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  • Understanding the Living Word of God
    Gerhard F. Hasel

    principles, and methods of understanding and interpreting the Bible, the Living Word of God.” Here he leads us through such subjects as the eclipse of biblical authority in modern times and the reasons why, the biblical backgrounds that aid in better understanding the Bible, and the principles

  • Take 10
    Leo R. Van Dolson

    …basic principles that govern life and health and the common sense way of applying them as best you can to various circumstances. The ten dynamic rules are not just mechanical rules like breathing deeply and getting enough rest—important as these are. They are broader principles that include…

  • Touch Points -- How to Help a Grieving Friend
    Colleen L. Reece

    …to know how to show sympathy without offending. This tract teaches 4 ways to show our hurting friends that we care. Written by a woman who endured a very emotional loss, these principles can be used by any third party who wants to support a person who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

  • Touch Points -- How to Survive the Loss of a Loved One
    Colleen L. Reece

    …that anger can be normal and should be dealt with correctly. Crying is okay. Sharing your grief is usually helpful. This tract is filled with stories and principles from the author’s own experiences with loss, and from the Bible. The reader will be given a road map to work through their grief.

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  • Secret of the Desert Lights
    Sandy Zaugg

    …Lights and Laws, Oh My! This fun true-adventure story for children ages 9-12 combines a riveting mystery with learning the difference between principles and rules. The second book in a series of stories that teach about various aspects of Christian life and shows the importance of keeping the civil…

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  • Eight Secrets to Ancient Health DVD
    Anchor Point Films

    …Eat like the Gladiators and earth’s longest living people for optimal fitness - mentally and physically. Come with us on a journey through ancient history down to today. From 3,500 years ago in Egypt to the gladiators of Ephesus we discover health principles that can impact our modern lives.

  • Sons of the North
    Lewis Harrison Christian

    …Book Center to determine availability. First published in 1942 and re-released as an Adventist Heritage Classic, this book is an exciting account of the discovery of the New World and the moral principles that guided and influenced its early settlers all the way through to the early Advent movement.

  • Jack Gives Back (Stewardship Jack Book 1)
    Janice Mathews

    Jack is a dog. And like other dogs, he doesn't know much about history or science. But he has figured out tithe. In fact, he understands the principle of tithing better than many humans, especially very young humans, who often resent having to give up some of their birthday money when the offering…

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  • As I Follow Christ
    Dwain Neilson Esmond

    …organization, or a family, God has given you a special mission. To fulfill that God-given purpose, secular leadership principles won’t be enough: you need to know the biblical principles of leadership. In As I Follow Christ, some of the most notable leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church…

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  • Parenting Your Child By The Spirit
    Sally Hohnberger

    Parenting Your Child by the Spirit is the second in a four-book series by Sally Hohnberger that teaches child-rearing principles from the context of personal time spent with Jesus. In this deeply spiritual yet very practical book, you’ll meet colorful characters with names like “Sassy…

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  • As I Follow Christ (eBook)
    Dwain Neilson Esmond

    …organization, or a family, God has given you a special mission. To fulfill that God-given purpose, secular leadership principles won’t be enough: you need to know the biblical principles of leadership. In As I Follow Christ, some of the most notable leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church…

  • It's Your Money, Isn't It?, Audio CDs
    G. Edward Reid

    12 Money Management Topics In this set of CDs, a Christian attorney discusses the biblical principles of money management on twelve 28-minute presentations on six digitally mastered CDs. Topics: * A Biblical Perspective on Money * For Now and Eternity * In Everything You Do Put God First * Why…

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  • Reclama tu destino (Espanol)
    Armando Miranda

    …recibir las recompensas de la fe en Cristo Jesús, nuestra mayor esperanza. 2009 Spanish Sharing Book! In this first-person study of the principles contained in the Sermon on the Mount, Armando Miranda draws on his experience to produce a practical, easy-to-read book that presents the primary…

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  • Easy Steps For Better Health
    Shawn Boonstra

    …end in failure and frustration. Thankfully, there is hope. In these chapters, you will discover the Bible's "full-coverage health plan." These principles of diet, exercise, temperance and rest can easily be applied to your lifestyle while enhancing your quality of life and reducing your risk of…

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  • The Ministry of Health and Healing
    Ellen G. White

    …vocabulary reflects 21st century speech. But the message of Ellen White’s 1905 classic has not changed. This adaptation is a fresh look at the principles that make up God’s approach to abundant living. Here are insights into the many factors that contribute to a life that is truly filled…

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  • The Prophet and Her Critics
    Leonard Brand, Don S. McMahon

    …and its messenger Was Ellen White dependent on other health reform publications available at the time, or did God truly reveal the health principles to her as she claimed? In other words, was the health message inspired or borrowed? In The Prophet and Her Critics, Leonard Brand and Don McMahon…

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  • The Sanctuary Service (Spanish)
    M. L. Andreasen

    …availability. Everything found in the Sanctuary was a “shadow of the good to come” (Heb10:1). In the sanctuary we find the foundational principles of the plan of salvation. The whole system was a compact prophecy which foretold the sacrifice and priesthood of Christ. How important, then,…

  • Mouse in a Bottle CD
    Marvin Hunt

    These engaging stories for the novice and experienced storyteller teach character-building and biblical principles to the listening audience. Each story is accompanied by coloring and activity sheets designed for children ages 5-12. A great resource for teachers, educators, pastors, and children’s…

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  • Majesty
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …life-changing experience. How long ago was your last life-changing experience? This morning? Last week? Can’t remember? In these pages are scriptural principles to guide you into a genuine worship experience. Of course you know whom to worship, but what about why, how, and when? And what does the…

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  • Raise a Leader God's Way
    Prudence LaBeach Pollard

    Sorry, not even this book outlines precisely what to do and when. But the principles found within these pages serve as reference points as you endeavor to raise your child to be all that God designed him or her to be. Prudence LaBeach Pollard draws from years of prayerful study, academic training,…

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  • Vibrant Life Special - Lose Weight and Keep It Off
    Vibrant Life

    …as if they're starving. Delicious plant-based recipes are included along with a section that gives parents encouragement for preventing childhood obesity. This helpful magazine blends in spiritual principles that can change a person's life in more ways than just their waist size. Share it today!

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  • Lovely Lord of the Lord's Day
    Ethel Coon, Glenn A. Coon

    …Lovely Lord of the Lord's Day, is written with the prayer that the reader will learn the philosophy of our Lord as seen in the Sabbath. We must if we are to enter into its rare delight and find that the entire life is imbued with the principles of heaven. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • So You Want to Be a Leader!
    Robert H. Pierson

    …this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Through the years Elder Pierson practiced the principles he sets forth in this book. His writings spring from the fount of his own capable, dedicated, and knowledgeable leadership. He shares the talent…

  • Staying Healthy For Life
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    …that if you make healthy choices, you greatly improve your odds for a full, extended life. Section one takes a look at common causes of premature disease and preventive steps needed to ensure good health. Section two covers principles for healthy aging. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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