Rapture Deception

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  • The Rapture Deception
    Steve Wohlberg

    …delusion” because “they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved” (2 Thessalonians 2:10, 11). The Rapture Deception shatters popular myths, breaks the spell of false theories, reveals solid biblical truth, and will help prepare you for “the end of…

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  • The Secret Rapture and the Antichrist
    Varner J. Johns

    …enchanted isle by the siren voice of the great destroyer. The Bible is our only safeguard against deception and destruction. The word of God is our shield and our defense.” The Secret Rapture and the Antichrist seeks to inform the reader of the need to be prayerful and aware of false prophets,…

  • The Antichrist Chronicles
    Steve Wohlberg

    …antichrist. This author of Truth Left Behind and Exploding the Israel Deception goes to the Word of God to show that we are dealing with many antichrists—right here in the present. He writes about what an antichrist is, the Rapture, the idea of a future antichrist, and much more. A must-read…

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