Overcoming Alcoholism

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  • Overcoming Alcoholism
    Walter E. Kloss

    …to alcohol or has experienced a negative consequence from drinking, such as a traffic accident. But recognizing how many alcoholics live around you is of little value unless you know what to do for them. Walter E. Kloss uses three real-life examples to demonstrate the kind of help alcoholics need.…

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  • Escape From Alcohol
    Donald W. Hewitt

    …a few of the many alcoholic cases that have come to his attention over a span of fifteen years of practice. The reader will find that with each year of clinical work, the author becomes even more certain that the ones who have stopped “trying” to overcome alcoholism and instead have…

  • Living Free

    …including addictions to junk food, entertainment, Internet, gambling, drugs, and alcohol. Living Free shows you how bad habits and addictions develop, and it provides practical guidelines on how to overcome addictions, create a positive mental, spiritual, and physical environment, and change…

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