  • Mem Kha's Love Story
    Jeane Kravig

    …at the drop of a hat—or the arrival of a letter. But people do! This is the story of my experience as a medical secretary on a mission hospital compound in Thailand—ten years of ups and downs and adjustments to a new life among the Thai people. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Sister Mary Lou
    Chester E. Westphal, Wilma Ross Westphal

    …fellow human beings, capable of making mistakes and sinning against God the same as the others of the human race. The story unfolds showing Mary Lou’s struggle to accept a new way of life and give up old dogmas. It took a step-by-step study of the Bible directed by a man fully consecrated to…

  • Broken Stick
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …but so would profound spiritual victories and miraculous answers to prayer. Actually, this isn’t just the story of two courageous missionaries from Australia. This book is full of stories about the incredible power of God in the lives of all those who choose to follow Him because somebody loved…

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  • Winchee
    S Ross Goldstone

    …planes, reaching the remote areas of Papua New Guinea and across into the islands of the Pacific. “As a junior at camp-meeting, I always sat riveted to the edge of my seat when Pastor Winch was speaking. Nobody could tell a story like him. Stories of close landings, lives being changed, hope…

    $17.99 $15.97
  • They're All Dead, Aren't They?
    Joy Swift

    …from her family’s tragedy, and there have been condensations of the original story. But here, by popular demand, is the complete and original story that moved so many. It will surely move you into new realms of faith in Jesus Christ and hope beyond the grave. Click here to find this book…

    $14.99 $3.97
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  • Sunrise Hope
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    When Stephanie Kent moves to a new town to work with disadvantaged teens, she vows not to let her fears and doubts take over. Young and optimistic, she can’t help seeing worlds of potential in the teens—and feeling drawn to her boss Paul, a cynical ex-pastor who has given up on God. But…

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  • 4GVN
    Willy Ramos

    …don’t even dare to speak. How can a man change that much? Step into Willy’s shoes and see what God can do. Listen to this ghetto preacher as he presents the truth of the unconditional love of Jesus to a new generation of believers in baggy pants. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Garments of Grace
    Timothy E. Crosby

    …be traced right back to the New Testament. How our pets help us understand righteousness by faith. What the problem is with bling. Why assurance is not the holy grail. And what makes you the gleam in the eye of God. What you?ll like most: heart-leaping stories you?ll be telling your grandchildren.…

  • New Testament Stories

    This nine book collection retells stories from the New Testament for young children. Each sturdy little book has simple text and bright illustrations. Plus children can turn all the books over to make a fun picture puzzle. Stories include: The Nativity, In the Temple, The Storm, Good News, Loaves…

  • New Ways to Tell the Old, Old Story
    H.M.S. Richards, Jr.

    In this book you'll find new ways to motivate yourself to share your faith with others. You'll see new possibilities for witnessing and new ways to tell the story of Jesus' love. This book will not only take the fear out of witnessing, but will make sharing your faith a natural, joyous part of your…

  • Forever Stories DVD
    Carolyn Byers

    …fascinating visual journey through the events of the great controversy, from the rebellion of Lucifer to the new earth. The Forever Stories DVD will help children love the Bible stories and grasp the meaning for their lives. Brilliant illustrations, simple language, and vivid sound effects are…

  • My Favorite Integrity Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …chief replied. “In the many months that went into the search for these integrity stories, I gained a new understanding of the differences between integrity and honesty. For me, scanning through several hundred thousand pages of stories proved to be a seismic experience.” ~ JOE L. WHEELER

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  • Stories from Sunnyside
    Marian de Berg

    …expected to stay no more than two years. Ellen White’s time in Australia and New Zealand grew to nine years and represents her most mature and pioneering work. Her leadership saw the church grow significantly with new churches planted in many cities and towns, the establishment of what became…

  • Guide's Greatest Faith Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …twenty-five stories in this collection will encourage you and strengthen your faith. You’ll meet Curtis, who foolishly ventures out in a freezing, blinding blizzard. And then there’s Joe, who breaks into rich Mrs. Gambol’s house to steal money for some badly needed new clothes. And…

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  • Sibande and Other Stories
    Josephine Cunnington-Edwards

    …spirits.” But as his leg slowly heals, Sibande finds that there is much to learn at the mission school. Healthy food and cleanliness are as new to him as the idea of reading and writing. As he learns about the Christian God and the Adventist message, he wonders how he can ever take his place…

  • Guide's Greatest Friendship Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …Greatest Friendship Stories you’ll see that friends can be found all around and often come in different shapes and sizes—and sometimes they’re furry! Discover what Tom learns after he gives away his faithful old dog, Sandy, and replaces him with a new puppy. Meet Mrs. Blythe,…

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  • Wings Over New Guinea
    Goldie Down

    …jungles, primitive people, devil worship, active cannibalism, debilitating and deadly leprosy. All are part of living in New Guinea. Wings over New Guinea is the thrilling story of the dream of a young missionary (Leonard Barnard) to use airplanes to penetrate the jungle to bring spiritual and…

  • Puzzle Bible New Testament

    Six wonderful stories for children to learn great Bible lessons in an attractive way, each one with a puzzle. 0-4 years

  • Really-Truly Stories 5 Volume Set
    Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden

    …Through these stories come lessons that touch on obedience, trust, diligence, unselfishness, bravery, and friendship. Suitable for beginning readers and bedtime stories, and full of stirring and hair-raising exploits, these exciting tales are sure to be read and loved by a new generation of readers.…

  • The New Amplified Pilgrim's Progress
    Jim Pappas Jr.

    …English comes The New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress. All of the age-old spiritual treasures that have made John Bunyan’s original the world’s best-selling non-biblical masterpiece in all of history are now carried to new heights of power and clarity in this new enhanced version.…

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  • Bible Stories to Colour, Vol 1

    16 line drawings illustrating stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Each drawing has an accompanying Bible text where you can read about the story. Coloring pages include: Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, David and Goliath, Daniel, Jonah, angels tell shepherds, wise men, Jesus as a child, and…

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  • Bible Stories to Colour, Vol 3

    16 line drawings illustrating stories from Jesus’ resurrection and early church. Each drawing has an accompanying Bible text where you can read about the story. Coloring pages include: Jesus resurrection, women tell the good news, Jesus and disciples after resurrection, Jesus returns to…

  • Bible Stories to Colour, Vol 2

    16 line drawings illustrating stories from Jesus’ life and ministry. Each drawing has an accompanying Bible text where you can read about the story. Coloring pages include: Jesus helping his father, good Samaritan, Jesus healing people, Jesus baptized, Jesus resists temptation, Jesus stops the…

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