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  • Playful Worship Book 2 - More loving experiences through music
    Kylie Stacey

    If you want your child to experience worship as a bonding, imaginative and meaningful time because you were a part of it, this resource is for you. Worship music resource book for 0 through 7 years old--for home and church.

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  • Beleeza Quests- The Rains Came
    Treasure Quest Ministries

    …with a "view." You'll frolic with Andrei and Jenya through the Woodlands, the Western Wildlands, the Lowlands, and the Southern Wildlands as they play and search. And you'll meet Volodya the weather squirrel and the king's daughter, Princess Nanga as they try to impress on all inhabitants of Beleeza…

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  • Mosaic Worship Band
    Gary and Marilyn Venden

    Mosaic Worship Band is indeed a "mosaic," comprised of three worship bands who never actually played together at the same time and in the same place, but they all participated in recording this worship music. Be the Center, All I Need, You are Everything, May the Words of My Mouth and Thank You Lord…

    $15.98 $2.97
  • Interactive Family Worship
    Bill Kirstein

    …these worship ideas take just a few minutes. Others could involve bathrobes, dish towel turbans, and a half hour of hilarious role-playing. You’ll find activities perfect for Friday family reunions or Sabbath schools. Interactive Family Worship Ideas for Kids will turn worship into…

    $14.99 $12.97
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  • 100 Quick and Easy Worship Ideas for Kids
    Karen Holford

    …100 Quick and Easy Worship Ideas for Kids that will transform your family time with Jesus. Here in six packed sections ("God Loves Me!"; "God Made My Amazing Body"; "God Made the World"; "Worships for Special Times"; "Favorite Bible Stories"; and "Instant Bible Games to Play") are dozens of themes,…

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  • Parenting Your Child By The Spirit
    Sally Hohnberger

    …powerful discovery that correction rightly done is love! With numerous examples from her own experience, Sally offers helpful advice on positive reinforcement, habits, teaching children self-government, the importance of chores and personal worship, setting boundaries, and balancing work and play.

    $19.99 $6.97
  • Near to the Heart CD
    Jan Webb McQuistan

    …Spirit of God as she plays a relaxing, soothing assortment of songs on the piano to encourage you to draw Near to the Heart of God. Jan, a concert pianist and inspirational speaker, has a Masters degree in music from Andres University. She loves to begin each morning in worship and fellowship with…

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  • Kids' Time Praise CD

    …can order the exact amount of books you need. These tracks are great not only for churches, but also for family worship time, singing along in the car, camp fires, church school worships, and even when you don’t feel like singing, but want to enjoy peaceful instrumental music! The words are…

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  • Holy God We Praise Thy Name
    Stacy Piontek

    Stacy’s mastery of music goes beyond that of a typical performance, as every song he plays becomes a palette of color and texture. He has crafted the art of leading large groups of people in worship, and his devotion to the study and perfection of music ministry has made him a greatly sought…

    $9.98 $7.97
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  • Pathways of the Pioneers CD Collection
    Your Story Hour

    …Your Story Hour, these stories will inspire, delight, and educate. Sure to be enjoyed by all ages, this collection is excellent for a variety of settings, including the car, family worship, school classrooms, home school classes, and church programs. 22 CDs Aproximate running time: 23 hours 25 min.

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