Record Of The Flood

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  • The Receding Floodwaters DVD
    Awesome Science Media

    …rather, one worldwide flood. These features include water and wind gaps, the continental shelves, submarine canyons, planation surfaces, pediments, and the spread of exotic rocks. His convincing evidence will challenge conventional thinking, showing how the Biblical record makes much more sense of…

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  • Behold the Man
    Taylor G. Bunch

    …tried and condemned Jesus of Nazareth, as well as a knowledge of the character of His judges and the customs of the time. This book throws a flood of light not only on the New Testament record of what happened at the cross, but also upon the prophecies of the Old Testamnet which were then fulfilled.

  • Spiritual Gifts, Volumes 3 & 4
    Ellen G. White

    …Gifts were both issued in 1864, to complete this four-volume series. Except for the last half of Volume IV, these two small works are devoted to a record of the history of mankind from creation to the days of Solomon, the first detailed writing by Mrs. White on this subject. Following the historical…

  • Dinosaurs
    Harold G. Coffin, Ruth Wheeler

    …existed can be learned only from the Inspired Record. In the days of Noah, men, animals, and trees many times larger than those that now exist were buried and thus preserved as evidence to later generations that the antediluvians perished by a flood. God designed that the discovery of these things…

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