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  • The Reformation and the Remnant
    Nicholas P. Miller

    …examines crucial issues and questions facing the Adventist Church today through the lenses provided by the thoughts and ideas of various Protestant reformers. Miller discusses such topics as biblical authority and inspiration, the great controversy theme, religious liberty and public morality,…

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  • The Seventh Day DVD 5 Volume Set
    LLT Productions

    …Holbrook hosts this remarkable exposé, supported by the testimony of more than fifty historians and theologians with Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Jewish perspectives. Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, The Seventh Day challenges common assumptions, reconnecting the…

  • 95 Theses on Righteousness by Faith
    Morris L. Venden

    …With a few swift hammer blows, he nails a document to the massive wooden doors. The 95 Theses set forth in the document will soon touch off the Protestant Reformation. Fast Forward 470 Years. Morris Venden, with apologies to Luther, now set forth in print 95 Theses on righteousness by faith. This…

  • Protest & Promise
    Robert L. Osmunson

    …Center to determine availability. Protest is about as contemporary as any word in the English language. While recognizing that some people may feel they have had enough, the author knows there are many others who are looking for a cause they can join. In Protest and Promise he sets forth certain…

  • 500 Years of Protest and Liberty
    Nicholas P. Miller

    …16th century Protestant reformer Martin Luther? Were their connections to the unfolding stream of Protestant history merely historical accidents? Were they both just responding to the universal human resolve to stand for conviction and truth? To ask the question more broadly, did the Protestant

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  • What Catholics and Protestants Should Know
    J. H. Meier

    …as well as numerous radio speeches and programs, have cheered many persons and probably vexed others. After many years of contact with both Protestants and Catholics, as well as months of study, the author is convinced that there are some disagreements between the two religious groups which,…

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  • Rome's Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday?

    Reprint. These four articles first appeared in the Catholic Mirror. They detail the claim of the Catholic Church that it changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

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  • Here We Stand: Luther, the Reformation, and Seventh-day Adventism
    Michael W. Campbell, Nikolaus Satelmajer

    …the entire planet through worldwide mission. Although separated in time by centuries, Seventh-day Adventists see themselves as heirs of the Protestant Reformation started by Martin Luther 500 years ago. This volume explores the various facets and contours of Luther and compares them with Seventh-day…

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  • Myths In Adventism
    George R. Knight

    Questions That Need Answers   Was Ellen White as inflexible as some of her followers? Are the sacred and the secular two realms or one? How is ignorance related to godliness? Just how evil (or good) are human beings? Are big schools more effective than small ones? Was Ellen White really 100 years…

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  • Mary Kennedy's Victory
    George A. Campbell

    …in the conversion of some of her Protestant teacher friends. She was persuasive, had religious training, and attended two missions conducted for Protestants, where she learned their arguments. She thought it fitting to be the instrument in reaching her Protestant employers, the Crandels. As she…

  • Signs Special - Martin Luther: A Man for His Time
    Signs of the Times

    …Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! Martin Luther – A Man For His Time highlights the life and ministry of Martin Luther. Drawn from The Great Controversy, this Signs Special Edition capitalizes on the attention being given to the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.…

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  • Any Sacrifice but Conscience
    Walter Utt

    This dramatic sequel to No Peace for a Soldier continues the adventures of Henri Armand and the Cortots as they struggle to serve God and country during Louis XIV's persecution of Protestants in seventeenth century France. It will appeal to history lovers and avid readers alike.

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  • Spirit of Prophecy, Vol 4
    Ellen G. White

    …Centuries* The Roman Church* The Waldenses* Early Reformers* Luther's Separation from Rome* Luther Before the Diet* Progress of the Reformation* Protest of the Princes* Later Reformers* The Two Witnesses* God Honors the Humble* William Miller* The First Angel's Message* The Second Angel's Message*…

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  • Shipwreck on Devil's Island
    Elaine Egbert

    …cannot stop Sir Thomas from saying vat he vishes, but dere might be another vay. Ve could confuse da vork somevot." "But that would be mutiny!" protested one. Mutiny! Only Alaric knew of the sinister plot underway on Devil’s Island. He also knew that to tell would bring a terrible heartache to…

  • John Hus
    Vision Video

    …to the Reformation. The history books make little mention of this Bohemian priest and scholar who lived 100 years before Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Yet, John Hus was convinced and taught openly that the Bible should be presented in the language of the people, that salvation comes…

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  • Contemporary Russian Translation New Testament/Psalms Bible
    Bible Translation Institute at Zaoksky Theological Seminary

    …scholars and linguists from multiple denominations produced this modern translation that is suitable for Roman Catholics, Russian Orthodox, Protestants and more. Translated from the original Greek and Hebrew into modern Russian, this text brings clarity and coherence to the translation. This…

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  • Charisma of the Spirit
    Rene Noorbergen

    …mostly confined to storefront churches and practiced by Holy Rollers. Now tongues speaking has invaded the mainline “respectable” protestant churches and even Roman Catholicism—a development that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago. Does modern tongues speaking…

  • Crusader for Creation
    Harold W. Clark

    …and opponent describes Price as “the last and greatest of the anti-evolutionists,” and the one who “among twentieth-century Protestant opponents of evolution stands head and shoulders above all the others.” Bernard Ramm has written, “George McCready Price, a Seventh-day…

  • The Hidden Power of Relentless Stewardship
    Don Jernigan

    Dr. Don Jernigan, CEO of the largest Protestant healthcare system in the country, shows how any business—for-profit or not-for-profit—can exceed corporate metrics, fulfill mission, and drive results. Companies both big and small often wrestle with a disconnect between their ideals of…

  • 1919: The Untold Story of Adventism's Struggle with Fundamentalism
    Michael W. Campbell

    In 1919, the world was reeling from the destructive forces of World War I, American Protestants were uniting against Modernism in defense of the inerrancy of the Bible, and Adventists were recovering from the 1915 death of Ellen White, their beloved prophet. Needing to confirm the movement’s…

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  • Ellen White's World
    George R. Knight

    …Perspectives 8. Religious Impulses a. Revivalism and the role of D. L. Moody b. The Rise of Protestant Liberalism c. The Conservative Reaction d. The Holiness Revival e. The Second Wave of Protestant Missions f. Northern Missions to Black America 9. Social Issues a. The Temperance Movement b.…

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  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, cuarta parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …of Sabbath in a time of religious agitation from the Russian spiritual revolution at the end of the 15th century, continuing with the protestant religious rebellion of the 16th century, up to the English radical keeping of the Sabbath of the 17th century. The presenter, Frank Gonzáles,…

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  • Red Alert: Hurtling Into Eternity
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …Bible prophecies of the end time. He deals with subjects such as:* Increased sightings of the Virgin Mary.* Prominent Christians leaving their Protestant faith to join the Catholic church.* The exponential curve of natural disasters.* Strange weather phenomenon.* The threat of nuclear war.* A…

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  • Truth Matters
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …questions Warren’s motives or his sincerity: “There is no reason to believe Warren is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as some in the Protestant world have suggested. He has been the target of many who have condemned him for a host of reasons—many of which are groundless in my…

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