Refiners Fire

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  • The Refiner's Fire
    Marvin Moore

    …think it is. God is on our side. Jesus, our Mediatior is doing everything possible in the heavenly sanctuary to help us make it through. In The Refiner's Fire, Marvin writes of his own personal expression of faith in the Adventist movement. Marvin has tried to clarify the issues rather than debate…

  • Mosaic Worship Band
    Gary and Marilyn Venden

    …Center * Here I Am To Worship * This Is My Desire * All I Need * Lord Reign In Me * Soften My Heart * My Redeemer * You Are Everything * Refiner’s Fire * Some Trust In Chariots * May The Words Of My Mouth (Psalm 19) * Today * He Knows My Name * Thank You Lord * Faithful Father/Your…

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  • Conviction (2019 Young Adult Devotional)
    Troy Fitzgerald

    Conviction is refined in the fires of effort, failure, faith and hope. While conviction is a matter of the heart, it is also displayed on your sleeve. Some themes that you will encounter in this book are rich insights into human nature and the rules of the heart. You will meet biblical people…

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