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  • Word Power Cards

    Boxes containing 30 cards each with words of encouragement, comfort and inspiration on a variety of topics listed below.

  • Egypt to Canaan Board Game
    Bible Journeys

    …in history when God was leading His people to the Promised Land. Any number from 2 to 6 may play the game. Selecting a pawn, each player moves out of Egypt on a fascinating journey toward Canaan as he answers in turn the questions on the cards. Both the pathway followed and the events en route are…

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  • It's Your Money, Isn't It?! (eBook)
    G. Edward Reid

    …Many well-meaning Adventist Christians find themselves getting involved in the same financial practices as their non-Christian peers–credit card debt, money-hoarding habits, over-indulgence, and wrong concepts about investments, insurance, estate planning, and retirement. What is a Christian…

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