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  • Pastor, This is My Problem
    William A. Fagal

    …Within these pages are many of the questions asked by viewers, along with counsel given by Pastor Fagal. Pastor Fagal applies an inspired combination of practical Bible truth and what someone has called “sanctified common sense” to help answer questions such as, Why Go to Church? Can God…

  • Mary Kennedy's Victory
    George A. Campbell

    …the Crandels. As she attempts to share her beliefs and win the Crandels over to the Catholic faith, the Crandels bring up many serious questions that demand that human tradition and the Bible reconcile if Mary is to stay firm in the Catholic faith she passionately defends. Mary Kennedy’s…

  • End-Time Events and The Last Generation
    George R. Knight

    …about the 1888 message of A. T. Jones and E. J. Waggoner? • What was the significance of Questions on Doctrine? • How have the 1950s shaped Adventism’s continuing journey? Those questions, among others, form the heart of this important book. Click here to read a review from the North…

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  • Faith Roots
    Nicole Parker

    …Could you trust an invisible God of love who seems to do nothing to rescue you from suffering, even when you pray? Struggle through Asher’s questions about why a God of love allows so much pain, in this gripping story of heartache, anger and conviction. Experience his hate and despair at the…

  • The Centurion
    Richard Stenbakken

    …the centurion who had been commanded to crucify Him―the only One who seemed to offer any hope. Once you begin reading, you won't be able to stop. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions to help the readers apply the lessons learned to their lives and spiritual commitments.

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  • Steps To Peace - Package of 10
    Kurt W. Johnson

    This small pamphlet leads the reader through the four steps to accepting Jesus into their life and helps answer questions about forgiveness of sins, eternal life and belonging to God. It also shares steps to help live the new life in Jesus. Great for handing out and includes a space to write in…

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  • Scripture Mysteries Episode Four: The Ark and the Covenant
    Anchor Point Films

    …any relevance in the time that we live? Why is the Antichrist interested in the contents of this golden box? What is the New Covenant spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah? In this film we search for answers to these questions and others that surround the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments.

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  • Bill's Lunch - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    …is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary list, reading comprehension questions and special activities that go with the story. Also, each page has Spanish text included. Uses 43 words at the 0.5 reading level

    $2.99 $0.97
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  • El mensaje de Daniel - Tomo 1 (Espanol)
    C. Mervyn Maxwell

    …combines a careful knowledge with a sensible attitude towards the problems of today and those who seek a true understanding of world history and current events. He offers careful answers to questions about specific points of prophetic interpretation that have grown in importance in recent years.

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  • Looking After God's World
    Karen Holford

    …to be God and make a whole wonderful world? What would it feel like if your beautiful world was ruined? Tim and Susie wonder about these big questions while they build sandcastles on the beach. Join in their adventures when disaster strikes and they learn how to look after God's wonderful world.

    $5.99 $3.97
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  • The Reformation and the Remnant
    Nicholas P. Miller

    In The Reformation and the Remnant, author Nicholas Miller examines crucial issues and questions facing the Adventist Church today through the lenses provided by the thoughts and ideas of various Protestant reformers. Miller discusses such topics as biblical authority and inspiration, the great…

  • Covenant In Blood
    Gerhard F. Hasel

    …in blood. What is man’s responsibility in salvation? What kind of works must he do to please God? Or, is it a matter of believing a list of doctrines about Jesus Christ? What is the basis of Christian assurance? Probably the answers to these questions have never been more forcefully written.

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  • We Believe: A Study Guide of Bible Principles
    General Conference Ministerial Department

    This handy guide provides a thorough, in-depth study of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, using questions and answers, true-or-false questionnaires, simple illustrations and stories to help every member understand the main points of our faith. Whatever the stage of your spiritual journey, no matter…

  • Abandon Ship?
    Ty Gibson

    …man's struggle to discover God's purpose for His church. Some questions are trivial. Some are important. And some are downright vital, freighted with eternal significance. Many Seventh-day Adventists are presently asking a question that clearly fits into the vital category. "Is the organized…

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  • In The Beginning
    Bryan W. Ball

    …they question next? If the Bible doesn't have the final word on truth, what does? Fortunately, there is great news. It is entirely possible to defend the traditional Adventist positions on Scripture, Creation and the Flood and not be scientifically illiterate. In fact, there are many questions that…

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  • How Dare You Judge Us, God
    Clifford Goldstein

    …on earth? Questions like this have been uttered from the lips of suffering human since Adam Eve first wept over the fresh grave of their murdered son. No one escapes pain. No one sidesteps grief. And because the hurting is universal, afflicting sinner and saint alike, the questions about bad things…

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  • Scripture Mysteries Episode Three: Theodicy
    Anchor Point Films

    …Is God ever going to do something about pain and suffering? In this documentary we are on a search for answers to these questions. Along the way we will look into the history of evil. Join us for an exciting journey into one of the most perplexing subjects known to man, the question of theodicy.

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  • Bible Readings

    Four thousand questions about Bible topics are all answered with Scripture texts. Contents Part I-The Bible; How to Study and Understand It Part II-Sin; Its origin, Results, and Remedy Part III-The Way to Christ Part IV-Life and Teachings of Christ Part V-The Holy Spirit Part VI-The Sure Word of…

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  • Margie Asks, Why Do People Have to Die? (Easy English edition)
    Laura Rocke Winn

    Why Death? Why Pain? It’s the most difficult question of all. This classic work reveals, in simple story form, what philosophers and theologians have struggled for centuries to explain. When Mrs. Johnson dies, Margie is puzzled. Why would God let mothers die when their children need them? When…

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  • A Search For Meaning In Nature
    Richard M. Ritland

    …present state of opinion and confused about what they should believe. It is time to reexamine certain areas of science bearing on the basic questions of existence. The question of God and His relationship to the world confronts us today as never before. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Bible Scramble

    …perfect way to get to know your Bible! Deal each player five cards. Give the signal to begin and immediately flip over a card and read your first question. Then dig into the letter pile to spell out your answer. But hurry! Because while you’re racing to find the right letters, everyone else is…

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  • Faces Around the Crib DVD
    Leslie Hardinge

    Gather around Christ's crib to meet those who embraced or rejected Him at His birth. As we gaze upon their faces, their question becomes our own-how will we respond to Jesus?

    $9.97 $8.99
  • Life of Christ Board Game
    Bible Journeys

    Follow the life of Christ from Bethlehem to Calvary. Includes game board, playing pieces, and question cards. For two to six players, ages 8 to adult. Box size: 11 1/4" x 14 ½" .

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  • The Waiting Heart
    Yvonne Rodney

    …Cool and composed, no. And what’s been ruffling her feathers lately is that question a certain speaker dared tell a group of single women to ask themselves: “Why am I not married by now?” That question sticks in her mind like a thorn. Still unmarried, and with her biological clock…

    $17.99 $7.97
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