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  • Solo en Jesús (Espanol)
    S. Yeury Ferreira

    …que Solo en Jesús se encuentra todo lo que necesitamos. Only in Jesus (Spanish) The reason for this book is to provide the believer with a material that expresses the beauty of Jesus' work. I believe that the desires of our heart can only be satisfied by finding Jesus. Our prayer is…

  • Only Jesus (Portuguese)
    Wilson Paroschi

    …least in part, on ourselves and what we are capable of accomplishing. Is there any truth in this thought? Can the works recommend us to God? Even we may be tempted to think so. And this is the theme of this book, in which Wilson Paroschi, Professor of Theology, uses episodes from the life of Jesus

  • Scripture Our Only Safeguard - Pack of 25
    Ellen G. White

    …a pack of 25, that's only 4 cents each! Sold only in packages of 25. Great for sharing with friends and neighbors. Scripture Our Only Safeguard. Taken from Love Under Fire, the adaptation of The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White, this small booklet reinforces Jesus’ example for His followers…

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  • Childhood Friends of Jesus
    Inez Brasier

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. If you had lived in Nazareth when Jesus did, your home would not be like the one you live in now. Oh, no! Your home would have only one room. In the middle of the room would be a pillar that helped to hold up the roof. On one side…

  • With Jesus in His Sanctuary: A Walk Through the Tabernacle Along His Way
    Leslie Hardinge

    With Jesus in His Sanctuary Topics swirling around the Sanctuary are being vigorously discussed in every quarter of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today. Questions like the following are being debated: Is there a Sanctuary in Heaven? Does it contain two or only one chamber? When did Jesus enter…

  • Is Jesus Enough?
    Dan Jackson

    …pools will it take to satisfy the hungry soul? With this in mind, Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division, asks the question, “Is Jesus enough?” Are His life, death, and resurrection sufficient for me? Sufficient not only to bring me into eternal friendship with God, but to…

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  • There's More to Jesus
    Shawn Brace

    …predicted in Revelation 18. Brace doesn’t claim to have all the answers. What he does share is worth every minute of your reading. You’ll thank him and thank God for the sanctifying blessing of this book that draws you tightly close to Jesus. There’s More to Jesus: Encountering…

  • Growing in Christ 4Q12
    Kwabena Donkor

    In actuality doctrinal beliefs can be a beautiful, logical expression of biblical teachings. While holding the Bible as its only creed, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has set forth a statement of fundamental beliefs to constitute its understanding of the life-giving principles of Scripture. In

  • Perfect In Christ
    Helmut Ott

    …White and reveals her teachings about what Jesus is doing in the sanctuary to make up for our deficiency and secure our salvation. He says: “Because we are fallen, nothing we render to God is acceptable on its own merits. The Father recognizes only what we bring to Him through the merits of…

  • The Radical Teachings of Jesus
    Derek J. Morris

    …passion for Jesus. His powerful book The Radical Prayer not only impacted deeply my own life and ministry, but did so as well for our congregation. And now his heart for Christ is taking The Radical Teachings of Jesus to the world. It couldn’t come at a more critical time in history! —Dwight…

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  • The Four Faces of Jesus
    Robert K. McIver

    …Testament have four biographies of Jesus' life and ministry instead of only one? Is it a case of redundancy or revelation? The Four Faces of Jesus, by Robert K. McIver, profiles each of the gospel writers and shows how their testimony enables us to understand Jesus better when viewed from four…

  • Jesus 101 - Series Set
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …eBook. LUKE The news is in! The best good news ever – JESUS died for ALL Luke uses the nouns “Savior” and “Salvation” more than any other Gospel writer. The human race was buried under sin, with no possibility of eternal survival. Help could only come from above. God…

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  • Just Jesus (2015 Young Adult Devotional)
    Mark Witas

    …simple? Jesus defied expectations and followed God radically. He chose mercy over the law, He chose the difficult path, He touched the untouchable, and gave us a portrait of God Himself. In Jesus we find not only answers but a radical way to live. In the end, we aren’t left just with Jesus. Jesus

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  • New Horizons in Sabbath School Teaching
    T. Leslie Ferdinand

    …subject presented” (Counsels on Sabbath School Work, ch. 6, p. 182). The book you have in your hand seeks to broaden horizons in teaching in Sabbath School. It is practical material that contains not only theory but also goal, this book presents:* The need to contemplate and imitate the best…

  • In His Presence (2019 Women's Devotional)
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    …it flows only good things. That refuge is Jesus. When we keep our eyes on Him, He will guide us through life’s darkest days and nights. He, who is head-over-heels in love with us, wants us to understand that He is always by our side and constantly provides for our needs. Furthermore, Jesus

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  • Making Jesus My Best Friend: Baptismal Preparation for Younger Children
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …diet, dress, death, judgment, the gift of prophecy, and baptism. What Jesus does for us in the judgment, for example, is like what a boy in any ordinary family might do for his naughty puppy who messed up the carpet. Making Jesus My Best Friend will entice your child to orient his or her life toward…

  • How to Know God's Will in Your Life
    Morris L. Venden

    …shut? In this thought-provoking book about divine guidance, Morris Venden addresses these and many other questions that Christians so often ask when they want to know God's will for their lives. His approach is both practical and spiritual, leading you not only to an understanding of God's will in

  • One In Christ Bible Book Shelf 4Q 2018
    Denis Fortin

    in Christ. However, the Bible provides insight and instruction on how to live God’s gift of oneness in Christ. Knowing that envy and jealousies could divide the disciples, Jesus’ burden in the last hours before his death was to pray for their unity. Jesus’ high priestly prayer in

  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Nothing You Dismay* A Warmth in Her Heart* The Lost Child* Celestial Roots* A Story for Christmas* The Baby Camel That Walked to Jesus* Choices* The Dream CatcherChristmas In My Heart Book 25* The Stars That Shine on Christmas Night* Mother Would Be So Proud* Only Seven Days Until Christmas* Matters…

  • Faith Is the Reason
    Rick Foster

    The hope of this album is to convey the message our hope and trust should not be in this world, but only in Jesus and the cross. Faith Is the Reason intersperses 14 familiar hymns with five original compositions. Rick Foster, a master craftsman on the guitar, has recorded over 100 hymns and…

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  • Touch Of His Hand Dbl
    Dona Klein

    …Like Jesus/Tell Jesus* Make Me Willing* He Washedd My Eyes With Tears* Written In Red* That's The Way To Find Happiness* I May Never Pass This Way Again* Follow Me* Eastern Gate/ Where The Roses Never Fade* All In The Name Of Jesus* Only One* God Speaks* All In The Name Of Jesus* At The Foot Of The…

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  • Who is the Greatest?
    Arthur W. Spalding

    …were converted only to a little degree. They believed that in being taken into Jesus’ circle of friends and disciples they were placed in the way of coming wealth and fame and power. Who Is the Greatest by Arthur W. Spalding seeks to unveil the mystery of the life of Jesus that lifts men out…

  • Luke, A Plagiarist?
    George E. Rice

    …many years scholars and laymen have been perplexed by certain seeming discrepancies that crop up when various incidents in Jesus’ ministry are compared. Not only that, but in some instances it is evident that the Gospel writers copied from one other or from a common source. Thus, for instance,…

  • Till Morning Breaks
    Elaine Egbert

    …reflect on that black night in 1844 when jubilant hope was suddenly destroyed at the stroke of midnight. What was it like to live through that shattering time? To sacrifice not only possessions, but the closest of human relationships, in preparation for meeting Jesus face to face? Through the eyes,…

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