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  • Blessed Are The Unlikelies
    Philip W. Dunham

    …through which to deliver Israel. The Bible is crammed full of stories of men and women who seemed just as unlikely: people like Samson, Jephthah, Rahab, and Nebuchadnezzar. Blessed Are the Unlikelies takes a refreshing look at these and other familiar characters, and challenges us to look beyond…

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  • What If? (2018 Junior Devotional)
    Bradley Booth

    …had not built that basket boat and hid her boy from Pharaoh’s spies;* Rebekah had not offered to draw water for Eliezer’s camels;* Rahab had not believed that Jehovah was the only true God;* King Saul hadn’t gone to see the witch; or* Samson had made his covenant with God the…

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  • For Such a Time
    Ed Dickerson

    …astonished, and delighted! Chapter Content: Introduction Chapter 1: Matthew’s Quartet Chapter 2: Tamar Chapter 3: Jochebed Chapter 4: Rahab Chapter 5: Deborah Chapter 6: Ruth Chapter 7: Hannah Chapter 8: Abigail Chapter 9: Bathsheba Chapter 10: Woman of Shunem Chapter 11: Esther Chapter…

  • Heaven Came Down
    Geoffrey E. Garne

    …Gospel saga clearly laid out. Highlighted are the close encounters with the divine--experienced by men like Moses, David and Daniel, and women like Rahab, Ruth and Esther--and culminating in the coming to Earth of God as Jesus. The immediacy of the encounters of Jesus with ordinary people is brought…

  • Amigas de Jesús (Espanol)
    Olga Valdivia

    …para revelar su gracia al mundo. Friends of Jesus From Genesis to Revelation, you will discover many female friends of Jesus - Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rahab, Mary, Martha, and many more. Read their stories, and discover how their experiences can speak to women of today, and how you can become a friend…

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