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  • Power to Witness
    James W. Zackrison

    …everyone, and we are to be His voice. Power to Witness is an inspiring guide to sharing your faith with others. From learning who Christ’s disciples are today to discovering how you can win your friends to Jesus, author James Zackrison gives practical advice on how witnessing can become part…

  • Witness
    Jack J. Blanco

    …of the various missionary journeys interspersed with the letters the apostles wrote to the churches. Written in modern language and free from the disjointed interruption of chapter or verse, this is the message of God’s love for humanity and the astonishing power of that love to change lives.

  • Witness (eBook)
    Jack J. Blanco

    …of the various missionary journeys interspersed with the letters the apostles wrote to the churches. Written in modern language and free from the disjointed interruption of chapter or verse, this is the message of God’s love for humanity and the astonishing power of that love to change lives.

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  • Savior and Witness Book Set
    Jack J. Blanco

    …The Clear Word, comes this powerful new look at the four gospels. The book takes something from each gospel's perspective on Christ and combines the various stories chronologically to form one beautiful account on the life of Jesus. Sure to lift your devotional life to another level, the blended…

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  • Getting Through to God
    Glenn A. Coon

    …is why prayer and meditation are so important. They are communication with God. Following these, we have an obligation to convey to others a His love, His grace, and His ways to overcome sin. This is the theme of Getting Through to God. And the emphasis is on relating to God in order to help others.

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  • Path to the Heart
    Glenn A. Coon

    to present divinely inspired methods and principles of soul winning that reach beyond the mind to touch people’s hearts. Filled with actual soul-winning experiences, this book proves that the last and best argument for Christianity is a Christian. "A kind, courteous Christian is the most powerful

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  • Light Your World For God: A Dynamic Soul-winning Manual to Lead Your Church
    Ernestine Finley, Mark Finley

    …Keys" to successful soul-winning will revitalize your church. This may be the most important manual on witnessing you will ever read. Inside, discover how to:* Lead your church into a spirit-filled revival * Organize and sustain powerful intercessory prayer groups * Equip and train each member to

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  • Natures Amazing Migrations
    Celedonio García-Pozuelo Ramos

    …inhabit our planet. In them we are able to witness amazing displays of nature. Large and seemingly powerful animals and small and perhaps fragile ones alike, must make use of their abilities and skills to their limit and have unshakable faith in order to make it to their “promised land”.

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  • Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission
    Mark and Ernestine Finley

    to God. For He "desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" and He is "not willing that any should perish". (1st Timothy 2:4, NKJV: 2 Peter 3:9, NKJV). In Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission, Pastor Mark and Ernestine Finley provide a powerful, practical plan on how to win…

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  • Winning Sales and Souls
    Chester G. Cross

    …salesmanship not only demands consecration and spiritual power but the colporteur must also be a keen student of human nature, one who wins the confidence of his prospective purchasers. He will be a Christian who offers the good news of salvation to the men and women who purchase his books. In…

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  • The Printed Prophets: The Vital Role of Literature in the Last Days
    Lemuel Olán Jiménez

    Books have the power to change hearts, to inspire and instruct, to bring widespread revival. But if they’re so powerful, why aren’t more people sharing them? In these days of earth’s final crisis, God has designed that truth-filled literature will serve as printed…

  • Gaining Decisions for Christ
    Louis Torres

    …crusades by laity in New York City that nettled 777 baptisms, with a total budget of only $9,000. Under his direction a group of Filipino businessmen baptized 3,065 people on January 27, 2001. Now you too can be a channel for God's power. You can confidently lead the lost to say yes to Jesus.

  • Moving Your Church
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …evangelism to be a way of life does the church begin to flourish. Moving Your Church was written to encourage and equip members and leaders to successfully carry out the vision and mission of Christ in their local community. Dr. Kidder offers us this encouragement: 'Through the power of the Spirit,…

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  • The Revolutionized Church of the 21st Century
    Russell Burrill

    …shortcomings without fear of judgment or rejection. If the church can once again recapture the awesome and magnetic power of such small groups, the world will show up en masse to bask in the love and support and affirmation they find there. No three books written in recent decades are more urgently…

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  • Revolution in the Church
    Russell Burrill

    …from the Bible, the chief job description of pastors is to train lay men and women for ministry. Likewise, the laity must cease delegating away its evangelistic privileges and responsibilities to a paid "priesthood" and rediscover the power of "the priesthood of all believers. For those comfortable…

  • Persuasion
    Mark Finley

    …of all evangelistic preaching is to present the Christ-centered truths of the Bible so plainly and so powerfully that people surrender their lives to the living Christ. Persuasion is all about how to preach life-changing, effective sermons and make powerful personal appeals. In this short volume,…

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  • Radical Disciples for Revolutionary Churches

    …pastors to hove over them, spoon-feed them spiritually, and cajole them into activity. Instead churches will be filled with members mature enough to be responsible for their own spiritual growth–with members who accept that ministry is their task and should not be shifted to a paid clergy.…

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  • The Role of the Local Elder
    Dan Day

    …who want to see the Adventist mission in North America advanced. Even though the book addresses in detail the specific job the elder may be called to do, it’s also about how an effective elder’s leadership will engage the entire church in delivering a consistent witness to the community.…

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  • Successful Small Groups
    Kurt W. Johnson

    …of current church members and leading friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others to a saving relationship with Christ. Do you want to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission? Discover how you and your church can change the world around you through the power of the Holy Spirit—one disciple at a time.

  • 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions on God's End Time Church Book 8
    Dennis Smith

    …reach a better understanding of God’s warning to Laodicea and His solution for Laodicean Christians. And, because the baptism of the Holy Spirit is so vital to our personal spiritual growth and our witness to others, you will be challenged every day to ask God for the indwelling of His Spirit.

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  • Enlightened by the Spirit
    Erwin R. Gane

    power failed in your life? In your church? If so, your greatest need is to reconnect with the awesome, stupendous power of the Holy Spirit. Author Erwin Gane reveals what happens when the power and the life of the Holy Spirit surges through Christians—weak wills become invincible, witnessing

  • Favorite Hymns of Billy Graham
    Wintley Phipps

    …stage to bear witness to the name of Christ, Billy Graham has called more people to a relationship with Jesus than any other human being in our lifetime. For more than six decades he has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ with power and perseverance and has been used mightily by God to advance…

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  • Called In Christ
    Robert S. Folkenberg

    Called in Christ explores the powerful relationship between believer and Saviour and shows how "in Christ" we can repent, find assurance, be victorious and compassionate, witness, await Jesus' coming, and ultimately triumph. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Guide's Greatest Escape from Crime Stories
    Helen Lee Robinson

    …they are always singing. A missionary stops the raids on his chickens by tithing them. You will read of victims whose only defense is their witness. Of thieves who trade their dagger for a Bible. Of criminals who turn to Christ. And you will know that God still delivers those who cry out to Him.

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