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  • The Proverbial Cracker Jack
    Dale Henry

    How would you, in the space of five minutes, so impress a shopkeeper as to make him give you a $125 tie, and then an expensive camel hair sport coat, at no charge, without your asking? The author did just that. He tells how being mistaken for a bellboy netted him several speaking engagements at a…

  • One Miracle After Another
    Greg Budd

    …religion. And communist Romania wasn’t exactly friendly to Christians. But God got his attention one fateful night, and his life took that proverbial U-turn. Pavel made a covenant with God, and his dedication to that covenant was tested almost immediately. But he stayed true, and miracle after…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 16
    Joe L. Wheeler

    As we reach the proverbial age of “sweet sixteen” (young for a woman, but old indeed for a book series), it is appropriate to ask, “Why?” Today, when almost nothing lasts and fame itself supposedly expires in 15 minutes, here we have this simple little series of Christmas…

  • My Favorite Courage Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …on to state that seventy-five men had been saved by Desmond Doss, although it was likely closer to one hundred. Just as is true with the proverbial “Six Blind Men of Hindustan,” who each approached an elephant from a different angle, the same is true with the word “Courage.”…

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