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  • Sharpening and Shaping Your Sermon
    Benjamin F. Reaves, Mervyn A. Warren

    Preaching follows a biblical mandate as part of God’s plan to communicate His love for humanity. It is much more than a public presentation intended to display the abilities of the preacher or please the senses of the audience. It is a sacred tradition meant to communicate a message from…

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  • Sermons and Talks, vol. 1
    Ellen G. White

    "Listen" to Ellen White Preach During the 70 years of her ministry, Ellen White was called upon to speak in just about every imaginable situation. In these volumes we can read her transcribed material as she originally gave it. (Few of these messages have been previously published.)

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  • Preaching from the Grave
    Phodidas Ndamyumugabe

    “It seemed as if demons had changed into human beings and were now at work to destroy humanity.” In just 100 days in 1994, close to a million people were slaughtered in Rwanda. Hutu extremists killed nearly 70 percent of the Tutsi population during this ethnic cleansing. In the face of…

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  • Preaching in and out of Season
    Samuel Telemaque

    …School Director for the Caribbean Union, is an enthusiastic pastor, a man of God, and a successful modern evangelist. For years, he has been preaching salvation in Jesus Christ, and as a result of his proclamation, hundreds of souls have been taken to the loving arms of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer…

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  • Ellen White on Preaching (eBook)
    Mervyn A. Warren

    …availability on other eBook stores. Preach the Word. The commission resounds through the ages, igniting pulpits and inspiring preachers even still. It is a sacred task that requires reverence—and preparation. To aid in the art of preaching, professor of preaching Mervyn A. Warren has constructed…

  • The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
    Ellen G. White

    Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing is presented in a new low-cost edition for mass distribution. The crowd gathered early and swiftly. Soon it became apparent that the narrow beach of Galilee would not accommodate them all. They jostled one another for position. The man who might lead them to…

  • ABC's of Bible Prayer
    Glenn A. Coon

    …simply because He has promised, is not a complicated thing. 'The ‘C’ is the prayer of reception. And this I had to learn after having preached for many years. The ‘C’ is to claim the promise for which I have asked, and which I have told God I believe. I claim it by returning…

  • Modern Parables
    Morris L. Venden

    …them. Because they bring heaven a little closer to earth, people still love parables today, as Pastor Morris Venden has discovered wherever he's preached. Those who have heard the modern parables he shares in his sermons are constantly asking him for copies, which he has now gathered into this book.…

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  • Adventist Evangelistic Preaching
    Russell Burrill

    Whether you've preached hundreds of evangelistic sermons or you're preparing for your first, you'll find Adventist Evangelistic Preaching invaluable in making your presentations more persuasive, practical, and effective. In this book, Russell Burrill, veteran soul winner and evangelist, lays out the…

  • Persuasion
    Mark Finley

    The goal of all evangelistic preaching is to present the Christ-centered truths of the Bible so plainly and so powerfully that people surrender their lives to the living Christ. Persuasion is all about how to preach life-changing, effective sermons and make powerful personal appeals. In this short…

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  • Powerful Biblical Preaching
    Derek J. Morris

    …biblical preacher. Whether you are just learning the art of biblical preaching or wanting to sharpen your preaching skills, Powerful Biblical Preaching will be a valuable resource. Learn practical pointers from the preaching ministry of Jesus. Discover a 12-step process that will help you to prepare…

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  • The King Who Couldn't Preach
    Kimber Lantry

    …George King wanted to preach! He felt he had been called of God to do that work. But whenever he got in front of a group of people, he stuttered and stammered and forgot what he was going to say. Young Otho Godsmark listened to George King, who felt he had been called to preach, as he practiced in…

  • Help! I’ve Been Asked to Preach (eBook)
    Maylan Schurch

    …You’ve never preached a sermon in your life, and the very thought of standing up front (never mind preaching) terrorizes you so much that any messages your brain sends to your cotton-filled mouth and knocking knees are totally blocked. But you’ve always wanted to learn how to preach effectively. And…

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  • Ellen White on Preaching
    Mervyn A. Warren

    Preach the Word. The commission resounds through the ages, igniting pulpits and inspiring preachers even still. It is a sacred task that requires reverence—and preparation. To aid in the art of preaching, professor of preaching Mervyn A. Warren has constructed this landmark book. It includes…

  • Powerful Biblical Preaching 2 Volume DVD Set
    Derek J. Morris

    Discover how you can move to the next level of effectiveness in your quest to become a powerful biblical preacher. Disc #1 - Developing a Working Methodology — 12 steps Disc #2 - Effective Delivery 2 DVD Set

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  • Sermons and Talks, vol. 2
    Ellen G. White

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. "Listen" to Ellen White Preach During the 70 years of her ministry, Ellen White was called upon to speak in just about every imaginable situation. In these volumes we can read…

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  • The One
    David Asscherick, Ty Gibson

    …and have fun, because honestly, and believe us on this, there is nothing more enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging, and just plain awesome than telling people about Jesus Christ. "Get up there, where 'there' is . . . get up in front and . . . preach your guts out!" - David Asscherick and Ty Gibson

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  • ¡¿Predica Bien!? (Espanol)
    Roger Hernandez

    …profesional para tus sermones y tres meses de bosquejos de sermones. Preach Well (Spanish) Preaching Well is more than a book, It is an elevator that will take you to the next level in your preaching. When we preach sermons that are irrelevant and boring, the people who listen to us not…

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  • Predicación de la teoría a la práctica (Espanol)
    S. Yeury Ferreira

    …lies behind the preaching. There are many preachers who open homiletic texts eager to learn "new methods" and "new techniques" of preaching. However, in these pages you will find that more than methodology, preachers should pursue a philosophy of preaching that provides why and for what we preach.

  • Ten Commandmnts Weekend 2008

    …messages of 3ABN's Ten Commandments Weekend 2008 - The Constitution of Grace! This special multi-disc DVD set contains 17 hours of anointed preaching by internationally known speakers Jim Gilley, Kenneth Cox, David Asscherick, C.A. Murray, Jay Gallimore, Mike Tucker, Stephen Bohr, Shelley Quinn,…

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  • Under His Wings
    Yvonne Davy

    …of the Davy family as they realize how again and again they were extremely fortunate to have God's protection while trying to live and raise a family during those perilous times. Yet, because they were doing God's will, preaching and teaching the gospel, they knew they were safe UNDER HIS WINGS.

  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, cuarta parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …* Constantino Ponce de la Fuente, an outstanding Roman Catholic priest, died in jail during the Inquisition for encouraging the observance of Sabbath. * IN SLOVAKIA: * After hanging for hours, the Anabaptist Andrés Fischer escaped from the noose to continue preaching the seventh-day Sabbath.

  • Jose: God Found Me in LA
    José Vicente Rojas

    …him through a street ministry in Fresno, where he becomes the target of a gang who trash his house, to meetings with the president of the United States. Today his preaching is in worldwide demand, and he serves a as mentor to others. And his dad has become a loving, spiritual presence in the family.

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  • God For Us
    James W. Gilley

    Known for his down-to-earth writing and preaching style, Jim Gilley handles the timeless truths from John’s Gospel in ways that touch our lives in the twenty-first century. Through personal stories and life experiences, John’s pictures of Jesus become alive and relevant. In God For Us,…

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