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  • The Sabbath in Scripture and History
    Kenneth A. Strand

    …significant part of the Hebrew-Christian religion since antiquity. This day designated as the “Sabbath,” was the seventh day of the week, now called Saturday. It was a day of rest from normal secular activities – a day to give more attention to spiritual concerns and attend…

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  • Doctor, Doctor
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    …compromised his religious convictions to satisfy his beautiful, controlling wife. Since high school he has loved her—more than God Himself. Now faced with an onslaught of family crises, he realizes that he can’t face another day without Christ. But what about Maggie? Has his poor example…

  • Testemunhos para ministros (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …leaders following the historic 1888 Minneapolis General Conference session, were published as Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers in 1923. Now these powerful messages calling for regeneration and reformation of life are reintroduced in a beautiful new binding for the Christian Home Library…

  • Christian Edition: A Men's Chorus "Please Sing" Volume 2
    Christian Edition

    Christian Edition has recorded more than a dozen albums through its decades of music ministry. We can now enjoy the most requested songs in 2 Volumes. This is the 2nd volume of the recordings. Songs included are: 1- I Will Rejoice 2- Grace Medley 3- Fishers of Men 4- Everlasting Peace 5- My…

  • The Trouble with Trumpets
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Jill has a lot to learn about life. Now she is in for a major lesson. The trouble began with a yellow trumpet… The Trouble with Trumpets is a fun look at thirteen-year-old Jill’s…

  • Signs Special - Death Defeated
    Signs of the Times

    …looked to outsiders like a defeat for the early Christian church. Their so-called Messiah who had healed so many, even raising some from the dead, was now gone. But sunrise on Sunday morning found an empty tomb. Sin and death had been defeated. Jesus’ sacrifice had paid the price for our sins.…

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  • Silver Anniversary Collection V10
    Heritage Singers

    …popular demand are the Silver Anniversary Collection Volumes 9 and 10. Each volume contains two CDs. The original albums From the Heart and Right Now have been digitally re-mastered and released for the first time as Volume 10 on CD. Check out all your favorite Heritage Singers songs as we have…

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  • Gaining Decisions for Christ
    Louis Torres

    …this short manual is for you. One of life's greatest thrills is leading a soul to Christ. But many fail because they merely disseminate information. Now successful evangelist Louis Torres shares his state-of-the-art secrets for getting past the head into the heart. The author explains how to read…

  • Messiah - Pocket Edition
    Jerry D. Thomas

    The Desire of Ages reborn! Now in pocket edition!! More than a hundred years ago, Ellen G. White penned The Desire of Ages, a classic volume on the life of Jesus that has been a source of inspiration and enlightenment to millions of readers all over the world. Author Jerry D. Thomas’s passion…

  • Prince of Dreams
    Bradley Booth

    …bring him against this land, and against its inhabitants, and will utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, and a desolation.” Now it had all come true. Yesterday, Daniel had seen the Babylonian soldiers plundering the Temple. This morning he was awakened by shouting in the street…

  • Forever His
    Marvin Moore

    …editor and author Marvin Moore has some good news for you from the book of Romans. You can have a joyful and unbroken relationship with Jesus right now. And being "perfect" has nothing to do with it! If you'd always thought Romans was so much dry theology, then Marvin Moore's Forever His will change…

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  • Tell it to the World
    C. Mervyn Maxwell

    …source of stories, historical information, and inspiration to Seventh-day Adventists. This popular history of the Great Second Advent Movement has now been revised and updated, but it still focuses on the people and events that led to the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Like any…

  • Ten Talents Cookbook
    Rosalie Hurd

    …been called "The perennial 'best-selling' vegetarian cookbook" and "the all-time classic vegetarian's Bible." Now in a new updated edition, this 2009 Silver Medal Award winner in the Living Now Book of the Year Awards Contest - Cooking/Natural category is back. This simply amazing cookbook features…

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  • Guide's Greatest Grace Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …grumble “it’s not fair”? Well, it’s a good thing that “it’s not fair” all the time! Let’s see, by now you’ve probably evaded punishment for . . . calculating rapidly . . . say, 539 offenses. Among other things, your parents never should have…

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  • Longing to be Loved
    Allan Kennedy, Jill Kennedy, Kay Kuzma

    …me with attention and gifts. He wanted to spend every moment with me. Now he hardly even speaks to me unless he's telling me what to do! [Allan] I spent a lot of time and money chasing Jill when we were dating. But now that we're married, we have to get serious about our money. She just doesn't…

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  • Desert Track and Jungle Trail
    Virgil Robinson

    …two other missionaries on what would become the journey of a lifetime. They traveled for six weeks by oxcart from South Africa to establish what is now known as Solusi University. Those early years brought many difficulties, including the dreaded malaria, which killed a number of their group. By…

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  • Ellen G. White Letters & Manuscripts with Annotations, Volume 1 (1845-1859)
    Ellen G. White Estate, Ellen G. White

    Now you can read between the lines. Introducing a new series that will give you access to all of Ellen White’s letters, diaries, and manuscripts together with explanatory notes. The notes provide an exciting, new level of illumination to the text. They give the date of composition, identity of…

  • The Clear Word Bible For Kids
    Jack J. Blanco

    …genealogies, The Clear Word for Kids is so easy to read that you’ll have to force yourself to stop. Now you can understand God’s will more clearly than ever and know what He wants for you. Now you can hear the sweet, tender voice of Jesus—He of the wounded hands—who invites…

  • More Than Confetti
    Colleen L. Reece

    …since we moved from Seattle to be part of the group. Now that the group is getting to like me, I have to go away for the summer. We’d planned to do so many neat things—visit the parks and the science center and that kind of stuff. Now I won’t be here.” “Life is more…

  • Seeing Eye Girl
    Barbara Westphal

    …He became totally blind. Nothing mattered to him now. He wanted to die. But God had a plan for the blind man. First of all, he learned about Jesus through his neighbor. Then he wanted to tell others about the wonderful Jesus he now knew. But how does a blind man get around? Señor…

  • Wonderful Words of Life CD
    Dave and Marlene Colburn

    …to our Savior, Jesus Christ. "For in Him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28 - Dave and Marlene Colburn Songs Include:* Fill Me Now Medley* We Gather Together/Sweet Hour of Prayer* The Lord is My Light/Give Me the Bible* Wonderful Words of Life* Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless…

  • Light Bearers
    Richard W. Schwarz

    …10 million members operating churches, schools, hospitals, publishing houses, and other institutions in the book Light Bearers to the Remnant. Now Floyd Greenleaf, for many years a professor of history at Southern Adventist University, has revised and updated the book to deal with the developments…

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  • 100 Creative Activities for Sabbath
    Karen Holford

    …Karen Holford has become the friend of Adventist families everywhere with her creative activity books on prayer (100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids). Now she seeks to restore Sabbath joy for twenty-first century families in 100 Creative Activities for Sabbath. In classic Holford style, Karen piles…

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  • Exploring Mark: A Devotional Commentary
    George R. Knight

    …teaching; but in Mark, the Man of Action marches rapidly through the Jewish milieu of first-century Palestine–all the way to the cross. And now George Knight brings Mark's world down to ours with a user-friendly devotional commentary that goes behind the scenes and, with a new translation,…

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