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  • Hooked on Unhappiness
    Carol Cannon

    on her back. Actually, it was a giant gorilla—King Kong with a shave. That was twenty years ago. The physician-cure-thyself method didn’t work. Attempting to ratchet up her faith to impress the Almighty and praying harder didn’t work either. Nor did reading every self-help book on

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  • Gently
    Sam Ocampo

    Sam Ocampo reintroduces to us these classic favorites. His exceptional piano talents are sure to warm the heart as you listen and reflect on these beautifully, inspired songs. Available Tracks: 1. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 2. Growin' In Jesus 3. Far Beyond The Sun 4. Softly And Tenderly 5. The Way…

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  • The War Within
    Waldemar Leonhardt

    WW II carved its way through Europe bringing devastation to millions. This is the true story of 14-year-old Waldemar Leonardt who lost four brothers in the war along with his faith in a loving God—and it's the story of his lifelong struggle to find forgiveness and peace from the war that raged…

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  • I Forgive You, but . . .
    Lourdes Morales-Gudmundson

    …may not understand what forgiveness really is. It’s for those who just can’t seem to move on from a deep hurt. Lourdes E. Morales-Gudmundsson, Ph.D. has presented seminars on forgiveness for over 25 years, nationally and internationally. She will help you to understand what forgiveness…

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  • Holy Holy Holy! CD
    On Eagle's Wings

    Brothers Joseph Alexander and James Andrew Hearn believe music has the power to bring us before the throne of God. Holy Holy Holy! is a collection of hymns with timeless truths of Scripture. Songs Include:* Agnus Dei* Beyond The Sunset* Farther Along* Holy Holy Holy* In Christ Alone* Jesus Medley*…

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  • Winning Sales and Souls
    Chester G. Cross

    …the good news of salvation to the men and women who purchase his books. In Winning Sales and Souls, Chester G. Cross uses his rich experience to present to the reader a practical, down-to-earth method of making sales and at the same time discloses the technique of leading men to a knowledge of God.…

  • Keep On Keeping On
    James W. Gilley

    …in his eye and a prayer on his lips, pastor, evangelist, and church administrator, James Gilley, pulls from his own experiences to provide heaping doses of encouragement for those going through tough times. Often humorous and very personal, Keep On Keeping On is “Pepto Bismol®”…

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  • Reflections On Beatitudes
    Vision Video

    …to be where Jesus gave the Beatitudes. They are a brief collection of sayings about blessedness or happiness, which was the opening to his Sermon on the Mount. Ken explores the richness and depth of the Beatitudes and challenges us to find blessedness out of our brokenness, a most difficult task…

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  • Miracle On the Mountain
    Bradley Booth

    …village, mostly the old ones, the crippled, or the very sick. "Help us, Li Hua!" they cried. "Pray to your God, or we will all surely die!" Miracle on the Mountain is a collection of twelve extraordinary mission stories of faith and courage from around the globe. Stand alongside Li Hua and Segfred…

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  • On Becoming Shryock
    Richard A. Schaefer

    When Harold Shryock stepped off the train in Loma Linda station in 1910, he could not have imagined that someday he would play a major role in the development of a world-renowned institution. Nor could he have foreseen an organization that would produce tens of thousands of alumni, men and women…

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  • Rain On Steaming Pavement CD
    Steve Reeves

    …and selections from the CD have been featured worldwide in Christian television, radio and Internet music broadcasts. Available Tracks: 1. He Is There 2. Galilee 3. Hold Them Close 4. It's The One 5. Passage 6. Tis Not This Ship 7. The Best Of Us 8. Soft Sure Voice 9. Reunion Day 10. Guitar On Piano

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  • I Call On Thee Lord
    Marcelo Cáceres

    …North America. For the past seven years Marcelo has served as piano professor at Andrews University. He truly is a gifted pianist and a pleasure to listen to. Available Tracks:* Arioso* Siciliano* Dream* Prelude* Like a Glorious River* Waltz* I Am Thine, O Lord* Andante* I Call On Thee, Lord* Memory

    $15.98 $11.97
  • The Clear Word eBook on CD-ROM
    Jack J. Blanco

    The Clear Word has renewed the devotional lives of thousands of people. Let it renew yours today! This easy-to-read paraphrase is now available for your portable reading device. This eBook edition features resizable text, bookmarking, built-in-dictionary, easy verse selector, searching, and much…

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  • Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible
    Laurie Chance Smith

    …Moses, Peter, or Paul are mentioned. But what if you want to recall a story based on something in nature? You’ve come to the right place! In this book Laurie Chance Smith groups biblical stories that focus on specific aspects of nature and provides background information and spiritual…

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  • Mind If I Smoke?
    Dr. Harold Shryock

    …book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The sale of cigarettes reached a high peak in the early fifties. Then,…

  • 1000 Inspirational Quotes, Volume 2
    John Jeremic

    …evangelist John Jeremic provides not only a practical resource but also insights into what has motivated and directed his own life. Profits from the sale of 1000 Inspirational Quotes Books 1 and 2 support Dr. John Jeremic’s philanthropic and evangelistic organization, Amazing Discoveries,…

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  • Expressions of Jesus, set 2
    Darrel Tank

    Expressions of Jesus, set 2

    $24.99 $9.97
  • Sealing Faith

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. These memory cards from the Old Testament contain 30 faith studies from the lives of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and other Old Testament…

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  • Elementary Diploma Cover - Green

    Elementary Diploma Cover - Green

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  • Christmas In My Heart Book 20
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …the series) cannot even imagine facing a new Christmas season without a new collection to feed their souls. In a world where society appears intent on stripping the Christmas season of the divine reason for its very existence, spiritually based Christmas stories such as these may provide a refuge…

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  • PayPalFix

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  • Las mujeres de la Biblia… y yo (Espanol)

    …that God’s blessings are heaped upon the woman who trusts in the Lord. Through the stories of these women of the Bible, God has a message for a woman like you. We pray that this study will help you to know the great value He places on you. May you trust His calling and follow in faith.

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  • ¡Salvemos el planeta! (Espanol)

    ¿Ha usted notado que algo le está pasando a nuestro planeta? Al observar con detenimiento nos podemos dar cuenta que hay muchos cambios en nuestro medio ambiente. Estas lecturas le invitan a ¡salvar el planeta! Descubra cómo puede usted contribuir para salvar nuestro amado…

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  • Ideas con valor magabook (Espanol)

    Las cosas pequeñas te llevarán a realizar grandes proezas y conquistas en la vida. Para ser un gran deportista, un gran científico o una excelente pintora, según sea tu sueño, no debes pasar inadvertidas las virtudes y los valores que necesitas cultivar, si deseas…

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