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  • Parenting: The Best That You Can Be
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …of raising their children? A certified family life educator and a grandmother with three grown children of her own, the author draws from Scripture, in-depth research on the topic and her wealth of personal experience to give us some really valuable tips on how to do this. Learn how to raise your…

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  • What My Parents Did Right
    Mark Finley, Steven Mosley

    …from the testimonies of several young adults, the authors reveal time-tested methods for teaching children right from wrong, making children feel loved, transmitting a positive attitude about God and faith, and more. An upbeat and inspiring guide to raising happy, healthy, and heaven-bound kids.

    $2.99 $1.97
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  • Transform Your Children (Spanish)
    Alfonso Valenzuela

    …for availability. This is the instruction manual that was missing when your children were born, providing practical and useful advice for parents. The author shares invaluable advice for parents to help in the raising and discipline of children equipping them for a healthy, positive life.

  • Mindy
    June Strong

    …one woman's poignant struggle between her love of family and her love of God, tracing to the bittersweet end her joys and sorrows as she raises children in a divided home. Mindy is a haunting chronicle of love, loss, and faith in the furnace. "My wife couldn't put it down; finished it in one…

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  • Help! I'm a Parent Kit
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    In a national survey of the state of families in America (Bowman, 2012), parents reportedly believe that raising children today is more complicated than it used to be. Along with that, most perceived that the quality of American family life was declining. In addition, 55% of the parents surveyed…

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  • 10 Christian Values Every Kid Should Know
    Donna J. Habenicht

    …particular value. Ten Christian Values contains a wealth of resources to help parents raise well-adjusted children who will grow into happy adults. Table of Contents Part 1: The Values Tree: How to Help Children Learn Values 1. The Values Tree 2. Values Begin With God 3. Live the Values 4. Teach the…

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  • ¡Auxilio, somos padres! Kit (Espanol)
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …Help! I'm a Parent Kit (Spanish) In a national survey of the state of families in America (Bowman, 2012), parents reportedly believe that raising children today is more complicated than it used to be. Along with that, most perceived that the quality of American family life was declining. In…

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  • Aconsejamiento eficaz en tiempo de crisis (Espanol)
    Teofilo A. Pichardo

    …attention. This book contains interesting and instructional reading material for pastors, teachers, students, ministerial students, and students of psychology and family therapy. Parents also will find within these pages timely guidance in the performance of their duties in raising their children.

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  • A Family Guide to Sabbath Nature Activities
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …can we do on Sabbath?” This question is raised all too often by both children and parents. This book is a guide to help parents to develop in their children a love for God and nature, and it provides a means whereby parents and children can share in the joys of true Sabbath keeping.…

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  • What Jesus Really Meant
    Richard Litke

    Simple answers to difficult questions. Much of the Bible speaks to us in such simple terms that even children can understand it. But some parts of it raise questions that demand clear, substantial answers. The Gospels, for instance tell us that Jesus said: • “Be ye therefore perfect, even…

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  • Just Plane Crazy

    …wonderfully fun, true story of three boys' adventures one summer as they attempt to raise enough money to buy a mission plane. Rick, Tim, and Marcus are obsessed with flying. So much so that they decide to begin raising money for a real mission plane. With their allowance only trickling in, they set…

  • Living Forest Series: 3. Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo–and Still-Mo
    Sam Campbell

    …and crazy capers. All have their own personalities, and you’ll have a wonderful time discovering the insights each one has for you. Now sit back in your chair, grab a bag of peanuts, and join the Campbells as they go a little nuts raising these forest friends. Living Forest Series, volume 3.

    $8.99 $7.99
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  • Forever Stories: Jesus Lives With Us (Book 4)
    Carolyn Byers

    Children find Jesus "In the Temple" and learn about His childhood. "God’s Son" tells the story of Jesus’ baptism and temptations. Children spend "One Day With Jesus" as He heals the sick, raises the dead, and tells everyone about His special plan to forgive their sins and take them home.…

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  • Michael Asks Why
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    The Great Controversy for Kids! Have your children ever asked questions about the Time of Trouble, or why we go to church on Sabbath when so many of their Christian friends go on Sunday? Did you wish you could share the issues raised in The Great Controversy with your child in a way that would make…

    $12.99 $7.99
  • Robber of the Cruel Street DVD
    Vision Video

    …such children by the thousands. The costs were enormous for such a great work. Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he prayed, and his children never missed a meal. Here is his life story and how he found God answered prayer and supplied their needs. It is a story that raises

  • Tiger and Tom and Other Stories For Boys, Audio CDs
    J. Edson White

    …the language is from the 1800s, your children will have no trouble understanding and enjoying the stories. All the stories are about boys and the often sticky situations in which they find themselves. These stories would be of benefit to anyone working to raise young men of high ethical character. 4…

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  • Make a Difference English/Spanish 2 CD Set

    …and a second CD with the same 10 songs in Spanish and is intended to be used in Vacation Bible School, children's choirs, and during Bible classes. the proceeds of TEXTIFY go entirely to raise funds for the SDA orphanage in Honduras. CD 1 Includes: 1. I Want To See Jesus 2. Thank You 3. Different…

    $15.98 $6.97
  • Forever Stories Set of 5 books
    Carolyn Byers

    …invites children to spend eternity with Jesus and enjoy His friendship forever. * Children find Jesus "In the Temple" and learn about His childhood. * "God’s Son" tells the story of Jesus’ baptism and temptations. * Children spend "One Day With Jesus" as He heals the sick, raises the…

  • The Fullness of Faithfulness
    Lori Bryan

    Amid the piles of bills, the bickering children, and the boiling pot on the stove, you may feel as though you do not have a moment to call your own. But even the bills and the children and the food are not truly your own. God lent you these responsibilities long ago with a specific future in mind.…

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  • Blondie's Big Ride
    Heather Grovet

    …Trish’s cancer. They want to be encouraging and supportive, but they are scared and aren’t sure what to do. Then they read about a way to raise money for cancer and, best of all, they can do it while riding their ponies! But more trouble lies ahead. Follow along as the girls of the R2R…

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  • Over the Top
    Kay D. Rizzo

    Raise your hand if you want a boring life. Yeah, didn’t think so! If you’re ready for more adventure than you ever thought possible, take the plunge and let Jesus call the shots this year. His plans for you involve way more than just sitting in church and listening to sermons. Seriously,…

    $15.99 $12.97
  • Secret of the Yellow Van
    Sandy Zaugg

    …it because she wasn’t good enough? Their mother did her best to comfort Jennifer and her fourteen-year-old brother, Alex, who is learning to raise and sell exotic birds. One night as the family drove out of the driveway, Alex pointed out a van that was parked on their street. “See that…

    $8.99 $2.97
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  • Prayer Warriors
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …dealing with painful realities. But more than that, it will raise the curtain on the struggle behind the scenes, where angels and demons fight for the eternal destiny of each human. In every case, angels stand ready to protect the children of God. But it is not the might of God's angels that turns…

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  • Really-Truly Stories 5 Volume Set
    Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden

    First told generations ago, these thrilling adventure tales about real children by Gwendolyn Lampshire Hayden will entertain readers of all ages. Through these stories come lessons that touch on obedience, trust, diligence, unselfishness, bravery, and friendship. Suitable for beginning readers and…

    $49.99 $37.49
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