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  • Egypt to Canaan Board Game
    Bible Journeys

    …from 2 to 6 may play the game. Selecting a pawn, each player moves out of Egypt on a fascinating journey toward Canaan as he answers in turn the questions on the cards. Both the pathway followed and the events en route are geographically and chronologically correct. Equally appealing to both young…

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  • The Coming of the Comforter
    LeRoy E. Froom

    A classic study on the Holy Spirit LeRoy E. Froom answers some of the most vital questions concerning the Holy Spirit.* What is the difference between a prick of conscience and the promptings of the Holy Spirit? * What are the conditions of being filled with the Spirit? * Is regeneration the same as…

  • The Prophet and Her Critics
    Leonard Brand, Don S. McMahon

    …other words, was the health message inspired or borrowed? In The Prophet and Her Critics, Leonard Brand and Don McMahon answer these and other questions about inspiration, 19th-century health reforms, Ellen White’s views on sexual relationships, plagiarism, and more, while examining the…

    $11.99 $4.97
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  • A Trip Into the Supernatural DVD
    Roger J. Morneau

    The experiences and questions of childhood and wartime had turned Roger Morneau away from God until he hated Him. After the war, a friend led Morneau into demon worship, but Morneau discovered the good news of a loving God and wanted out. Morneau relates his dramatic experience and deliverance from…

  • An Hour With Your Bible, Sample Pak

    Handy sharing tracts (16 foldout pages size 2 1/4" x 3 7/8"). Questions and answers with many Bible texts quoted. An offer for the Discover Bible Course enrollment form is included in each tract. One of each title included in sample pak: * An Hour With Your Bible * The Fruits of the Spirit * The…

  • Scared To Death DVD

    …Brent what the Bible says about death! This eye-opening movie deals with the dangers of spiritualism in a way kids can understand! Answers such questions as: What happens when people die? Can people talk to the dead? Should I watch scary movies? The DVD includes a complete Bible study on the state…

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  • Prophecy Speaks
    Earle Albert Rowell

    …named David Dare was inviting all skeptics, scoffers, unbelievers, and infidels to his lectures—and they were free to interrupt at any time with questions or with denials of his statements! Who could pass up an opportunity like that? But when George and his family arrived at the meeting hall, they…

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  • Bible Readings

    Four thousand questions about Bible topics are all answered with Scripture texts. Contents Introduction: The Most Dangerous Book in the World Part I-The Bible; How to Study and Understand It Part II-Sin; Our Problem, God's Answer Part III-The Way to Christ Part IV-Life and Teachings of Christ Part…

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  • The Birthday Party - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    …is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary list, reading comprehension questions and special activities that go with the story. Also, each page has Spanish text included. Uses 77 words at a reading level of 1.5

    $2.99 $0.47
  • Cruzer the Crocodile - I Can Read Series
    Raelinda Robak

    …a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary list, reading comprehension questions and special activities that go with the story. Also, each page has Spanish text included.   Uses 62 challenge words at reading level 2.

    $2.99 $0.97
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  • Steps to Christ Youth Edition - Case of 100
    Ellen G. White

    …you’ll find story illustrations that make the themes in Steps to Christ relevant to everyday life. You’ll also find intriguing thought questions and suggested activities that could radically change your life If you want to understand God better and have a deeper friendship with Him, find…

  • Pointed and Personal
    Ray Markham

    …to each of the parables. He also explains how pointed and personal the messages of the parables were for the first-century readers of the gospels. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions for group discussion and a series of points for personal prayer, reflection and practical application.

    $12.99 $9.97
  • We Still Believe
    Robert S. Folkenberg

    …title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. We Still Believe looks honestly at the challenges and questions that the delay poses and assures us that we can, indeed, have unshakable confidence that Jesus is coming soon. Elder Folkenberg also examines the…

  • Living In a Man's World
    Bonita Joyner Shields

    …her life experiences to take a thoughtful, biblical, and often humorous approach to addressing some of these differences, helping men and women embrace them, and building a bridge in the dialogue between the genders. She also includes questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate that dialogue.

    $11.99 $8.97
  • From Plant to Plate
    Tami Bivens

    …Created with freshness, simplicity, and overall wellness in mind, the 100-plus vegan recipes, corresponding cooking videos, and answers to dietary questions were created to help you transform your health for the long term, starting now. Also includes: * Short cooking videos accompanying nearly every…

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  • The Reformation and the Remnant
    Nicholas P. Miller

    In The Reformation and the Remnant, author Nicholas Miller examines crucial issues and questions facing the Adventist Church today through the lenses provided by the thoughts and ideas of various Protestant reformers. Miller discusses such topics as biblical authority and inspiration, the great…

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  • Story of Hope
    Ellen G. White

    How did our world get so messed up? Why is there suffering? Where did evil come from? Will it ever end? Questions like these trouble many a thinking person. Science has no answers to them and philosophy has many conflicting answers. Where can we find the truth? The Bible offers information and…

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  • There Is an Answer!
    Alejandro Bullón

    Throughout human history, human beings have looked for answers to diverse questions of their daily life. Which is our greatest need as human beings? Where do we come from and where are we going? Why is there so much suffering? Is it possible to be happy? What happens after death? Alejandro…

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  • Is Death for Real?
    Jack W. Provonsha

    …to determine availability. In this book, Jack W. Provonsha, a Seventh-day Adventist minister, former missionary, physician, and teacher, explores questions such as, What does the Bible teach about death, the soul and the resurrection? Do people’s ideas about death have a part to play in their…

  • Unforgettable Stories
    Autumn House

    …and develop these skills and attributes. Each story covers an important life value, starting off with the Word of God, and finishing with questions to think about in their own lives, plus a prayer to lead them into a deeper relationship with God. The values covered in this book are: courage;…

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  • Seventh-day Adventists Believe
    General Conference Ministerial Department

    …theological explanation that describes these doctrinal convictions and their significance for Adventist Christians in today’s society. Study questions for deeper insight can be found at the end of each chapter. Each doctrine is thoroughly documented with Bible verses so you can explore,…

  • Myths In Adventism (eBook)
    George R. Knight

    …transfer the file to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. Questions That Need Answers   Was Ellen White as inflexible as some of her followers? Are the sacred and the secular two realms or one? How is ignorance…

  • Scripture Mysteries Episode One: The Forgotten Dream
    Anchor Point Films

    …a couple of serious questions. The first question being, "Are there really any good reasons to believe in the Bible?" and secondly, "What does the future hold?" We have traveled far and near to find archaeologists, and theologians who can help shed light on these questions. (A great DVD to share…

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  • Las 13 claves de nuestra fe (Espanol)
    Reinder Bruinsma

    …the Adventist perspective of the most important keys to the Christian's faith. Dr Bruinsma answers 13 Biblical questions such as: Is faith a divine gift?, What is hope?, What is your life worth?. The answers to these and other questions will help open the reader's understanding of Christianity.

    $8.99 $2.97
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