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  • Winning Over Sinning
    Patricia Maxwell

    …I stop using bad language?' 'How can I conquer wrong sexual thoughts and deeds?' 'How can I stop overeating, smoking cigarettes, using drugs?' Overcoming sin is a great deal like winning a race. The Olympic Games offer a great way to illustrate God's principles for victory over temptation. In God's…

  • Getting Through to God
    Glenn A. Coon

    …is why prayer and meditation are so important. They are communication with God. Following these, we have an obligation to convey to others a His love, His grace, and His ways to overcome sin. This is the theme of Getting Through to God. And the emphasis is on relating to God in order to help others.

  • How to Belong: When You're Already a Member
    John G. Kerbs

    …misleading? Is not our hope in Christ alone, in what He has done for us on the cross? If it is, why emphasis the possibility and importance of overcoming sin? How to Belong When You’re Already a Member gives the author’s answers to these and similar questions many people are asking…

  • Nuestra elevada vocación (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …and feeling? When does temptation become sin? What is God's part and what is my part in salvation? How does the Christian relate to wealth, unfair criticism, or pain? Ellen White warns against the pitfalls of the Christian path, explains how to overcome doubt, guilt, and selfishness, and motivates…

  • Help, Lord, I Blew It Again
    Mike Jones

    …Mike Jones reveals new truths he has discovered on how to overcome. “When you’re being beaten up by temptation and feel depressed for having blown it again—look to Jesus. As you do, you’ll find the compulsion to sin fade, and as He changes you into a different person, He will…

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  • The Promise of the Father
    Charles H. Watson

    …meaning is unfolded in personal Christian living. In this book, the author shows that in battling with the flesh, in the keeping of the law, in the overcoming of the world—in short, in the triumph over sin—our loving Father has made available to us the power of the Holy Spirit in all its…

  • Tell the World DVD
    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

    …in 1843. His sermons along with the Biblical and historical evidence were so convincing that thousands of people sold everything, confessed their sins and waited for the event with high expectations. Eventually they settled for a specific date: October 22nd, 1844. But the day came, and Jesus did not…

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