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  • Prime Time Living
    David White, Christy Yingling

    …opportunities for growth. The stereotypical image of older people who are feeble, frail, unhealthy, lonely, and depressed has got to go! Welcome to Prime Time Living! In this timely book, authors David White and Christy Yingling blow away the myths associated with aging and provide a comprehensive…

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  • The Gospel of Love and Real Evangelism
    Peter J. Prime

    "God is love" with the two greatest commandments is the only authentic truth. Without it, there is no authentic reality of being or well-being and well doing for the world, the church, the family and the individual. All is worthless, all is hopeless and all is at an end. Hate as the antithesis of…

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  • Touch Points -- How to Care of a Caregiver
    Colleen L. Reece

    Caregivers are highly vulnerable to and prime candidates for depression. Few people need more loving care than those who give it. In this unexpected topic, eyes will be opened as to how to reinforce and encourage those who take care of our loved ones. The tract describes 4 principles that…

  • Miracles Happen Every Day
    Robert H. Pierson

    …support that these institutions give the conference program where they are located--baptisms, new churches established, and buildings erected. The prime purpose of the book is to acquaint the mainstream of the Adventist Church membership with the cooperation and support these institutions and…

  • Ellen G. White: The Australian Years, 1891-1900 (vol. 4)
    Arthur L. White

    …and Herald; and her correspondence, especially letters to her sons Edson and William and two or three close associates in America, have provided the prime sources Ellen White performed a dual ministry in Australia. She virtually pioneered the work in that new field; at the same time she nurtured and…

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