Our Fascinating Universe

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  • Our Fascinating Universe DVD
    Vision Video

    This new DVD takes the viewer on a journey into unknown worlds of vast dimensions and fascinating beauty, a journey in search of answers. How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? What keeps the stars and planets on their orbits? Was it pure chance that brought them into…

  • Project Sunlight
    June Strong

    …in, along with a fascinating portrayal of the events preceding the return of Jesus. This popular sharing book in story form has been reprinted several times, and today its message is more timely than ever before. Here's a short excerpt. . . I am Jared, citizen of the universe, member of the…

  • The Call of the Cosmos DVD
    Illustra Media

    …every moment of every day. This fascinating film begins with a voyage from Earth to the edge of the observable universe, 45 billion light years away. Then, in a series of visually stunning episodes, we consider the origin and structure of the cosmos and our significance within it…the…

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