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  • Lord, Give Me Patience--But Hurry up About It
    Keith Knoche

    …allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Patience. The word evokes thoughts of a grin-and-bear-it attitude when faced with problems. However, the word actually comes from the name of a hardy little…

  • The Ladder of Life Storybook 5: Patience

    …songs for use by parents or teachers. The Ladder of Life set is ideal for home school, family worship, and early childhood education. Storybook 5 includes stories on patience, adaptability, satisfaction, tolerance, self-restraint, reconciliation, persistence, flexibility, uprightness, and silence.

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  • Vision Of The Apocalypse
    The New England Youth Chamber Ensemble

    * Introit * Psalm 90 * The Day of the Lord * The First Angel * Chorale * Babylon is Fallen * Chorale: Love not the World/The Third Angel * Here is the Patience of the Saints * No More Sorrow * The Resurrection * No Night There * Gloria -- Sanctus * Salvation, Glory and Honor

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  • Sabbath School Program Planner, Book 5
    Dorothy Watts

    14 Programs on the Fruit of the Spirit Love * Peace * Kindness * Faith * Self-control * Joy * Patience * Goodness * Humility * Bearing Fruit Plus 20 Creative Program Starters Here are 14 complete scripts and 20 program starters to help you present spiritually rewarding Sabbath school programs that…

  • ¡Maranata! - libro devocional 2015 (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …There will be no more sacrifice for sin. Maranatha! The Lord is coming (1 Corinthians 16:22). For a long time mercy has extended a hand of love, patience and tolerance, to a guilty world. It also repeats the invitation: "Whoever wants my protection, make peace with me, peace be to me" (Isaiah 27: 5,…

  • Compassion (2020 Young Adult Devotional)
    Troy Fitzgerald

    …efficient, and precise information. Using the Cliff Notes approach for quick learning is embraced by many for the sake of efficiency. There is little patience for the digging deep into the truth that really tells the whole story. But wisdom is knowing when to get the bullet points and synthesis, and…

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  • 10 Christian Values Every Kid Should Know
    Donna J. Habenicht

    …Tree: How to Help Children Learn Specific Values 10. Faith in God 11. Respect 12. Responsibility 13. Self-control and Moderation 14. Honesty and Integrity 15. Kindness and Compassion 16. Contentment and Thankfulness 17. Patience and Perseverance 18. Peace and Humility 19. Loyalty and Commitment

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  • Unforgettable Stories
    Autumn House

    How do you teach children the importance of values like friendship, courage, and patience? This set of 20 stories will help them to understand and develop these skills and attributes. Each story covers an important life value, starting off with the Word of God, and finishing with questions to think…

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  • Julie Otis: Student Nurse
    Betty Stirling

    …This is the story of Julie Otis studying to be a nurse while balancing her rigorous schedule and social life in the world of college and nursing school. Along the way, she learns discipline, compassion, patience, and other skills that will prepare her for life as a nurse and missionary.

  • Secretos de la vida (Espanol)
    Ramon J. Canals

    …Secrets of Life (Spanish) is a practical presentation of nine Bible-based principles that will make you a better person. These include: patience, contentment, the power of words, personal influence, grace, and good thoughts. The author is a well-known evangelist and church administrator…

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  • Fruit of the Spirit
    Kimberley Tagert-Paul

    …summer learning about the fruit of the Spirit—and why it matters that we know about them. And even though, as Mishanda says, things such as patience, goodness, and faithfulness “don’t sound like anything you could bake into a pie,” you can learn how the Holy Spirit wants to…

  • Valiant in Fight
    Taylor G. Bunch

    …apostle James counsels Christians to take those “who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience.” Valiant in Fight by Taylor G. Bunch gives the reader a closer look at the character and work of the prominent men and women of the Bible.…

  • The Pilgrim's Progress Part 1 MP3 Disc
    John Bunyan

    …as he passes though the Slough of Despond, escapes from prison and encounters lions, the Shining Ones, Worldly Wiseman, Mr Legality, Evangelist, Patience, and a multiple cast of other intesting characters along the way. Travel with Christian as he discovers forgiveness, loses his burden, dons the…

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  • My Heart Will Go On
    Joy Swift

    …your mind and body with healthy choices* stop asking “Why?”* reflect the Savior and come out shining* control your anger, cultivate patience, and embrace forgiveness Whatever your circumstance, if you are struggling to let go of your victim mentality, there is One who holds the key to…

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  • Fully Alive
    J. L. Shuler

    …Spirit begins to live in you, day by day, a new life of obedience to God, giving victory over sin within. Christ’s righteousness then bestows in you His ‘love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.’ Galatians 5:22, 23, R. S. V.”

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  • Pepper Bear
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …prize chicken as its own pet. Yet, as sure as Pepper Bear can sniff out trouble, children who read this delightful adventure story will learn the true meaning of the words love, patience, and acceptance. “The heartwarming story of a little orphaned bear that will make you laugh and cry.”

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