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  • All About the Baby
    Belle Wood-Comstock, M. D.

    …information you seek. It is divided into twelve sections and covers a variety of topics, such as the family tree, prenatal influence, anatomy and physiology, mother and baby’s diet, the baby’s and the family’s adjustment, and baby’s education. This is volume two of five in…

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  • Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage
    Stella C. Peterson, B.S., R.N., A.R.P.T., Ethel M. Manwell, B.S., R.N., A.R.P.T, Fred B. Moor, B.A., M.D., Gertrude Muench, R.N., A.R.P.T.

    …of the importance of knowledge of the physical properties of water and the physiological effects of hydrotherapy and massage to the well-qualified nurse or physical therapist, two chapters on basic physics and physiology have been included in this volume, one on hydrotherapy and the other massage.…

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  • Is Death for Real?
    Jack W. Provonsha

    …questions such as, What does the Bible teach about death, the soul and the resurrection? Do people’s ideas about death have a part to play in their experiences with death? Do near-death experiences have a physiological connection? Read on to find out. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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