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  • Effective Pastoral Ministry
    Nikolaus Satelmajer

    …appropriate that pastors encourage one another, share ideas, and learn from one another. This book, the most comprehensive ever published in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination on pastoral ministry, covers a broad range of topics featuring various aspects of ministry that will be exceptionally…

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  • From Prodigal to Prodigy
    Jeremy J. Anderson

    Jeremy, the son, grandson, and great grandson of pastors, compares his life story to the Biblical story told by Christ. For some years Jeremy lost his way in life and became captive & corrupted with sexual promiscuity, drugs, violence and all that comes with living without Christ. As an answer…

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  • Adventist Pastoral Ministry
    John Wesley Fowler

    …better the role of the pastor and his relationship to the lay member. George Knowles Former director, GC Church Ministries Department The farther John Fowler got from the pastorate, the stronger his convictions became that the local congregation and its pastor matter most. This book reflects…

  • Pastoral Ministry
    Ellen G. White

    …this compilation available. Here the local pastor will find instruction on the work of ministry, relationships, evangelism and church growth, lay training, worship and special services, pastoral care and nurture, organization and administration. An invaluable resource for every Adventist pastor.

  • Called: Core Qualities for Ministry
    Nikolaus Satelmajer, Ivan L. Williams, Sr.

    …writers represent a broad spectrum of ministries to reflect what ministers in North America are doing. Some have extensive experience, while others are just embarking on their ministries. Some are pastors in multichurch districts, while others are pastors in multipastor churches. They are as diverse…

  • Will I Ever Learn: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry
    Hyveth Williams

    …the Father sought His lost child, fanning the spark of unconditional love that would not let her go. "So what have I learned through all this?" Pastor Williams asks. "That no matter how dark or how brilliant our past, no matter how great or how humble our present, we have this hope: to be eternally…

  • Christian Storytelling
    Eric B. Hare, Arthur W. Spalding

    …Arthur Spalding's original work and delivered a manual for Christian storytelling that became must-reading for every aspiring pastor, teacher, and children's ministries leader. The timeless principles of this book will transform anyone who reads its words with the desire to touch young lives with…

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  • Pastor's and Elder's Handbook for Women's Ministries

    …the ministry. From the vision and mission statement to the explanation of the logo, you really start from the beginning and get the whole background.* Chapter 2 introduces the structure and team that should go about the ministry.* Chapter 3 teaches how to specifically start women's ministries in…

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  • The Word of God for the People of God: A Tribute to the Ministry of Jack J. Blanco
    Ron du Preez

    …before the Word. This volume is written by church leaders for church leaders. The chapters are contributions by pastors, Bible teachers, and other prominent thought leaders in the Adventist Church influenced by Dr. Blanco's ministry. May the reading of this book encourage the reading of God's Book.

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  • Breakthrough DVD
    Quiet Hour Ministries

    In this dynamic evangelistic series, which was broadcast worldwide, Pastor José Rojas presents the gospel message in his relevant, witty and relational style. The four-disk Breakthrough DVD set is an excellent way to share Christ with non-believers and will uplift and inspire you as well!

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  • ¡Transformación! DVD (Espanol)
    Quiet Hour Ministries

    En esta serie evangelística dinámica, que fue transmitida a todo el mundo, el pastor José Rojas presenta el mensaje de salvación en su estilo ameno e inigualable. Este set de cuatro DVDs es una manera excelente de compartir su fe con amigos y familiares no creyentes y…

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  • God's 800 Number: Prayer
    Dr. Manuel Vásquez, Nancy Vasquez

    …Free. But the benefits of making this call are wonderful and eternal. Manuel and Nancy Vasquez have drawn from their years of experience in pastoral ministry and administration in the Seventh-day Adventist Church to provide the counsel and practical instruction contained in this book. Time in its…

  • En espíritu y en verdad (Espanol)
    Adriana Perera, Ed.

    …adoren" (Juan 4:23) In Spirit and In Truth A group of Christians committed to God, professionals and experts in the camp of music, theology, pastoral ministry, medicine, psychology and the history of the church have accepted the challenge of writing In Spirit and In Truth: a book that sheds light on…

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  • Mouse in a Bottle CD
    Marvin Hunt

    …Each story is accompanied by coloring and activity sheets designed for children ages 5-12. A great resource for teachers, educators, pastors, and children’s ministries personnel. Every church and school should have this collection of stories to practice or use at a moment’s notice. Also included is…

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  • Questions and Answers About Women's Ordination
    Martin Hanna, PhD, Cindy Tutsch

    …-- Tara Vincross, Lead Pastor, REACH Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church and Director REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School I believe the Spirit of God has guided our community of faith into a prayerful, collective study of the role of women in gospel ministry. While church commissions…

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  • Move the Stone
    Donna Willey

    …can block the power of Jesus’ resurrection in our own lives. Warning! Reading this book can actually change your life, you will never regret it.” Ron Clouzet, Director of the NAD Evangelism Institute, and Professor of Christian Ministry and Pastoral Theology, Seminary, Andrews University

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  • Revolution in the Church
    Russell Burrill

    …Hiring pastors to do the work of the ministry while the laity pay, attend, and observe is not God’s plan for the Adventist church." What the author proposes here is indeed revolutionary–nothing less than a radical change in how we Adventists "do church." He contends that both pastors and…

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  • Why Didn't They Tell Me?
    Morris L. Venden

    …into sharing their faith and promotes a better way. With evidence from the Bible, Steps to Christ and life experiences from his years of ministry, Pastor Venden reveals a God big enough, loving enough, and fair enough, to give every person born in this world an adequate opportunity for salvation,…

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  • Preguntas y respuestas acerca de la ordenación de la mujer (Espanol)
    Martin Hanna, PhD, Cindy Tutsch

    …-- Tara Vincross, Lead Pastor, REACH Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church and Director REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School I believe the Spirit of God has guided our community of faith into a prayerful, collective study of the role of women in gospel ministry. While church commissions…

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  • The Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement
    Helmut H. Kramer

    …served in the ministry in the United States. Pastor Kramer himself eventually entered the worker force of the Reform Movement and, together with his wife, gave many years of dedicated service both in the field and later in responsible administrative posts. In these pages Pastor Kramer recounts…

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  • Lo que la Biblia dice (Espanol)
    Mark Finley

    …the Bible exclusively, this useful resource answers pretty much any question a Seventh-day Adventist Christian might face. This will prove to be an indispensable tool for pastors, teachers, Bible workers, Personal Ministries leaders and should be a standard addition for church and home libraries.

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  • And Remember - Jesus Is Coming Soon
    J. R. Spangler

    …that they were drawn closer to Jesus and inspired to higher service for Christ's kingdom. Bob's visionary projects include providing Ministry magazine gratis to pastors of all denominations; placing over a quarter million copies of the book, Seventh-day Adventists Believe in public, seminary, and…

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  • Help! I Want My Church to Grow
    David Ripley

    Pastor David Ripley exposes the 31 most widespread misconceptions that keep churches from growing into vibrant communities. Drawing from more than 20 years of pastoral experience, Ripley identifies pitfalls and offers principles that will attract people to your church. Each section of the book…

  • Tears to Joy
    Mike Tucker

    …Tucker. Her death affected every corner of his life, both personal and professional. He didn’t only lose a wife but a ministry partner as well. For years as a pastor, chaplain, and counselor, Mike taught grief recovery classes. While he had experienced losses in his life, he had never known…

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